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10 Apr 2008 @ 13:52, by FreeSociety Project

Last night I was going for a walk in an inner city. I immediately noticed my senses were heightened, and that my "intelligence" could not stop focusing on it, even though it tried.

That really struck me. First my rational brain analyzes and senses the potential danger just from the general environment. Then the body responds with increased blood flow, and adrenaline to heighten the senses. I really thought about how the natural response of my body was a good thing, and that of course the best idea was to keep that just under the surface, just in case. However, I also noticed that I tried to reason away the potential danger for a few seconds. To me that feels the way of panic and not being in control of yourself, which is just silly when you think about it.

So then, after this minor personal event was over, I started really thinking about survival. Survival is so fundamental, so intrinsic into who we are. Our modern world masks and covers the illusion that all systems are about survival.

These systems for the most part are designed for individuals who best perform in the system. To survive "better" is equated with having more resources at your disposal, and the purpose of life, through the survival mechanism, is to get more power and control through any means necessary, otherwise you will have a hard time surviving.

This has been the status-quo for at least the last 10k years, from the dawn of the change of mankind from nomadic lifestyles to sedentary systems of agriculture, that limited how knowledge was passed. Ideas were allowed to foster that should never have. Like the premise that another man can LORD and control another man under LAW. That some deserve more, that the entire purpose of life is to battle each other for that ultimate power, the power to control the natural and wealth resources of man's general environment.

Our current world is a direct descendant of this type of thinking. It has changed and evolved within its own context, but the root of how people "survive", of why people live has not. During this entire time, it has been a history of one small populace or personalities dominating those around them, and leading conquests "to rule".

This perspective is extremely myopic in its long term plan. The end result of this type of evolutionary thread has many possible conclusions, most of them not good. Lets quickly go back in time and look again at what made an entire animal population CHANGE why/how it lives. Again, I am speaking of the time when mankind learned the knowledge of farming, and mankind stopped being nomadic in nature, and settled into populace centers. Because of this new paradigm, new structures were needed. In the history of the evolution of man, never before had such concentrations of people been viable for such a long time, in one non-changing area. Thus the dawn of "Civilization" occurred.

Of course I am getting to the point that we are once again at such an epoch in history. Mankind in the last 10k years has faced many many changes and survived through out it with the same basic social construct of the few lording over the many. However, during all but the most recent years, the basic means of support of most people was a farming lifestyle. We as a general mass populace now get our means of support more through nomadic means then farming needs. However, the traditional social structures have adapted to make every move someone does a "profit center", which keeps a very rigid and divided social order.

In the ongoing epic of survival of the human race, some realize that under the current systems of unbridled death competition, the eventualities are mostly bad for our very human desires to live freely and with the ability to maximize who we can each become as individuals. To protect that type of human thinking is going to require that those human beings unite, to BETTER survive.

This is all about survival, of seeing a human race as a species of super-combantants in a constant power struggle for domination. Or of seeing a human race of people who can see the futility in such living conditions and want to create an environment that is best suited for the needs of an individual who is able to understand that we are all truly in this together. Not every person thinks in these terms, and trying to convert or educate them is an exercise in futility. I believe the only way is to show them. To show that an empowered group-family-community can use what we feel are beneficial human traits to overcome this bad root of what society is.

Thanks for listening, next article will be how this small but dedicated community can actually succeed in its goals. Hint- the best way to bring down an unstoppable animal is often through a properly evolved virus. :D

Captain Obvious

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30 Apr 2008 @ 19:03 by a-d : Man did NOT
"Evolve" when --or in order to be able to-- leave the NOMADIC Life style!.... Mis conception!.... based on the Belief that the Mainstream Society has breastfed us all with...; the one Darwin dreamt up as a CUSTOM JOB for his CLIENT: Queen Victoria:"The Survival of the Fittest /"The Natural Selection".... (I will not go in to how & why these are totally errouneous concepts, but they are!!! )
The last 6 to 10 Millenia, Man has NOT E-volved, or even RE-volved but DE-volved!
The WHOLE IDEA of SURVIVAL is 100% erroneous!... (HOW many do you know who have SURVIVED?????..... It is all nothing but an MOT Question! soon one will die?... at the age of day old or a hundred years old... but death is the result ...not living Life Ever-lasting. THAT --in Cosmic terms-- is NOT "survival"!Then again, Life does NOT know of such concept at all!...It is 100% a Man(made) concept, that we also forced upon Nature!.... When Darwin arrived to Galapagos, what struck him and his Crew was that they could not find ANYTHING dead/remains of anything that had died!....the LAST STRONG HOLD of Planet's Original; God- given/made Life-Everlasting-consciousness still intact, thanks to the Island's remoteness.

We humans have once again --finally-- come to the point where more & more of us will se/understand --spontaneously, I might add-- that Life really IS MADE to be FOREVER/Life Everlasting.
IF we UNDO all the misconceptions about Life and keep our part of the Deal, we WILL live forever, thus the effect of our beingness would be "Immortals", which is NOT a goal that can be reached as a goal in it self...ONLY as a result/effect of RIGHT WAY of LIVING!
The VERY FIRST step on that Path is to find your own "Me";( be nothing but "ME"; --in old days called the "Christ" (-beingness/consciousness. Today we would call it being one's own "Authentic Self"). When finding that within ourselves, we will start CHANGING our OUTER Life as well... VERY DRASTICALLY, to say the least! Once (r-)evolved far /high enough on that Path, we once again feel the correctness of NOMADIC Living/beingness, which as it continues to (r-)volve
into AMBULATORY life style. They are very similar, but there IS a distinct difference (into which I will not get into now.)
Choosing SUSTAINABLE Lifestyle ever more, is the Number One "give away" unto which Path /consciousness people have realized to be the ONE & Only! : )

THANKS, democritus, for hacking at the Roots (of MIS-Conceptions)!... THANKS for posting such an eloquent Essay! THANKS for being so sharp and so right on the PATH!
Tons of Love & encouragement to you!/A-d  

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