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picture2 Nov 2008 @ 11:55, by Richard Carlson

My epitaph? My epitaph will be, "Curiosity did not kill this cat."

---Studs Terkel (May 16, 1912-October 31, 2008)

A school of trout
passed by:
the color of water!


People are like stained glass windows: they sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light within.

---Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

The vote gets sung out in Ohio. Photo by Michael Gruber.

Maybe it was the Depression, and how all the people had to pull together to get us out of it. Maybe it was the New Deal, and all those agencies planting trees, building dams, cleaning up towns, cities, the countryside, encouraging art, literature, music, theater, movies. Maybe it was uprooted people, from the Dust Bowl and lost jobs, traveling around, bumming around, looking all over this great land for a new home. Maybe it was whole families of folk music collectors and performers: the Seegers, the Lomaxes, the Carters. Maybe it was radio, broadcasting jazz and country from small towns, heard by producers passing through, who stopped and brought them to the big cities for us all to hear. Maybe it was Woody Guthrie, riding the rails, writing down and singing out what he saw. Maybe it was World War II, making us all get together again to fight Fascism. After all that there was such relief, we just had to celebrate ourselves.

So it was that we kids, just entering school in the mid and late nineteen forties, got taught folk music in our classes. In my small city in western New York, where Sicilians and Swedes shared each other's very different cultures in order to manufacture furniture, we didn't sing that stuff every day. A few classes had pianos and teachers who could play them, but most of the time we had to depend on just one itinerant music teacher who visited each of our half dozen neighborhood grade schools once a week. But when she came she taught us the great American cowboy and folk songs those families of collectors had found in the mountains and prairies. We developed a pride in being American by learning our heritage that way.

By the early 1950s, folk music had gained such popularity we heard it on the radio. You could hear live performances like the Grand Ol' Opry and big bands and jazz groups from Chicago and New York and New Orleans at night, when AM radio carried a long way. But there were records on the juke box too. Probably most popular of all was a singing and playing quartet called The Weavers. Their records were on Decca, and they had big arrangements, with dozens of violins and choral singers, of tunes we had sung in 3rd grade. Wow! On Top Of Old Smoky...and then one we hadn't heard before, called Good Night Irene. And around that time, I heard them sing another "new" song, which was called This Land Is Your Land...and I loved it so much I was overjoyed to learn some people even wanted it to replace our National Anthem.

But then when I was in 6th grade, some kind of trouble came...and it lasted through the rest of my public schooling, and The Weavers disappeared and folk singing stopped being heard widely. We learned that underneath all those happy songs of celebration, those singers actually were being unAmerican. There was an UnAmerican Activities Committee in our Congress, and they had investigated The Weavers and a lot of other movie stars and radio announcers and people like that. They found those people had been involved in "Red tactics" all this time and so, especially in the schools and on the public airwaves, they weren't allowed to be taught or heard or seen anywhere anymore.

On our new televisions, the investigating committes held their hearings in our living rooms every afternoon. They even replaced the soap operas! A famous broadcaster named Fulton Lewis Jr. sent his son to my hometown to investigate our school libraries. He went on the Mutual Network every evening to report his findings. We had some questionable John Steinbeck for kids to read. He said The Weavers didn't choose that name because they were sitting around knitting sweaters. He said The Weavers were a communist labor movement in Europe that tried to take over the factories. Our superintendent of schools, Dr. Carlyle Ring, the father of a school friend of mind, was forced to resign. He died shortly after that. Pete Seeger refused to testify, but did offer to sing some songs to the Committee.

When I went off to college, I had met only one Democrat (that I knew of) in my whole life. He was Herbert Beckman, and had taught social studies in my high school. He admitted to me one day after school that he was a Democrat. I don't remember what we were talking about, but it may have been Harry Truman. I remember distinctly when he said it and how I felt. I admired Mr. Beckman but now he looked something like a creature from outer space. At the time I had no idea there were people in my own family who were Democrats...and the really Swedish ones were further to the Left than that! But many things were hidden in America now, not spoken about. "Under God" got added to the Pledge of Allegiance.

One day my freshman year at Bates College, way the heck up in Maine, I walked toward Parker Hall, where I was living, and to my astonishment I heard folk music playing from a little speaker a guy had pointed out the window of his room toward campus. Even more amazing, it was The Weavers...and they were singing alone, without the orchestra and chorus---and it was wonderful. Another time I went past that guy's room and Charlie Parker was playing in there. That did it, I had to find out who he was, and so I just walked in. I said, "I thought all you guys were squares in here!" The guy with the little record player looked up from his book and said disdainfully, "You sound like a square coming in here like that." And of course he was right.

It was 1958, and Fred was from Upper Manhattan. Paul, who didn't live in the room but was draped in a chair all the time, was from Greenwich Village. Nick was from the Boston area, and Gray was a kind of woodsman from the even further outer reaches of Maine. I was a hick from the sticks in the Midwest dairyland somewhere beyond the Appalachians. My limits and boundaries began to stretch and open up. A couple of years later we were picketing the local Woolworth's in Lewiston, Maine, because we heard the chain of variety stores had a policy of not serving black people at their lunch counters in the South. We began to attend rallies in Boston, and Pete Seeger was there leading us with folk songs, and Hubert Humphrey was there, and Steve Allen, and Erich Fromm got pelted with eggs.

Civil Rights, and the War Resisters League, and the SANE nuclear committee, and Fair Play For Cuba, all came along in the early '60s. Rallies brought us a new generation of folk singers too. There was Joan Baez and Bob Dylan. Folk revival was in the air, and we heard the music again...and many new songs. Rock 'n roll became affected, and Dylan plugged in. We picketed John Kennedy's White House in the slushy winter of '62, and he sent out greetings and hot chocolate. By the late '60s and early '70s, young people were "dropping out," going back to the land to make their own folk music and babies, or heading to ashrams to clean out their heads. We and the music were losing our political edge.

With the end of Carter and the beginning of Reagan, we all went underground again. The glitz of Las Vegas and the Crystal Cathedral of Evangelicals took over. "Family Values" were advocated, and eventually Lawrence Welk appeared every week on National Public Television. America was all flat and cardboard once more. Ugly, scowling faces told us what to do. Eventually the Supreme Court decided a presidential election and we got a man who celebrated ignorance and decision-making from the gut. Football triumphed over baseball. Big box stores offered ultimate convenience---as long as you had a car to get to them...and even then people hated to walk the distance of the parking lots. Local shops and inner cities died. We declared war on terror. Guns and gasoline-power on road and off road are sacred. "Ease your finger off the trigger" to achieve universal peace seems an insane suggestion.

