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22 Nov 2005 @ 00:32, by Jennifer Sanfilippo

Polarised Time ..or.. How to be in two places at once without really trying...

All matter's normal state is to exist in Spherical Time. All particles normal state of being is spherical or in a non-linear state or Quantum State. When matter comes under the influence of Gravity, it is pulled into alignment, it is polarised into Linear Time.

This is observed as the Gravitational effect on the Space-Time Continuum. The force of Gravity pulling matter into orbits/gravity wells. When Particles are bound together in mass through Gravitational attraction, the effect is to pull each particle into Polarised or Linear Time. The physical effect seen by the Observer, is the warping of the Space-Time Continuum. Gravity acts as a time lens, pulling Spherical Time into alignment with particles under its influence, polarising into Linear Time.

Each element or particle that exists in Spherical Time carries its own pocket of Spherical Time. Because of each particles individual pocket of Spherical Time, to the Observer in Linear Time cannot see the movement of the particle from one point to another. What the observer does see, is the Wave Phenomena, which is the wake created by the particle in its path, but not the movement of the particle in Quantum Flux or Spherical Time.

The Wave Form is aligned along infinite lines, with points of reference or destinations or Physicality along it. At these Points is the Observable Point of Reference of Physical Observation. This is the reason particles seem to 'jump' from point to point without traveling in between.

Just a few thoughts...

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