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11 May 2007 @ 21:30, by Bee

Somewhere new civilizations will materialize. The ideas for new civilizations occur constanly to people all over the planet Earth.

I have heard from many people regarding the concept and creation of new civilizations. Some different people in Russia have been writing me for example. They tell me some aspects of the Russian government are finding and funding new civilization type of communities. They are imaginative in creating the new civilization but it is always in a new community concept. These are arranged and staffed in different ways. The job functions of the individuals or couples are always geared to some type of product production. Sometimes these new communities are dedicated to proving and producing new scientific concepts.

None of the new civilization community concepts that I have been hearing about are geared to raising spiritual awareness or are firmly set in the concept of human beings of body, mind, spirit. This is what is needed and wanted by this writer at least. A new community where people are dedicated to propagate new ideas that relate and benifit all human beings. As if new discoveies are made and the mere fact of their discovery ripples throughout the whole of the planet and all humans then can become aware of this new discovery and feel it as a part of all and use it.

Humans of Earth have been bound up on this planet without an overall agreement of who and what we are. For that matter there is no general agreement of what our name for ourselves is. Humans.
Do we all agree that the name of our planet is Earth? Gaia is only been acceptable in small circles as a spiritual name for Earth and reflects the feminine mother of human gender. Earth is a name more discriptive of the actual material that we stand on.

Until we humans can all know who we are and what happens to us at point of body death, we just won't know. After all what have we to protect ourselves from?

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16 May 2007 @ 02:07 by vaxen : Marcab...
I like the name TeeGeeAck. Implanter societies have existed since before the before the before the...

And beyond MEST, where we are, and before the Game of the Gods. Static Kinetic and dynamic. Yeah, my second Kibbutz, in Israel, was a Degel Ha Adom Kibbutz. Got its' orders from Moscow. Talk about drones!

Fortunately right down the valley was Ha Zorea! My salvation, at the time, and they had the distinction of having been the first Kibbutz in Israel to raise pigs (Haziir). Heh, heh... Tenuat Ha Aretz or Tenuat Artzie is the movement I was with, then... Got GRU? ;)

We need to do more than just hash these ideas out, bee...and I'm with you on the Halkei Ha Ben Adam. In Hebrew tradition there are five parts to the HU man HU man HU. And, after one knows that HU is the origin of the English neuter word 'GOD,' one can begin to see just why HU Man being is called Adam or Adamos...

Thanks for the chit chat. Hope all is well with you.


16 May 2007 @ 06:10 by vaxen : Galac Patra
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16 May 2007 @ 23:10 by b : Hu
It's Aadmi in Hindi. I touched and read a torah scroll from the first Temple in a synagouge of a miniture Temple when I was in Delhi. Oh, the vibrations. Ju's in India from before the first century. yeah it's all tavistock now.  

17 May 2007 @ 00:47 by vaxen : Ju...
in Chinese means enlightened one. In Beixing there is perhaps the oldest synagogue known to humanity, from the time of the first Diaspora. Came across one in Tokyo, too, now a Zen Temple but still has the stained glass. No one discusses the Chinese Diaspora at all. Took me years to find out about it. Not a lot is discussed about India either. That's such a shame.

Wow, that must have brought back ancient feelings, eh? Too bad the historians like top pre-ju-dice world events and timelines. Guess we are lucky, in that respect, having a tech that gets us there and beyond the beyond the beyond.

Delhi is a beautiful city. Did you get to RishiKesh at all? One could easily vanish from Delhi... go native, so to speak...

Tavistock, if only people knew. Oh well, they say that what you don't know can't hurt you. Or something to that effect. ;) Yeah... Helatrobis here we come! See ya bee san. How's the proposals going with our Rusky friends? Or, for that matter, here in the good old? Any takers? Need a landed work for sure!

Later bee,


17 May 2007 @ 22:21 by b : Ju is a way to soften up the slur
RishiKesh as you discribe is now Osho and hangs in Pune. I traveled a bit in India. Yes, the ancient civilizations of Earth are most interesting and we are still men, women, children in society. We humans all offer hospitality.

There's a lot of places now building private spacecraft. Impulse and warp not far behind. Currently I am thinking along the lines of rejuvenation then maybe a new civiliztion in the stars.  

17 May 2007 @ 22:39 by vaxen : Hey then...
b. maybe you'd be interested in this:
Of course Rays motto is interesting: "Live long enough to live forever." - Ray Kurzweil
He is, of course referring to biologicals and life in the current body. But... we know something that, apparently, they don't. Nevertheless making this body doll healthier is not such a bad idea.  