That line in the last sentence is part of a lyric to a new song I heard last weekend. Through the whole ghastly period of recent history I've just described, from my point of view, that tradition of folk music and songs of social change has been carried on by "Woody's children," Arlo Guthrie being among the most visible from time to time. He and Pete Seeger even traveled and sang together sometimes. Most incredibly for a month or 2 in 1984, they even gathered Ronnie Gilbert, from the original Weavers, and another member of the new generation of singers, Holly Near, to form HARP and perform old and wonderful new songs here and there. In some ways HARP was just as wonderful as The Weavers, and certainly more so in that Pete and Ronnie passed on the tradition so visibly to Arlo and Holly. If you're curious about the group you may be glad to learn Holly Near recently reissued a glorious HARP concert in a double CD album, available on her own label. [link]
Which brings me again to that song from last weekend. Four weeks ago Holly Near got the idea to gather a bunch of mostly new folk groups and individual singers that she knows about, and bring them "on their own dime" from all over the States to Ohio, from which many say the current election again may swing. A week ago Friday and last Sunday, my family got to see them here in Athens and over in Marietta, an hour to the east. I really was so preoccupied with other things I hadn't bothered to investigate Heather Cantino's announcement they were coming. Had tickets not fallen into my wife's lap, we might not even have gone. I learned Friday afternoon, the troupe was going to sing on a street corner in front of the county courthouse. I went down, spotted Holly at once, and got her to autograph my LP copy of the original HARP release. I didn't know anybody else among the group, but I liked the spirit.

Nothing could have prepared me for that rally Friday night, or for the quite different show Sunday afternoon! It was like hearing The Weavers again that afternoon in 1958. Joy stirred inside my body, and a song of hope came dancing out. My 17-year-old daughter was at work Friday night, so I made sure she was in the audience Sunday afternoon. She was jumping up and down and clapping her hands. Thankfully the torch got passed. Others have written now about the Sing Out The Vote Ohio tour, and I'll refer you to a couple of sites. Four of the songs, from the Columbus appearance, are at YouTube, and Holly is considering putting something together to release. Whatever happens Tuesday, songs of social change have happened here and will resonate through my being into my future and matter what!




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2 Nov 2008 @ 12:43 by martha : Songs Jazz
Wonderful article Jazz and deeply resonates with me. Though I grew up a few years after you, protest music was very important to my generation. I came of age in the 60's but still remember in the 50's hunching down under my desk when the classroom practiced in case a bomb was dropped on Chicago!

The biggest gift my parents gave me was growing up all over the country and finally landing in Connecticut for my teen-age years and being exposed to liberal thinkers. When I lived in Virginia in the early 70”s my husband and I were the only people on our block to vote against Nixon! hahaha
I still have protest songs from the 60’s on my ipod. I sure do hope the young people coming up will wake up and demand the freedoms we have lost under the present administration.

The baby boomers have dropped the ball and have become mainstream. America. Here in NC I suspect I am way too liberal for most of the residents on my street. So I speak out on the Internet instead. If we lose our freedoms, we lose our way. So many don’t understand this simple concept.  

2 Nov 2008 @ 13:04 by jazzolog : W
Dana and I went to see Oliver Stone's new movie last night. I think people were expecting another JFK or Nixon, a serious examination and expose of some kind. As a result people may be missing the cleverness. I think he may have told the actors to play the script absolutely straight, and let the reality of the whole situation show through. My comment in the article about things becoming cardboard and flat was inspired by seeing the film. Oliver Stone shows us the real absurdity of this last period of time in American history. Of course it's tragic...but as Camus taught us, also absurd. Your remark about losing our way, Martha, is brilliant.  

3 Nov 2008 @ 04:49 by a-d : Ah... "Those were the days, my friend
we thought would never end!..." Yet, they did... at some point, huh? I couldn't tell when... but maybe here you can find some clues.... ( I did not read the whole articles... *!*.... Ooooops....lazy me... yes...I admit! : )
I'd rather have you read them and then tell your feeling/s about them hehehe... ^L^  

3 Nov 2008 @ 15:06 by mowrey @ : happiness is a thing called Richard
Wonderful piece of writing. Nobody does historical context better than jazzolog. Been busy w/ Woody Herman's The V-Disc Years 1944-1946 & haven't been paying much attention but sure sounds like we gonna win, for once. Speaking of Studs, did you see Keillor's great piece on him back in July? Here's a link (I think):  

4 Nov 2008 @ 17:11 by jazzolog : Dance Out The Vote
Remember to take a break from the tensions of this day~~~  

5 Nov 2008 @ 10:58 by jazzolog : A Spiritual Video And A Warning
Shortly after noon, during urgent yesterday, a friend at Harvard sent me this music video link, called American Prayer, which I think continues to inspire today~~~

After McCain conceded, Barack Obama sent out this email~~~

Richard --

I'm about to head to Grant Park to talk to everyone gathered there, but I wanted to write to you first.

We just made history.

And I don't want you to forget how we did it.

You made history every single day during this campaign -- every day you knocked on doors, made a donation, or talked to your family, friends, and neighbors about why you believe it's time for change.

I want to thank all of you who gave your time, talent, and passion to this campaign.

We have a lot of work to do to get our country back on track, and I'll be in touch soon about what comes next.

But I want to be very clear about one thing...

All of this happened because of you.

Thank you,

U.S. President-elect Senator Barack Obama (L) waves to supporters following his speech during his election night rally, after being declared the winner of the 2008 U.S. Presidential Campaign in Chicago, Nov. 4, 2008.
(REUTERS/Jim Young)

And what a speech it was! I was on the point of despairing I'd ever hear such language again in this country, it being just a memory in the fading minds of us old fogies.

I heard the speech on the radio, and did not see televised coverage. My wife, however, was downtown in front of a big screen and told me at one point there was footage of Jesse Jackson among those in the crowd, tears streaming down his face. Yesterday, Jesse had posted a wise warning to us all, in the pages of the Chicago Sun-Times. Sometime after or during this day of rest and celebration, we need to consider it. Here it is~~~

Bush's last 100 days the ones to watch
November 4, 2008

The air crackles with anticipation. Fingers are crossed. It gets hard to breathe. Hope, for so long locked in a closet, begins pounding on the door.

And throwing caution to the wind, many already are talking about Barack Obama's first 100 days. Will he move directly to the Apollo investment agenda, providing money to refit buildings, implement the use of renewable energy and generate jobs in the drive to reduce our dependence on foreign oil? Will he put forth a comprehensive health-care plan or begin by covering all children? Will workers finally be given the right to organize once more? How will he handle mortgage relief and/or help cities burdened by poverty?

But even as our minds, against all discipline, look beyond this day to the possible victory and change, we'd better start paying attention to another 100 days -- President Bush's last months in office.

Bush and Vice President Cheney represent a failed conservative era -- and they know it. As the administration moves into its last 100 days, there seems to be a flurry of activity: regulations to forestall Obama's new era of accountability; a flood of contracts to reward friends and lock in commitments; a Wall Street bailout that is pumping money out the door.

Consider: Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is handing out $350 billion to the banks, drawing a special circle around nine banks -- including Goldman Sachs, the firm he previously headed -- as clearly too big to fail. The money apparently has no conditions, even though the entire purpose was to get the banks to start lending once more to one another and to companies and individuals.

Now it appears that banks plan to hoard the cash, to use it to help pay for mergers with other healthy banks (not weak ones), or to pay out dividends and bonuses. And Paulson, instead of publicly rebuking them, has let it be known that mergers would be a good thing.

Instead of getting the banking system working for small businesses and people again, our money is being used to consolidate the strength of a few megabanks.

