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 I been thinkin' about my doorbell, right @ home1 comment
picture17 Dec 2005 @ 23:27, by flutetime

It's the repition, the beat, the words (if you can make it out)

Last night I met this girl from Vancouver. The coolest chick there. She rapped and sang from her soul. It had that tone that is so raw it takes you to a higher level. These kids from Kent State University were free-stylin' with the DJ from Pitssburgh. Really inspiring, I stayed up all night.

That morning I was driving back to the Y-Town area and the White Stripes hit me again. It's like my friend Mandy puts it on like this sign. "You gotta a reaction, you got a reaction dead in you." I feel that shit and we light up. I was looking at the lake with the moon and I thought to myself, "EVERYONE MUST EXPERIENCE THIS SONG AND SEE THIS LANDSCAPE!" Girls, go listen to BRIGHT EYES. Since then, I have convinced my mother to get lobster for Christmas for the tradional 7 fish dinner.

One day I was driving past a lake on the 4th of July weekend. I started blasting this polka music and I felt like a really big dork. Then I was like hey this music is hilarious man. I just kept moving my arms this way and then a-that way. Then it hit me, whoa I have the power over my radio station. If I don't dig it, I can just change it.
Sometimes I hear music that is just painful. I still gotta give 'em credit though, cause its totally creative. Would you sit down and diss someone's poetry? Talking with my dad today, he said that Bob Dylan always carried a little notebook around to write down the random poetry to turn it into music.

"These times are a changin'" By Bob Dylan. He was so write eh? And the times are a changin', more than ever. Are you going to be the next Bob Dylan?

Get up get up get up...The White Stripes and The Guerillaz are totally right on with their last albums. I can't put them down!! The White Stripes played on the Daily Show and that was totally rad because Jon Stewart is so down to earth & hilarious!! I fuckin' love funny people.

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18 Dec 2005 @ 10:53 by jazzolog : Suddenly
another person in Athens, Ohio, has found this site and is pumping it out! Stay with it, flutetime, and let us hear more.  

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