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1 May 2004 @ 11:05, by celestial

A Vision of the Day.

Vision ov the Day

It was a calm, clear, sunny day. There seemed to be nothing unusual about it. I had worked hard that day and my body was tired and dehydrated; I felt exhausted, my energy drained and my muscles ached. But my mind felt keen, sharp and crisp; it wasn't tired. It didn't seem to make sense; my body wanted to nap but my mind was wide awake.
Suddenly, I became aware that my body seemed to be begging for water; every cell was screaming for water...water...water. I poured some water over some ice and sipped it until it was gone. Then another, and then another. It was then that I perceived that every cell in my body bowed to my mind and gave thanks. Then I retired to the bedroom to rest. There was nothing to distract me, no radio, television, stereo, telephone or pets. I was alone with my thoughts. I closed my eyes but couldn't sleep.
Eventually, my body calmed and I began to enjoy my rest. Slowly, I could feel sleep creeping into my brain. It was so very pleasant; I wanted to keep this moment forever. As I lay there in a groggy state of mind, my mind began to grope to see; I began to look with my mind to see what I could see.
Ever so slowly, a beautiful scene came into focus. Trees, bushes, hedges, flowers, and grass so beautiful and green. And I looked with great wonder at the garden, the orchard; it was a park manicured to perfection. As I was looking, a honey bee passed close by my right ear from behind me. The bee seemed to me to be in such a great hurry and I wondered why such haste. In order to follow it, my mind zoomed forward (like a telephoto lens). I zoomed along, keeping close behind and as I followed I could see in the distance, on the horizon, a very, very large dark cloud. I zoomed past the bee closer and closer to the cloud.
As I approached, I saw below it a beautiful, shimmering golden sea; the likes of which I have never seen. And I beheld the sight for it was magnificent and wonderful to gaze upon. Its color was the color of amber. The setting sun enhanced the color so much that I was in awe of the view which I saw.
As I studied the scene, I became aware that the cloud was not a rain cloud at all but instead it was an exceedingly great swarm of bees which contained every manner of bee. Then I noticed the shimmering surface of the great sea. The sea was not water but honey. Bees were in the honey. They were drowning in the honey for they had landed in it and could not escape its sticky grip. Many bees in the cloud were landing on the backs of the drowning bees but they also became caught in its grip.
As I stood there watching their final struggle for life, my mind was bewildered by the view. What at first seemed so beautiful was in actuality a final struggle for life by the masses. I was perplexed. My mind blurted out this question, "What is the meaning of this?"
Immediately, in the periphery of my vision, out of the corner of my eye, I saw on my right side and slightly behind me, "Thee Holy One." I could not turn to look at his face. As he lifted his arm and pointed toward the great sea, I heard his voice, a voice with many, many echoes and he said, "That is the spirit of greed; BEWARE, for it shall destroy many.
Then I cried for mankind for I saw that the bees were the peoples of the nations and the honey was gold and wealth.
And the vision faded and I awoke, but the sun had not yet set.

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