There has been a rapid increase in military outlays over the last few months. Is the Pentagon being called on to help bolster the economy -- and perhaps McCain -- in these final weeks? Or, more likely, is the Pentagon pumping out money to reward its friends and lock in spending before the new sheriff gets to town?

The Washington Post reports that the White House is "working to enact an array of federal regulations, many of which would weaken rules aimed at protecting consumers and the environment, before President Bush leaves office in January."

About 90 new rules are in the works, and at least nine are considered "economically significant" because they would impose costs or promote societal benefits that exceed $100 million annually. Many will make changes that the new administration will find it hard to reverse for years to come. More emissions from power plants; more exemptions from environmental-impact statements; permission to operate natural gas lines at higher levels of pressure -- the changes could be the last calamities visited upon us by the Bush administration.

Congress -- the old one, not the new one just elected -- comes back into special session right after the election. Representatives Henry Waxman and John Conyers would be well advised to convene special hearings to try to curb what Bush has cooked up for his last 100 days. Let's not let the new dawn that is possible be dimmed by clouds left over from an old era that has failed.


I even heard that among Bush's flurry of last-minute pardons of his various friends, he will include a pardon of himself...just in case. Don't put it past him.  

5 Nov 2008 @ 15:19 by vaxen : .

5 Nov 2008 @ 16:16 by jazzolog : O Good Golly
Here he is again, and it might be my fault. How have I gone on living so long without this guy assuming the total stupidity of everything I post, well written as the crap might be? I sent him an email this morning---and I knew it was risky doing so---and maybe jolted him out of his coma or hibernation. Every party has a pooper...

And after the party, it's cleanup time~~~  

5 Nov 2008 @ 17:18 by quinty : I tend to sometimes go
to all kinds of places. The main streets of slums, dives, out of the way soulless corners of the city: just to see what is there. I even listen to the "creatures of the night" on rightwing talk radio. So seeing that Vax has returned to this site I thought I might see what he has to say. Just out of curiosity.

And then there is that first sentence.

"You're so easy to control."

The sheer venomous arrogance of that opening was more than enough for me. He treats your site, Jazzo, as if it were a pin cushion, or a punching bag: a place where like a half crazed drunk he feels free to wildly flay away. Spewing that arrogance which is like a gelatinous mass stuffing his head and mouth.

"You're so easy to control."

Read that, and you can see why the rest can be easily ignored.  

5 Nov 2008 @ 20:55 by a-d : Wow.....
getting really interesting here!...heheheh.... Now, please,Jazzo, Quinty & all the rest of Friends here. Pleas, don't get offended, I think I can see the confusion that is going on here and I will throw in my two cents trying to shed some light on it.
There are some things that are more important in life than GROUP Politics founded on a FRAUDULENT SYSTEM! I'm pretty sure most people would agree with that.
This cartoon here, placed by Quinty says it all: "There's a NEW BROOM in there somewhere". Vaxen and I have been talking about the NEW BROOM "forever", yet very few seem to truly want to grab it by its handle!... let alone start sweeping with it!...

It is NEVER the Players that make the GAME!... The GAME RULES make up what the Players are allowed to do within that particular Game.

But of course...SOMEBODY, like a Human, made the rules for the Game, originally, eh? WHO and in order to support WHOSE INTERESTS were those rules to the Game made???

Until we all can see that reality in the face while BEING HONEST about the "whole" "Shabang", ONLY THEN can we meet on the same page, so to speak.
HONESTY cannot not be found in ANYTHING, before ALL Justifications/ "explanations", EXCUSES (= ONLY WE are entitled, more equal, "MUCH MO Betta" than YOUUUUU!!!!) are exhausted or thrown out the door and we all sit there NAKED with only our "Yes"-answer to each question -or our "No"-answer.
UNTIL that moment we might as well put the gun to our head right now, because that is exactly what we are doing, by this "Russian Roulette" Game most people of Humanity is still playing, thinking they are "right on" with LIFE! They are NOT! They are right on with CONTINUED DECAY & DESTRUCTION through in-equality in-justice, wars etc: violation of others; indeed of ALL LIFE on the Planet Earth!....

It doesn't matter if it is Obama in the White House or someone else -AS LONG AS HUMANITY as ONE VOICE hasn't chosen to say 'NO' to this destruction-behavior and its supporters / practinioners!
Same THINKING/ 'Consciouness', that took you to a certain shitty situation/ "Place" will NOT take you out from there. Will it? That is the subject matter I AND Vaxen has ever discussed and tried to make you all to HEAR!

Obama, no matter how strong and wonderful and right on he personally would be, CANNOT do anything truly Good for Humanity, UNLESS there's ENOUGH PEOPLE behind him with a TON of PUBLICITY & DISCUSSIONS going on "EVERYWHERE"to support him, indeed SHIELD him from sure-fire ASSASINATION if -or when- he dares to take the NEW BROOM and start sweeping out the OLD SHIT! the shit that is still all around us to take us all down! ("The Good Die Young"!... How old is that statement? How long has that been practised by the ones who want to continue to enslave --or imprison, or--if needed-- kill -- us all?.... I bet dollars to donuts, if you dive any deeper, you will find out that these guys were NOT especially well loved by the "BigBoys", but in deed in some deep disgrace --or they were "no-longer-needed-in- Service"... in other words they had turned into Hassle from Asset; no longer "USABLE" but knowing too much, hence had to be eliminated!...)
That is what will happen to ANYBODY the Big Boys so deem! )
And... for the rest on humanity you have this going on.... just two tiny little non-important examples... of the need to control ALL of us; "regular" humans. You tell me that you like this and support the idea of having these put into action in England --and next in your own Neigborhood-- ... and I will say no more...
[ ]

BUT,but, but...IF you would object to this if/when it would/will come knocking on your own door... well then.... Start doing something about it! "Be the Change You Want to See" /DO/WORK on the Changes yourself you want to see in the World. Those Changes will not be in your Back Yard, UNLESS you PUT THEM THERE!... Honesty and open discussions from the Heart (= wishing ALL LIFE FORMS the same rights and freedoms you want for yourself and your Loved ones!) is a good Place to start. To even pretend that this OLD SYSTEM has and works for these Ideas is idiocy and making a fool of oneself.  

5 Nov 2008 @ 22:16 by martha : So who's in charge?
"I sent him an email this morning---and I knew it was risky doing so---and maybe jolted him out of his coma or hibernation." Jazzy baiting.

"You're so easy to control." Vaxxt biting'

"Read that, and you can see why the rest can be easily ignored." Quinty sighing.

The three of you can be quite entertaining sometimes. So who"s doing the controlling? hahaha  

5 Nov 2008 @ 23:03 by jazzolog : Obviously
you're in charge Martha, by editing the thread so the quotation from me appears first. Thus I look like the intimidator who poisoned my article here. In your edition of reality, I dropped the line into the water with bait on the hook. All this blaming analysis is what makes NCN so interminably boring. At least you're nice to me when I comment at your Log. And a-d, for what's it worth, I posted the Toles. And now ladies, if you don't mind, there's other work to be done than this snipping around.  

