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5 Oct 2005 @ 13:54, by Laura Griffin

Poor AmericaÂ… Let us not right it off as left behind a dead and backward placeÂ… It doesnÂ’t have to be a dustbin or should I say trash can a dumping ground for the spiritually impoverished the blind the sick of mind the apathetic; the patheticÂ…

I once envisaged a future where there were vast networks of communities: The Pockets Progression prevalent throughout rampant EuropeÂ… Like a beautiful cancerÂ… There were no laws only unspoken rules; few would break because to break was to cheat and to cheat the universe is to murder yourself to not play the game extracts you from the pact the intrinsic pact without which nothing is reversible without which we devoid ourselves of seduction; seduction of the universeÂ… This was happening in the future and the whole world was lapping it up they were all brimming and trusting and merging and free from fervent judgement of petty differenceÂ… all except America.

Poor America! I envisaged America to be the place where the dwellers consisted not souly but solely of those (anti-freaks) who refused to play the game: the ones still insisting on the value money the lost siblings the unshameless ones who cling whingeing to ornate stagnancy who bear the futile burden of judgement fervent disastrously disastrously disastrously free; free from the illusion of loveÂ…

I once envisaged a future where there were vast pockets of progression: Reality is a consequence of imaginationÂ…

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7 Oct 2005 @ 08:32 by jazzolog : poopac2222 Has Done It Again
Once again this poetic stream of consciousness has nailed it. Weaving through the vision of her writing this Yank is struck again and again with her truth. You may be interested in similar alarm voiced by ol' Al Gore the other day~~~  

7 Oct 2005 @ 14:13 by poopac2222 : This site of sharing
I smile to learn of this; to write for oneself and be understood by others is for me, a glowing triumph. It strengthens my indifference to the deepening pit of financial chaos in which I sit. Thank you Jazzolog. Where can I find the voice of Al Gore?  

7 Oct 2005 @ 19:37 by jazzolog : Click That Link
in my comment and there's a copy of his latest speech. And oh...I happened in magic coincidence to run across a member named griffiaura and followed her Profile to a site called "I dear Theatre." Looked around there for some startling eye contact. Whew! With such creativity I'm sure the financial chaos is but a passing phase. Best wishes!  

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