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picture11 Dec 2008 @ 21:17, by Unknown

Marsrising, a member of, claims that 2012 has already happened:
"STOP. THINK. The governments of the world knew 2012 was going to happen. To con everyone they have changed the calendar. So all of you waiting for the world to end or to get saved are wasting your time."

Well, Marsrising, thank you very much on behalf on the rest of us, "conned" little tushies out there, on our way to celebrate the coming new year. Seriously now, how is one even expected to know what year it is anymore, let alone what time it is?

But, thankfully, and reassuringly so (?) before that, there is always Xmas! And, so, Merry Christmas you all! Santa and Satan's Government both want to know (or are they one and the same?): have you been naughty or nice?

What would zz top say?

I been bad, I been good,.......
I aint askin for much.......

But while, we are on the topic--dealing with some very very serious stuff here---you have probably already been told or noticed yourselves how easy it is to transform "Santa" to "Satan"? Just move the "n" to the end. And presto! Satan appears. . . Hmm�

And so, talking of the devil, have you ever noticed how the same is true of Obama and Osama (just replace the letter "b" with a "s") and tadaaa! there you have it! Need more proof? Hmm . . . Noticed how Barack Obama and Osama Bin Laden have never been seen anywhere together in a same room?

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