6 Nov 2008 @ 01:48 by a-d : ughhh, Jazzo, would you be so kind
and tell me what "Toles" means.I don't know of such word in English ( indeed in no language... ) I know; it is my ignorance, but since I truly and genuinely want to understand "things" (so that I can make a fair assessment of it) I need to understand the word/s used.

BTW, I loved the Song: "Prayer" . That is what I'm talking about in my
"blaming analysis"! : To be actively working for the embetterment of Life and not just expect a new President to do all the work by himself! IF we, the people, do that again, to Obama as it was done by us to JFK, for instance, and Obama actually would go ahead and do the Changes for the Better He would get asssasinated!.... just like JFK!.... You know that, Jazzo, don't you? And IF Obama would choose to want to live instead of running the risk to get killed, he would have to walk in the same very short leash, the Crooks have had on any person working in any Public Office -let alone the White House! ( you have never surprised me as much as today!... ) (isn't 'analysis' always to take a critical look at something... as to get to the root of the ills -or the Good in it; this "Something"? )
The first day isn't over yet after the American People have spoken and here we go again (read: )ALREADY!!!
[ ]

I feel so bad, that I made you feel hurt and bad!... That was not my intention at all. I really hope you know me a little better than that!

6 Nov 2008 @ 01:51 by martha : Not Intimidator at all
I doubt if you intended that at all. And I absolutely agree about this quiet place at NCN. My guess is you had a bit of humor intended with that line I quoted and I found all the interaction funny. Relax jazz. You need to think about the hahaha I wrote at the end of my comment. "Blaming anaylysis, now really jazz. Is the rule here that the guys can talk in such sharpness but women have a different standard here at your log? What happened to your humor?  

6 Nov 2008 @ 07:08 by vaxen : .

6 Nov 2008 @ 08:15 by ursula : Toles
the name of the artist (see bottom of the cartoon).  

6 Nov 2008 @ 08:27 by ursula : Vax
I particularly like this quote from what you posted (the link):
"Only one thing matters: live a good, happy life. Do your heart's bidding, even when it leads you on paths that timid souls would avoid. Even when life is a torment, don't let it harden you."
- Wilhelm Reich, "Listen, Little Man!"

Reich is saying what I'm saying, what metaphysicians are saying - be the master of your own life, be true to yourself and honest with others. Trust yourself and your intuition.  

6 Nov 2008 @ 08:46 by vaxen : .

6 Nov 2008 @ 08:49 by ursula : Wow Richard
aren't you jazzed (pun intended) to be the FIRST person to be texted to from Obama? lol Suckers.  

6 Nov 2008 @ 08:50 by ursula : Yuppers, Vax
we do know It.  

6 Nov 2008 @ 10:58 by jazzolog : Thanks For The Clarification
especially about Toles to a-d. While I'm still overjoyed, with other volunteers whose hard work carried this wave of hope to victory (naive and mislead as you 3 or 4 may think it is), much does not make sense about this election. The really Big Money is hiding out...and maybe measuring the drapes in Dubai, where you go after you loot every penny from a country's treasury. I'm taking a couple days to study the mountain of analysis that's showing up on the Internet, and to answer a ton of emails about the same stuff. Forgive me if I don't spend a lot of time at NCN through this period.

Paul Quintanilla has been my real-life friend for 50 years, though we lost touch a couple times during that half century. We both went to school with Wilhelm Reich's son. I hope you can respect our relationship, and the rather interesting background we share.
(Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images)
"It will be a stirring sight to watch President Obama, his wife Michelle and their beautiful girls step through the doors of the White House," George Bush said  

6 Nov 2008 @ 13:13 by jmarc : WIll he walk
on top of the reflecting pool on his way to the inaguration?

I went to see him speak about a month ago and was impressed with the lines of people waiting to see him. Lots of people!

I didn't get to touch the hem of his garment though.

But the sun did peak through the clouds as he began his speech ...

And I cant help but notice that the weather map of the nation today looks like the red/blue political map.

God sending floods upon the republican heretics, no doubt.

And people all excited yesterday, youtube posts about how everything will be just grand now, Obama will help me pay for my gasoline and my mortgage.

I really am gladdened by peoples hope, but do hold a sadness in reserve for their naivety.

Well, there still will be complaints for you to make about the four intractable Senators who will keep the filibuster going.

I am glad there will be children in the Whitehouse again.  

6 Nov 2008 @ 16:24 by vaxen : .

6 Nov 2008 @ 16:32 by ursula : A guaranteed check
Obama will help jmarc pay for his gasoline and mortage...aha...and just how will he do that when Obama said energy and electricity costs will skyrocket, everybody has to make more sacrifices and work harder, he will bankrupt the coal industry, and the nation is in a terrible financial situation? This is his way of helping people overcome fear? But, Obama will give you a handout from money taken from???? Government owned homes and banking, from the 1% of the wealthy Americans, who already pay the highest taxes? Why, then should you thank Obama, it's not coming out of HIS own wallet, unless he will sell his $1.6 million dollar home to pitch in. Some great ways to get a nation united and back on its feet. We'll know more tomorrow when he unveils more of his economic plan.  

6 Nov 2008 @ 18:35 by a-d : How often, BTW, has the
Popular Vote gotten its chosen Man into the White House?????? wasn't it always the Electorate's vote that counted and tipped the Scale??? (when ever it wasn't a cleverly disguised Coup d' Etat!....)  

6 Nov 2008 @ 18:39 by a-d : Oh, yes, ..."Toles"
THANKS,Rusyn, that was very sweet of you!

6 Nov 2008 @ 18:47 by ursula : You're welcome
And right, the electoral college is what wins the election. Should have ended that system long ago.  

6 Nov 2008 @ 21:53 by quinty : Wilhelm Reich
Curious, but Reich was a Marxist.

A genuine one, Vax. (There are differences.)

Well, now I've done it. Set off a rant by Vax. But mentioning this possibility may dissuade him. But then having speculated on the other alternative may encourage him? What will it be Vax? Do you feel the wind filling the bellows of your lungs?

I said that (kind of trite) only because I liked it. Though I admit, the analogy isn't much.

"Like many another vain, empty and bullying body of our time I have been running for president all these years." Norman Mailer, more or less. Does anyone here care about the accuracy?

Crypto junk floats noodleheaded on gliding pins of starlit power. Yope is Croat for Yup.

We Marxists have secret signals, you know? Actually, it's Sarah Palin winking. That's how I know she represents Communist forces. The red is indicative too. McCain had implants placed in his head during his stay in the Hanoi Hilton. They were dormant until 2008. But they will soon be sending a replacement candidate.

I hope I cleared this up for you? Hahahah!

Or is it spelt Hahaha?

If you're still with me, which you obviously are, if you are reading this, I don't know how you made it? I would have cut out from this dribble long ago. You have guts, man!  

6 Nov 2008 @ 22:11 by jazzolog : We're Doomed
Thanx for the rightwing radio stuff Quinty. I was listening last night too, and Hannity sez the Repubs always were phonies and conservatives must reform. Hannity Party has a ring to it.

Do all of you notice the medallions those weird Obama girls are wearing? Identical. These are intergalactic Islamo-Communist verifications they swear to destroy the Universe. O gee, look at their eyes: fastened on their mind-controlling master in the audience. Their hearts will be cut out and offered to the country of Africa if they fail. Can I hide at NCN?  

