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picture picture 30 Jan 2008 @ 18:06, by David Bartholomew

The home page of the One World Flag ( has buried within it an initially ominous sounding phrase-- "Now More Than Ever". This could be slightly misleading if one didn't know from whence it came.

It is not that this "Now" in which we are living is any worse than any "Ever" that has preceded it. I am not Chicken Little, and, perhaps more than most, I am certain that the sky is not falling. Rather, I feel as a "cheerleader for humanity" the constant call to urge us all on to higher and higher ideals, increased possibilities, more joy, expanded awareness, self-expression, sharing of our unique expressions, creations, selves, etc... at all times, and in increasing degrees as we are able.

Those who haven't tried seeing and maintaining the light through supposed darkness, the positive for all the so-called "reality" we are faced with, the forest for the trees... might consider such an outlook naive.

In the midst of myriad distractions, illusions, priorities, shiny baubles being waved at us from all directions... pressures, agendas, and all of the hubbbub, fal-da-ra, doodads, tchotchkes, flotsam and jetsam and information overload crossing our paths and jamming our radar...

... a little couple in Kansas--the heartland-- is attempting to sound two calm and steady voices from the wilderness, reminding us all to hold, from centered places between the cacophony and the din, the continued, expansive Vision of what is actually possible... despite all of the propaganda to the contrary.

Our "message" is not "sexy" in the parlance of the advertising and marketing world. It does not cater to fear-based, survival instincts.

Our websites, writings, art, ways of being all attempt to be our "sandwich boards", our little reminders to be joyful, at peace, mindful, appreciative... of what true value, and quality of life look like... of what we can and cannot take with us... of how gratifying it can be to leave small footprints on the Earth and large impressions on the hearts of others.

Whether one would actually contemplate "flying" such a flag-- rallying round such continually lofty yet sublimely basic ideals,literally or figuratively-- we support the good work you are adding into the mix in your own individual ways.

And we hope you will gain wisdom, smiles, insight, and support from any of our words, visits to our websites, glimpses into our other work, etc.

Entries to this blog may include: thoughts/essays initiated by way of the One World Flag; excerpts of Joan's or mine from our magazine, DoingIt!-- a journal of positive living; letters posted to Joan's free newsletter, Powerful Passionate Women for Peace; or any other bit of seriousness, weirdness, hilarity of our own, or sharings from other like-minded folk.

Wherever you are, may you continue to "Think Bigger!"


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