18 May 2007 @ 21:56 by b : Well
Thanks for the link vax. Interesting as always. I am working along the lines of rejuvination as in the Lazaerus Long books by Robert Heinlien - Time Enough For Love being his master pieece.
I recently met a couple of Russian guys and one of them had come out of a hospital in Switzerland where he had all of his blood drained out and his veins throughly scrubbed, the blood filtered, cleaned and replaced. He had a vey ruddy look to him, almost a red complexion. It is stuff like that I am investigating to make into a rejuvenation program. I have checked many, many, hemopathic remedies. It is either correcting the aging of this one or making some kind of robot and then downloading you know what to that.  

18 May 2007 @ 22:13 by bushman : Hmm
They had a guy on C2C last night, talking about doing that. But I don't know, it seems it would be easy to hack, then you will be a slave that never dies. So maybe only the rich will be able to afford it, I wouldnt want to be controled by electronic gods.

21 May 2007 @ 21:31 by b : I am still trying homeopathec remedies
Before starting a hard core medical program I am trying chelation.  

22 May 2007 @ 00:02 by bushman : You might,
try finding a real good chiropractor, that can ajust your C1 vertabra. I had just read an artical about that one, saying that it is why most people have digestion, blood flow, hypertension, problems, as well decompresion therapy on the spine has proven, in some people, to add almost 10 years to thier life. But then again, sometimes its better to bury the old jalappy, and get a new model. Granted, you might not remember the last life. I couldnt afford to live with a broken down body, let alone get this one fixed. Already at 45, my joints are toast, constant back pain, and cant take pain pills or afford them, I can save 50 a month for a spine ajustment, but is only temp relief. Maybe this is why elders sat in cool caves and told stories. lol :}

23 May 2007 @ 22:21 by b : Thanks Bushman for suggestions
You might think along the lines of taking some prana and hatha yogi classes to get the exercises down. Stretching and breathing right could help you more then drugs. 45 is hardly old dude. I'm hitting 70 and still do fifty right and left front kicks and fifty right and left straight punches most days. No drugs and very little pain.  

23 May 2007 @ 22:38 by bushman : Ya ,
used to be able to do that stuff, even back flips on ice skates, but, damage is damage, I heal really good still, but there again, some things I needed to go to the hospital for and didnt, old injuries come back to haunt, lol.  

18 Jun 2007 @ 18:09 by anandavala : Requirements of a New Civilisation
Hi Bee,

I'm new to this site but I see I'm in good company :)
I liked what you said about the idea of a new civilisation, it really resonates with my own feelings on the matter:

"Somewhere new civilizations will materialize. The ideas for new civilizations occur constanly to people all over the planet Earth... [They must be] geared to raising spiritual awareness or are firmly set in the concept of human beings of body, mind, spirit... A new community where people are dedicated to propagate new ideas that relate and benifit all human beings. As if new discoveies are made and the mere fact of their discovery ripples throughout the whole of the planet and all humans then can become aware of this new discovery and feel it as a part of all and use it... Humans of Earth have been bound up on this planet without an overall agreement of who and what we are."

I don't have any particular vision of what a new civilisation would be like other than it must be based on awareness and realistic understanding of ourselves and the world. It would require genuine communication of ideas too.

The ideas don't belong to us, they are the movement of spirit as it flows through the world. We only filter and propagate them. By sharing the best we have to offer we facilitate the flow through the world and improve the holistic health of the whole system.

Only a civilisation based on awareness and understanding can maintain its alignment with reality and not drift into delusion, only then could it have any chance of surviving, otherwise it would just be another cycle of degeneration into chaos.

What do you think of the article at: ?

It's just a preview of my latest thoughts, I'd be very interested to hear what others here have to say about the idea.  

18 Jun 2007 @ 19:15 by vaxen : Nice Ideas...
"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root." (Henry David Thoreau)

"The essence of tyranny is the denial of complexity". "Truth, in its complexity, cannot be advanced if the discourse of intellectuals conforms to a self-reproducing closed loop of hidden assumptions." The purpose of this analysis is to step out of the loop of subtle dogma and to expand the scope of potential discourse so that we may better comprehend the complexity by discerning its underlying pattern, thereby we may see through our errors and not merely repeat them. This overall analysis is humbly offered to help fuel a communal discussion that can bringing together the knowledge and expertise of progressive minds into a coherent and effective discourse that can peacefully resolve the crisis in civilisation.