6 Nov 2008 @ 22:41 by martha : There is no hiding
Big brother is watching. Also the sky is falling. hahaha...LOL...chuckle chuckle
Hey jazzy you just figured that out, about being doomed?  

6 Nov 2008 @ 23:35 by vaxen : .

6 Nov 2008 @ 23:51 by quinty : Taking
a ruler and measuring Vax's response I see his lungs filled.

Was there a mighty blast? Ah, but from which end of the body?

Sniff. Sniff. The air can be contaminated either way. Maybe I'll put my rubber gloves on and examine what he gave us later? There must be mounds and piles and heaps of deep wisdom there.

Go to it boy! You're the greatest!

Yes, give us more rightwing talk radio! As the Count gleefully said, "listen to the creatures of the night. How sweetly they sing."

Can you guys pick up Quinn and Rose? Upon Obama's election we were informed the Marxist state will finally be imposed. Baby killers in their jack boots will stalk the land. The returning Christ will be gang raped by the immigrant hordes. Armegedon is on the way. White Christian women will have to be locked up in cellars at night. Buy your guns now for tomorrow all your freedoms will be taken away.

Sleep tight.  

6 Nov 2008 @ 23:58 by quinty : And then there's Palin
Has everyone here yet caught up with her shenanigans?

Incredible! And what a lapse of simple responsibility, debt to the country, concern and basic decency McCain's choice was.  

7 Nov 2008 @ 03:29 by ursula : Innuendo
quinty, have you no idea how the media works?  

7 Nov 2008 @ 04:52 by ursula : Ralph Nader
Asks if Obama will be an Uncle Sam to Americans, or an Uncle Tom to corporations. Yes, his words - he was asked if he would like to use a different term, but Nader said no.  

7 Nov 2008 @ 10:17 by jazzolog : The Palin/Quinty Connection
I stuck ABC's report of the GOP audit team rushing to Sarah's closet in Wasilla over here~~~  

7 Nov 2008 @ 16:35 by quinty : Innuendo?

I'll admit the press has debased itself by shaping news and information to suit their ratings wars. And that a glittering corporate infotainment circus appears nightly on the news. Look at how the press covered to protect itself from accusations of treason during the rush toward the Iraq war. And their idea of "balance" is appalling.

But one can not dismiss anything or everything that appears on the news, from various sources, merely because it is unpleasant. Or doesn't reflect well on those you like.

What's more, in Palin's case, all one has to do is look at her. Call me an elitist, but this is a moronic, vulgar opportunist who believes witch doctors (okay Christian ministers) can dispel evil spirits. And has proven her ignorance many times ON CAMERA, if more proof be needed.  

7 Nov 2008 @ 16:41 by vaxen : .

7 Nov 2008 @ 16:56 by jazzolog : What Democracy Looks Like
Remember that Clinton ad during the Primary? A call to the White House at 3:00 AM? Here was a call to the White House at that hour the other night~~~  

7 Nov 2008 @ 20:34 by Quinty @ : Very moving

Let's just hope the adults don't let these young people down.

(Oh shut up, Vax.)  

7 Nov 2008 @ 22:24 by vaxen : .

8 Nov 2008 @ 01:17 by ursula : Sing out this one
The joke of a press conference today - his longest answer to questions had to do with some kind of hypoallergenic dog, and something about talking with living presidents and not wanting to get into doing what Nancy Reagen did and have seances. Obama also didn't call on any Foxnews reporters there (because they tell the truth and confront b.s. - scares Obama, I think), and no question asked on the Russian move, missile defense. If Palin had said any of that crap, she would have been slaughtered by the media. Remember, Obama is the one who said we have 57 states, so who doesn't know his own national geography and history? Oh, yeah, it wasn't written down for him. So this is your great saviour who said he's ready for office right now, but he still hasn't appointed a Sec. of the Treasury or laid out his economic plan. And oh, Jazz and Quinty, Palin has a huge popular rating within her own party and 69% said she helped McCain, and more than 62% of Republicans want to see her run for office next time, with 12% for Huckabee and 9% for Romney. You haven't seen the last of her.

YES, INNUENDO, it is slander, lies, complete nonsense to discredit a very smart woman by people who are threatened by a smart woman who walks her talk. Same brutal attacks on her by SNL, just to slam her and make sure she doesn't win the election. She sure could hold her own against old timer Biden. I think you won't be happy until you see her competely destroyed. Sick.  

8 Nov 2008 @ 04:26 by a-d : You do have
a point, Rusyn! But unfortunately being a strong Woman and Good Mother and even a good Governor is by most people not only "not enough" , but I would like to join you in your train of thoughts (as I understand your thinking here, but please, correct me if I mis-understood you, eh? ) and I would say; on top of it is THREATENING --to the male gender!... :)... Hey, don't throw in the towel quite as of yet! BO has not been inaugurated yet! Lots of "Things" can happen in the world, that might intervene with the schedule be/for that Event... Divine Intervention --or maybe not so Divine... might step in... who knows....  

8 Nov 2008 @ 05:04 by ursula : Yes
That's how I see it, a-d. A threat to men, and to some women, too. I don't agree with Palin's ideas on religion or on abortion - I think that's a very personal decision. But, I think and hope, from watching countless interviews with her, that she would not enforce her views on others. As what happened with the right to vote, black men had the right before women. And I posted (many months ago) that maybe it will turn out the same way for this election: that people aren't ready for a woman VP or President, but more ready for a black man. We haven't really evolved that much as a nation. Look what they did to Hillary, and now Palin. Hillary knew she had no chance after the party betrayed her, and she played it the only way she could - to back out gracefully, but it still plays into the man's game. Palin was more of an equal to men, and some men (who are not insecure with their masculinity) love and support Palin and really admire her. I have watched so many men defend her and praise her. That was the positive thing out of this. But, I think the majority of men still want more of the status quo. With the status quo, some men actually believe that women are controlling everything and they are angry about it. There needs to be a balance between male and female energy within each person and then as a nation and then as a planet, because it's out of whack all over the place (like honorkillings and female gential mutilation). I totally agree with you that being a strong woman, a good mother, a good mayor and governor has been reduced to a joke, it's not enough. So, they tear her down in every possible way, from her clothes (that she did not buy and had no time to shop for, and really didn't care about) to making up stories about answering the door in a towel - too many ridiculous claims that are all untrue. But they leave the male candidates alone about all of this stuff. It is pure sexism. Unbelieveable, but a sad reality.  

8 Nov 2008 @ 08:05 by vaxen : .

8 Nov 2008 @ 09:48 by ursula : Ken, atah
ha keshet - I think I'll call you Iris lol  

8 Nov 2008 @ 12:13 by jazzolog : Sayonara, Sarah
By Katha Pollitt
This article appeared in the November 24, 2008 edition of The Nation.
November 6, 2008

And so we bid farewell to Sarah Palin. How I'll miss her daily presence in my life! The mooseburgers, the wolf hunts, the kids named after bays and sports and trees and airplanes and who did not seem to go to school at all, the winks and blinks, the cute Alaska accent, the witch-hunting pastor and those great little flared jackets, especially the gray stripey one. People say she was a dingbat, but that is just sexist: the woman read everything, she said so herself; her knowledge of geography was unreal--she knew just where to find the pro-America part of the country; and don't forget her keen interest in ancient history! Thanks largely to her, Bill Ayers is now the most famous sixtysomething professor in the country--eat your heart out, Ward Churchill! You can snipe all you want, but she was truly God's gift: to Barack Obama, Katie Couric--notice no one's making fun of America's sweetheart now--Tina Fey and columnists all over America.

