New Civilization News: PART V – INTERPRETATION - The basis of religions    
 PART V – INTERPRETATION - The basis of religions8 comments
picture14 Jul 2006 @ 11:04, by John Oates

Just look around you at all the people and imagine what is going on inside each head. Each person, as a detached physical and mental entity, may be very different in opinion and activity but all are conducting, to some degree, a private and perhaps totally secret but essentially similar struggle in the mind.

All creatures on Earth, excepting ourselves, pursue life with vigour and without question, requiring no more than the instinctive impulsion of energy, or life-force, to give them their singleness of purpose. We, having the faculty of knowing and reasoning, or intellect, require a reason for living, a purpose other than merely to live - a meaning to warrant our presence here. What we really want to know is truth, but growing understanding of truth would bring increasing desire to live by it. Existing reality is false and requires, on the contrary, that we automatically ignore, deny, or flout truth. To overcome this dilemma we have invented religions enabling us to claim morality while practising immorality.

The adoption of religions further enables us to combine morality with immorality by fighting to defend our own faith against others of different faiths. That we do this despite the fact that all religions are opposed to violence indicates that religions do not arise truly from within – from the postconscious mind and via conscience - but are imposed from without. Men identify with their different religious labels rather than with their true common humanity and use those labels to justify their unintelligent behaviour.

The many examples of religious war are well known, illustrating the insane contradiction between authority’s word and action and the strange willingness of men to obey orders and carry out violent acts that are truly repugnant to them.

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22 Aug 2006 @ 19:17 by jobrown : Great THOUGHT-Provoker....
-and a HUGE Subject-matter! like trying to balance the Planet on the head of a pin!...hehehehe. ; ) But, oh so difficult for us humans to get into -other than each within our own Secret World! To have a big open discussion with many people involved, seems to always fizzle out to just a fun -as in entertaining- Talk!

It seems to me that people just can't accept that the Meaning of Life is NOTHING but LIFE!!!... the rest of the Meaning is to be put in there, so to speak, BY US, Humans -as long as and to the extent we respect and honour "GOD'S"/ LIFE'S requirement: LIFE; ever expanding, ALL INCLUDING!!!.... and because we Humans seem to have some quorms about THAT, (due to the Fall out of Grace) we don't want to give ALL Equal right to LIFE!!! now we pretend that SOME are more "equal"; meaning ENTITLED, than others. These more Entitled ones' life is more important than "the rest"!.... ughhh.... 'Religion' -as a Dogmatic Concept to be our Authority and Leader and RULER is born out of this belligerent belief in Entitlement which -of course- is theee "Meaning- Maker" of these Priviledged Ones' lives!
Without this phony construction they could not cope with Life!!! Life "HAS to have" some -OTHER- Meaning than (just) Life" (-ever expanding, ever evolving, ALL Including; GOVERNED by LIFE ITSELF -instead of US, Humans! )

I love the Gems of Insight in your article; each worth some serious Talks between MANY thinking/feeling people!  

25 Oct 2006 @ 16:26 by skillz : Good stuff
Astrid -I allways find your comments more intresting than the articals. The problem is people dont know they're ALIVE!!!!!! Everything else comes after the apreiciation of life.  

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