New Civilization News: RAINBOW FAMILY WAY-STATION    
19 Sep 2004 @ 22:33, by Jim Bush

The Rainbow Way-station is deep in the Hawaiian rainforest. It is a combination Eco-campground and stewardship community. [link] The intent is to maintain a small core group, having space left over for visitors and travelers. We are the support division of the Human / Nature Foundation.

The goals of the Human/Nature Foundation are to preserve open space zones and ecosystems for the benefit of wildlife, and the preservation of botanical species, especially indigenous and/or endangered species.
To function as an educational center, to facilitate in human kinds understanding of and
interaction with the natural world, and to foster a consciousness of stewardship within the natural world. Also to be a model for eco-friendly technologies in a nurturing, natural setting.
We are building a permaculture botanical Eco-ark in the subtropical rainforest of Hawaii.
It is taking the form of a walk through jungle maze. Fun for children and educational for all.
Other areas are set up for a nursery to propagate endangered and desirable plants and a minimalist community to steward the project. More info. can be found at:

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