She was also a gift to feminism. Seriously. I don't mean she was a feminist--she told Couric she considered herself one, but in a later interview, perhaps after looking up the meaning of the word, coyly wondered why she needed to "label" herself. And I don't mean she had a claim on the votes of feminists or women--why should women who care about equality vote for a woman who wants to take their rights away? Elaine Lafferty, a former editor of Ms., made a splash by revealing in The Daily Beast (Tina Brown's new website, for those of you still following the news on paper) that she has been working as a consultant to Palin. In a short but painful piece of public relations called "Sarah Palin's a Brainiac," Lafferty claimed to find in Palin "a mind that is thoughtful, curious, with a discernible pattern of associative thinking and insight," with a "photographic memory," as smart as legendary Senator Sam Ervin, "a woman who knows exactly who she is." According to Lafferty, all that stuff about library censorship and rape kits was just "nonsense"--and feminists who held Palin's wish to criminalize abortion against her were Beltway feminist-establishment elitists who shop at Whole Foods when they should be voting against Barack Obama to make the Dems stop taking women for granted.

So the first way Palin was good for feminism is that she helped us clarify what it isn't: feminism doesn't mean voting for "the woman" just because she's female, and it doesn't mean confusing self-injury with empowerment, like the Ellen Jamesians in The World According to Garp (I'll vote for the forced-childbirth candidate, that'll show Howard Dean!). It isn't just feel-good "you go, girl" appreciation of female moxie, which I cheerfully acknowledge Palin has by the gallon. As I wrote when she was selected, if she were my neighbor I would probably like her--at least until she organized with her fellow Christians to ban abortion at the local hospital, as Palin did in the 1990s. Yes, feminism is about women getting their fair share of power, and that includes the top jobs--but that can't take a back seat to policies that benefit all women: equality on the job and the legal framework that undergirds it, antiviolence, reproductive self-determination, healthcare, education, childcare and so on. Fortunately, women who care about equality get this--dead-enders like the comically clueless Lynn Forester de Rothschild got lots of press, but in the end Obama won the support of the vast majority of women who had supported Hillary Clinton.

Second, Palin's presence on the Republican ticket forced family-values conservatives to give public support to working mothers, equal marriages, pregnant teens and their much-maligned parents. Talk-show frothers, Christian zealots and professional antifeminists--Rush Limbaugh and Phyllis Schlafly--insisted that a mother of five, including a "special-needs" newborn, could perfectly well manage governing a state (a really big state, as we were frequently reminded), while simultaneously running for veep and, who knows, field-dressing a moose. No one said she belonged at home. No one said she was neglecting her husband or failing to be appropriately submissive to him. No one blamed her for 17-year-old Bristol's out-of-wedlock pregnancy or hard-partying high-school-dropout boyfriend. No one even wondered out loud why Bristol wasn't getting married before the baby arrived. All these things have officially morphed from sins to "challenges," just part of normal family life. No matter how strategic this newfound broadmindedness is, it will not be easy to row away from it. Thanks to Sarah, ladies, we can do just about anything we want as long as we don't have an abortion.

Third, while Palin did not win the Hillary vote, the love she got from Republican women, including very conservative, traditional women, shows that what I like to call the feminism of everyday life is taking hold across the spectrum. That old frilly-doormat model of femininity is gone: even women who stay home and attend churches that bar women from the clergy thrill to the idea of women being all that they can be and taking their rightful place in the public realm. Like everyone else, they want respect and power, and now, finally, thanks to the women's movement they despise, they may actually get some.

Finally, Palin completed the task Hillary Clinton began: running in different parties across a single political season, they have normalized the idea of a woman in the White House. It is hard even to remember now how iconoclastic Hillary was--how hard it was for her to negotiate femininity and ambition, to be warm but not weak, smart but not cold, attractive but not sexy, dynamic but not threatening. Only a year ago, it was a real question whether men would vote for a woman or, for that matter, whether women would. Palin may have been unfit for high office, but just by running she showed there was more than one mode for a female politician. After almost two years of the whole country watching two very different women in the White House race, it finally seems normal.

So thanks, Sarah. And now, please--back to your iceberg.

About Katha Pollitt
Katha Pollitt's writing has appeared in many publications, including The New Yorker, Harper's Magazine, Ms. and the New York Times.
She is the author, most recently, of Learning to Drive and Other Life Stories (Random House), now available in paperback, and an earlier volume of personal essays, Virginity or Death! (Random House.
Visit her web site at .

Of course the answer about the First Dog, which was defined as the truly major issue of the day by the President-Elect, was the most witty---an aspect of the press conference completely lost upon the righties, whose sense of humor is best demonstrated by the new study out yesterday showing the delight centers of bully brains light up most brilliantly when they are applying their torments. (The study is particularly relevant as our foreign policy since 9/11 has consisted entirely of bullying.) Or should I take a page from the Vaxen Book Of Winning Friends, and simply presume You cavorting commenters are much too stupid to understand anything that doesn't hit you over the head?

Anyway, most people probably are too young to remember we haven't seen this much fun in a press conference since JFK. Or this much intelligence either. Imagine a President of the United States considering the adoption of a dog from an animal shelter! "A mutt like me," as he put it. Besides, compared to most "day-after" press conferences with a president-elect, this one veered into some pretty tricky matters, such as changes of policy based on intelligence briefings. But then, it's probably more fun to read Plato in the original Hebrew.

"Another nation is made out to be utterly depraved and fiendish, while one's own nation stands for everything that is good and noble. Every action of the enemy is judged by one standard - every action of oneself by another. Even good deeds by the enemy are considered a sign of particular devilishness, meant to deceive us and the world, while our bad deeds are necessary and justified by our noble goals, which they serve."
: Erich Fromm  

8 Nov 2008 @ 16:48 by vaxen : .

8 Nov 2008 @ 19:05 by quinty : Vax
is a constant reminder of the need for civility when disagreeing or debating an issue. Not that Vax cares anything about that. How many demons are you combatting Vax? The paranoid ravings of Sherman Skolnick are a lurid and troubling indication. But, ooops, I forgot, being in the know, the deepest know, demonstrates superiority.

There's a radio station here in Providence which entertains its listeners at night by offering interviews with persons who claim to have been abducted by space aliens. Of course, the greatest lament of these people in the know is how foolish and blind all those persons who can't see any of this are.

So what does one do when one appears here only to confront the snarling jaws of Vax? Stop dropping by? After all, Vax, it might be hard to understand but your company is not really a great draw. Quite the contrary. Like a raving drunk in a bar you make all sober intercourse impossible. Some may wish to merely go down the street to a nice quiet civilized place. (The only reasons I appear is because I enjoy Jazz's entries and he's an old friend.)

