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picture9 Jun 2010 @ 09:10, by Unknown


There's a land, lying North, to the West, of the Sea.
Made of ice, made of stone, flowered meadows, timbered trees.

Its briny coast lines, Niagara Falls, It's blue skied prairies and Rockies tall.
Its web of rivers, and great divide, gallons of sunshine and Northern Lights.

Its a land of peoples, its a land of Awe,
And they call it, Canada.

Its milk and honey, its fruit and wine, Its maple leafs, that brightly shine,
Its rights and freedoms, its rule of law, a democracy, for one and all,


So teach the children, yes teach them well, and all the stories, do them tell.
of noble histories and just today's, that Faith may guide them, on their way.


Words and music
by Alfred G. Jonas
(c) 2010 June Canada

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9 Jun 2010 @ 11:00 by jazzolog : New Anthem!
Yep, we hope to get up there this summer. We like to make the trip each year---for a folk festival or 2...but mostly these Yanks need to regain our sanity.  

9 Jun 2010 @ 15:33 by swanny @ : come one come all
hope you can make it jazz
I hope to get up to the mountains myself this year
heres the music
link =

ed jonas  

9 Jun 2010 @ 16:09 by susan storms @ : canada
your song is beautiful. I moved to Canada 20 years ago.Canada is my home now.Your song has all the reasons why i moved here ;)  

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