Seems there are 'forces' which ''feed'' on every single crisis 'humankinds civilizations' have had to endure over the long course of our destiny on this planet. In fact it is a well known method for 'getting' what one wants. No problems? Hay, be creative. Thesis, antithesis, synthesis. Goal/s, Problem/s Mass.

Take a look at the way the United States engeanders its' very profitable, for some, wars. Gee, who'd they learn those techniques from? Old as the hills.

Eliminate central banking and its' debt based machinations of the worlds resources. Fractional Reserve Banking is an age old fraud with very present, and alarming, effects.

Your site is good but I think you need to think beyond the box of blaming 'ego' for everything. It is a Greek word misused and misunderstood and misapplied for every ill you can think of. Private money, Public money, money isn't the synthesis required here. What is? "Human revolution." - Josei Toda  

20 Jun 2007 @ 21:40 by b : Anandavala
Software matrix is very impressive work. You're right in that Ming would know more about it. Our other commentor here "vaxen var" says he knows a lot about computer programming so he could probably give some insight into your work too.
Many people here are against money and use of it. I once tried to give away some money but most here refused it or ignored the giving.
Vax, I still have same question, if you throw out money and money systems what replaces them?  

21 Jun 2007 @ 22:39 by anandavala : Ego and Money
Hey Bee and Vaxen,

I'd forgotten to check back here for a couple days but there's an interesting discussion happening... : )

Firstly a response to Vaxen - Thanks for your comments. I think the current state of the US is a classic example of dysfunctional egoic delusion. In my e-book I draw on hundreds of examples of this kind of delusion from around the world but mainly from the US because it is the most egoic and the best documented. It's not just humans that suffer from egos, all complex adaptive systems develop them, including corporations, nations and civilisation as a whole.

A few comments in response to yours, please don't take them from the perspective of your ego, that will arouse immediate resistance. I just give them in the manner of food for thought; they just express how I see the situation...

About thinking outside the box, I am challenging others to think outside their box and to realise that the box maker is the ego. But the ego hates to ever question itself because in doing so it will realise that it isn't what it thought it was. It is the nature of the ego to always look elsewhere and never at itself. It is also a master of self-deception and obfuscation - it prefers to avoid the obvious reality and to wallow in its illusions until death. The whole focus of mysticism and especially yoga/meditation is to get the ego to look at itself - this destroys the illusions - it breaks open every box and the result is what people call 'enlightenment', which is nothing more than breaking out of delusion and dwelling in reality. It's nothing 'supernatural' its totally natural and healthy.

The symbol of three letters "ego" that we use in English is just a symbol for an underlying phenomenon. It is the perception of the self as an indivisible being instead of a vast civilisation of trillions of cells. It is also the perceived duality of 'I' and 'other' instead of perceiving the interconnected network of incredible complexity that binds all things in the cosmos. These false perceptions, false beliefs and unquestioned assumptions are a fundamental aspect of our psychology, they have little to do with the Greeks in particular. But they have a lot to do with the relationship between the 'I' and the body/mind in each of our lives and with the 'I' and the cosmos which the ego fails to comprehend and instead dwells in simplistic illusions that cause it to come into conflict with reality.

And I don't blame all our woes on the ego - I blame them on our disconnection from reality and our drift into delusion. There is a growing proliferation of delusions and the ego is just one of them although it is the deepest one. The root cause of delusion is ignorance and the most fundamental ignorance is commonsense realism ({link:|defined and explained in this article}) and the ego is a product of commonsense realism. It is our first and deepest disconnection from reality that causes us to perceive the unity as isolated fragments. It causes us to misinterpret every sense impression in every moment of our lives, it distorts everything we know, every goal and agenda we formulate and every action we take. Whilst ever the ego holds power over the mind we have never known reality and have no idea what it is really like, all we do is operate within the context of the delusions that arise from the ego and that form the world that we believe we live in.

Commonsense realism is the root delusion and the ego is the product of that delusion. All the other delusions stem from this. So sure we could cling to the ego and keep hacking at the branches whilst they keep growing back OR we could uproot the whole tree of delusion and get back to reality and finally discover what it actually is rather than just dwelling in commonsense realism and assuming that we already know it thereby simply remaining trapped within a state of fundamental delusion.