Did I say “intercourse?” Oooops again. The last time you were here you delighted on remarking upon our crotches. You dwelt on a deep homosexual interest in all that. Not that I care. Do what you want. But you yourself must know what kind of response you'll provoke when you make comments like that? Or don't you? In your world the demons and the darkness all unite in a boiling cauldron of anger, hate, and violence. It must be lonely there.

Anyway, I'm not going to continue. These words are useless after all. You will continue to romp and play and spit out whatever venom you like. Nobody can stop that. Nobody can even reasonably point out to you the foolish blindness of your behavior. Or in a friendly manner try to point out what a bad impression you make. But you’re strong. Bold. You don’t care. Fuck ‘em all.

Attaway Vax. Bravo. Good for you.

Oh, one more thing. Threatening the life of the president of the United States, a-d, is illegal. Even hoping for it might raise some eyebrows. Watch out.  

8 Nov 2008 @ 19:43 by a-d : Now wait a minute here!
Who the HELL is talking and what????? GET A GRIP OF YOURSELF!!! I don't care whose blog it is I'm writing on right now, and what dope you are using, but TALK FOR YOURSELF and your Whatever PROJECTIONS you are up to here!... IF and when I make a blunder, i do see it and know to apologize for them (I'm INDEED one of the very few on NCN ever doing so; apologizing for anything at all!...that alone tells a shit load about you all here!) BUT TO EVEN HAVE THE AUDACITY TO EVEN IMPLY --let alone say out right-- that I'm threating the life a a president!... I don't threaten mosquitos sucking blood on my arm summer nights!... I gently chase them away!.... YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR MIND and should be discussed for slander of first degree!

Besides; illegal vs immoral??????? would you please elaborate on that one a little? I don't get pissed very easy, but now a I am! wouldn't you if the tables were turned?

Time to leave this shit hole to it's rightful???? possessors: dirty old men! Sorry Jazzo to have to say this all, but this is just beyond sick and evil it is from the hell hole itself! And, no, I don't see myself being /doing a mistake/mis judgement here.
I have absolutely NO clue what so ever what our friend ( I thought) Quinty is talking about --or alluding to-- except that IN HIS MIND I'm threatening PRESIDENT of UNITED STATES of AMERICA!?!?!!!!.... ???? !?!?!? (who cares about "UNTIED STATES" !oh my oh my almighty!... UNLESS-- of course you are saying that it would it be better as in more legal or moral to threaten the president of let's say Kambodia, North Korea or Russia or Austria or ????!?!?!? Gjeeezuzuz amalia! Quinty, are you alright?????? WOULD IT BE BETTER TO THREATEN the guy sleeping out in the rain ( "There But For Fortune,Go You Or I ..." Joan Baez) YOu know Quinty; that comment is ALL YOURS and YOURS ALONE but WILL be saved and taken to Ming by me!....  

8 Nov 2008 @ 20:21 by Quinty @ : Calm down
A - D..... Here the words I referred to.

?Hey, don't throw in the towel quite as of yet! BO has not been inaugurated yet! Lots of "Things" can happen in the world, that might intervene with the schedule be/for that Event... Divine Intervention --or maybe not so Divine... might step in... who knows...?

I suppose you were thinking he might slip in a bathtub? Maybe so.

As for Vax..... well, what else?


8 Nov 2008 @ 20:43 by ursula : Sometimes this place is just damn funny
People can't see what they're doing, think they're perfect, and blame the other person. Assumptions and condemnations galore. Really, quinty, this latest thing made me laugh. This is why we need to refrain from personal attacks. I didn't see Astrid write anything that she intended to harm B.O. (hahaha even those initials are now funny). The impression I had from her words (written even much higher up than the sentence you posted) was about a general possibility, but nothing about her own wishes or involvment in it. I think you read more into it, quinty. And Astrid, really, you never apologized to me for all the verbal abuse you've given me over the years - I didn't even write anything to you or about you, yet you ranted on about me with great hatred and assumptions. Even with attempts to get you to talk one on one with me didn't get any response from you. Now you claim to apologize people at NCN, if and when you make a blunder? ["i do see it and know to apologize for them (I'm INDEED one of the very few on NCN ever doing so; apologizing for anything at all!...that alone tells a shit load about you all here!)"] Another laugh. I do want you to know that I acknowledge and appreciate that you thanked me for some of the posts to you on this log and wrote respectfully to me here, at least. Vax, each time you use the term "ilk" (and you use it often, each time without explaining what it means in your context) it cracks me up. It also cracks me up that you think you are the only one who knows everything about everything. I know you better than that, though. Oh my goodness, what a funny place.  

8 Nov 2008 @ 20:48 by Quinty @ : I keep looking this over
at the words appearing here. And I think of the whole history of slight and insult. At how people attempt to react, position themselves. But this has gone beyond raving. Vax can't even figure out why I said the things I did.

That is weird.

As for A - D if I twisted your words then I do owe you an apology. Not that I ever thought you planned to assassinate the president. But the "Divine intervention" you referred to above didn't sound to pacific to me. And who would be called to perform it?

I have to admit looking at this site, becoming fixated as if it were a running sore, is abnormal. And not a healthy thing. There is much sickness here. And though some of the entries are marvelous I think I'll stay away. At least I should. For I would still like to participate. But under these conditions how would that be possible?

That's my dilemma. Jazzo has other sites, maybe, if he'll permit me, I'll join him there? Where the conversation is clear, sane, and intelligent.  

8 Nov 2008 @ 20:49 by a-d : Quinty, now that you brought up
the subject of MURDER, let's stick with it for a while and see if you have any more to say about it --or not?
The RULERS of the World, be they Presidents, Monarchs, Dictators or What Not, have a LOOOONG History of being MURDERES of The People of/in whichever Country they fancied to do their slaughter. CORRECT ME IF I'M WRONG in this statement of mine!

Isn't it exactly their LUST for Blood, as in murdering people right & left, "just because", that has been and still is considered "Man's CRUELTY To Man" by us who are more sane.
Has that not been the sad state of Affairs for the last ooohhh...let's say ten thousand years!(BTW, would you at least be so kind and let me know WHAT PRESIDENT of USA I'm supposedly threating to life and limb! YOU DO OWE ME THAT MUCH!)