What I propose is the most fundamental kind of "human revolution" possible - to break out of our false and limited ideas about what humans are and to realise our true nature and our true connection with the cosmos. Not in terms of any dogma or belief but to get beyond all beliefs and connect with reality itself. This fundamentally changes the entire world in which we believe we exist and it totally changes the range of possibilities that we believe to exist within that world.

It is a profoundly revolutionary paradigm shift, which is why authoritarians (both religious and secular) have gone to such great lengths throughout history to suppress and demonise mysticism and to condition people's minds against it. This is because authoritarian/mechanistic superstitions rely on unquestioning belief in their delusional dogma and mysticism is open-minded reconnection with reality that is natural for all living beings and that destroys all delusion.

You don't need anyone else or any dogma or any church or any state or any products or services from any corporation - all you need is to look within because "you are real" and through your own reality you can connect with the reality of the cosmos because there is no separation - you are the cosmos in motion but you think that you're an isolated object in space. By always looking out through the senses and the mind you remain trapped within the conditioning that has been imprinted in the mind by the ego and the authoritarian superstitions. This conditioning filters and distorts every sense impression and every idea flowing through your mind. It constructs the entire 'world' that you experience within your mind and through commonsense realism we unthinking assume that that subjective 'world' is actually the objective world. Hence we come to effectively live in fantasy lands within our own minds where the ego, the media and cultural propaganda determines the nature of that fantasy land.

We generally remain oblivious to reality, acting in worlds that are constructed to suit our manipulators until we come crashing into reality blinded by delusion and we invariably get hurt. The way to avoid this is to wake up from the dream and to start connecting with reality itself by overcoming commonsense realism.

In answer to Bee's question "if you throw out money and money systems what replaces them?" I'd say we need to think about what role money serves - it's a medium of exchange that facilitates interactions - if we are going to interact we need some medium of exchange but the type of medium influences the types of exchanges.

Abstract tokens such as gold and money tend to become disconnected from their original values and succumb to fetishist hoarding and manipulation for purposes of control - but the concept of "time-dollars" and other forms of {link:|complimentary currency} that are inextricably linked with their true sources of value are probably much safer.

Also localised systems keep control within those systems rather than open them up to mass exploitation from some distant power structure that doesn't have the health of that system or even the holistic system in mind.

I think the best system is one based on a fundamental recognition of our interconnectedness where the medium of exchange is love; that is how a healthy family, group of friends or tribe operates, but that isn't likely to be possible on a mass scale any time soon, there is too much trauma and confusion in the current generations, so we need something in between for the time being. I discuss the intricacies of complimetary currencies in my recent article {link:|Economic Metabolism}.

About the software, I'd love to hear from someone who had the expertise to understand it - they would ideally be experienced in some of (system theory, information theory, computational metaphysics, mystic metaphysics, theoretical computer science, ontology/phenomenology, cognitive science, quantum physics, virtual reality, AI, ALife, cellular automata, mathematics, matrix algebra, software engineering, euphoria programming language) but just an open flexible mind will also do if they have persistence.

Ciao : )  

22 Jun 2007 @ 19:32 by b : Thanks John
I do like brevity and preciseness of speech.  

24 Jun 2007 @ 11:45 by anandavala : Hehehe
In a difficult subject those two are often mutually exclusive so it's a balancing act.
I prefer to waffle on when I can - but on someone else's news log that would be rude : P  

29 Aug 2007 @ 19:08 by dan1 : Response to Anandavala
Good Morning Bee and everyone.Anandavala said, " we need something in between for the time being."

I agree. It is the few "Pathfinders" that can guide the "Many" and set the alternative example for them. Intentional Communities around this world, the Rainbow Peoples and Narbarism see this as important for our species to survive. These and others are the vital "In between" that helps to hold the entirety of us together. A bridge across which can flow the choices and actions of the Better World process. That bridge is there for our Brothers and Sisters who err in life, to cross as well.

Respectfully, DAN 1  

9 Nov 2007 @ 22:11 by b : Aadmi
is the name of first man in Hindi.  

2 Jun 2008 @ 16:52 by JESSE L. JONES @ : new cities and new forms of tek
i work on finishing old prophecies of this would memory so that new forms of sight have a chance to adapt to their enviornments of fallen economic disfunction. i have a daughter and she needs heaven on earth in this life time. no joke and i'm that x-file that houses that promise. remember me and remember your part. DAMORFABOTIXS  

24 Jul 2008 @ 22:01 by b : heaven on Earth
w new civilization is change  

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