Now,Quinty, I 'm sure you can tell how and why a /ny Ruler's ( be President of USA --or any Ruler of any other Country at any given time in History) would be more right than for instance murder the Man sleeping in the Alley as I already mentioned.
HOW & WHY was the SLAUGHTER of 99.9% of America's Natives, for instance, more RIGHT if that is how you see it, which I must conclude based on your weird "logic" here. Do you think Might is Right???? If so, why are you here? Then you must only be pretending to work for a new better Humanity??? At least that is what I think is the idea behind New Civilization Network/ing; for all humanity to come together to find a way to dismantle the OLD way of "doing business" and actually become spiritually more mature, more decent, with more dignity and stop all the murder and meyhem.... which is BTW exactly what Vaxen is advocating with EVERY WORD he utters here: "WAKE UP TO LIFE!!!" would be another way of saying what he says in/with all his REAL LIFE EXAMPLES of ALL THE SHIT and KILLING that the RULERS /CONTROLLERS of you & your very life, have been putting forth, like I said for the last ten thousand years at least! Aren't you ever tired of that shit?... OR DO YOU RATHER SEE THE OLD WAYS TO JUST GO ON, UNCHANGED???? IF that is the case, then WHY do mind if --or who murders who?????!??!?! So many contradictions here or Freudian Slips?!...
No, Quinty, once and for all: it isn't Vaxen, who is arrogant and evil here!... it is indeed ALL those who pretend one thing, while deep in their Hearts harboring another.... their secret Love Affair with the OLD WAYS of Doing Business!
By all means: to each their own!... JUST BE OPEN AND HONEST ABOUT IT! WHY hide it if you think it's OK and righteous, moral and legal... ahhhh, I forgot it IS legal if you murder at least a thousand!... NOW you're a Hero! Kill one and you're facing capital punishment!!!...??? MIGHT IS RIGHT, EH??????? Yeahhh, that is what I call LOGIC and Decent, and Dignified and Kind and certainly "Do Unto Others..." Wouldn't you agree, eh?  

8 Nov 2008 @ 20:49 by ursula : Quinty
Maybe this is assumption on my part, quinty, but from what Astrid wrote, it seems she meant divine intervention - like he would do that to himself - God would set it up.  

8 Nov 2008 @ 20:58 by jazzolog : Please Accept My Apologies Dear, Sweet
and brilliant Holly Near. This article still is meant, as you know, to celebrate the wonderful music you bring to us and the free offering of it by the great artists with whom you work. I hope you are happy in the knowledge the generous sacrifices you've made have brought forth delicious and healthy fruit.  

8 Nov 2008 @ 21:20 by a-d : Oooohhh , dear,
of course, Quinty, a misreading is a misreading and can be understood by me. I hold no "bad blood" towards you! HUGS to you! I must have confused you with my writing: it was a Little Chat I had with Rusyn, as I saw it; about pro's & con's this direction -or the other: OB vs SP!... and I "comforted" Rusyn ,saying Don't throw in the towel yet" meaning to say to RUSYN: don't give up hope, so to speak. She after all is in her full right to wish Sarah had been the People Choice over Obama. And like I said in another comment here on this thread, that Obama can make it (through these years as President ) ONLY if enough of We the People are around him ALL the TIME as a LIVE SHIELD because he does runa great risk of being assasinated!.. Not that would be the ONLY "Not so Divine Intervention". A Divine Intervention for Sarah to get Obama's Place would be for instance : the Electorate choosing her over O. as they did with "W" over Goore.

These guys up in that World, called Dog Eat Dog (world) kill each other right & left!.... Many Presidents and other Hopefuls have had their heads roll!.... ) Not my doing...hehehhe...
I personally could care less which guy or Gal is chosen into the White House, now --or ever for that matter; I believe and know how SELF GOVERN my own life just fine!...
I don't need a CENTRAL GOVERNMENT (who after all never have done anything but stolen from We,the People, down to their very bones) Just last night I was reading Enocia's Blog here and I loved her little essay (check it out guys, quite worthy of some Thought from us Humans, I think. ) and I responded to her: "8 Nov 2008 @ 05:32 by a-d : GREAT, great, great, Enocia!
I love what you say! In the end it all comes down to each and every one of us humans; what we think and how we act& behave ; our actions and non actions, over all behaviour and decicions on a moment to moment basis in our daily lives! Either we project all those Response Abilities on our Elected ones --or we take charge of our own lives...or should I say to what ever extent we do this... the less we do it, the more we look (up)to our Elected Ones to do it all for us... --or indeed-- we do it!
Thank you, SoulSis, for your brilliant Train of Thoughts in your essay here! You Go,Gal! /A-d "

Because this is exactly how I see it all!

And yes. I do agree with Rusyn, that just to get some Balance in this over machosized Society (yes, my words, not rysun's ) it would be good with some FEMALE energy into the Presidency of USA. Finland and Iceland have already had Female Presidents.

Rusyn,I HAVE apologized to you many times!And yes, when I jumped the gun and misinterpreted something and went into some kind of frenzy. You did acknowledge my apologies every time that happened.
There's been times I did not apologize, whenever I were my right to my own point of view. (Se misunderstanding and denying or being denied the right to one's own, are two different things, eh? )Whenever I did not have to fall into your or anybody else's corall of thought/way of seeing things... So, those were the times I did not apologize..) : ) See the diff?I "know", you do!...doncha? : )  

8 Nov 2008 @ 22:24 by ursula : A-d
Yes, of course I know the difference, Astrid. We're each entitled to our opinions, point of view. I feel that problems arise when opinion gets mistaken with facts. And it gets worse when biases become fact without check. I am always questioning myself on that issue to make sure I am clear from bias.  

8 Nov 2008 @ 22:41 by a-d : We sure do live
in INTERESTING TIMES!...heheheh Don't we? : )

Have a great Saturday-evening/Week End, you All & Everyone, now. Gotta run. Hugs to you ALL!/A-d  

9 Nov 2008 @ 07:53 by vaxen : .

10 Nov 2008 @ 00:48 by a-d : There's been a lot of bruhaaa
about BO's Citizenship... But...why would there be any difference between THAT cit.ship than it is, for instance, with the citizenship for all these guys??? DUAL, dual, dual, a/duahhhl duahhl duahhhl!...

...and here's some "interesting" wievpoints by a Democratic Party-member  

10 Nov 2008 @ 01:12 by ursula : Still a lot of work to be done
I encountered an old, old woman today at the hardware store who had no problem trying to start a fight about the election. She thinks Palin is an ugly idiot and Obama is the smartest man in the universe. She believed all the lies sprewd about Palin and wasn't open to any other opinion. Then there is a headline over at about blacks saying that God vindicated the blacks by electing Obama. Need I say that something is severely amiss, and misunderstood?  

10 Nov 2008 @ 02:35 by a-d : Yeahh, no kidding!
Untill the day ALL people aredealt with, based on their INDIVIDUAL Action/Behaviour Merits ALONE, nothing can really be accomplished!.. Nobody is good or bad because of this Social Birth-Belonging;" race", "color", "name" etc, but ONLY by our actions, EACH & everyone of us!... No matter how much we wish that to be different.
I feel sorry for all the Blacks who are so deluded!... Vindicated to/ from what.... that the worst crook possible among the Black Population has "made it"?! What else was expected? Mafias always choose another Mafia guy, BASED on the guys MAFIA MERITS!!!hahahah eh? heheheh... Oh gosh... tired... after all the Waves all around us lately. We need some rest, peace and healing and rejuvenation least I do! : )
I agree : lots of work ahead of us!

Thanks, Rusyn! : )
PS. How can ANYBODY say anything BAD & Cruel about Sarah? She might not have ALL the qualifications to be wished for the Presidential Job ahead, but she sure isn't a Bad Person/Crook!  

10 Nov 2008 @ 02:57 by ursula : Right, a-d
I also look forward to a rest over the election storm. The only thing I can understand in criticizing Palin is in regards to her views on religion and birth control/abortion. I don't agree with those, but as I said several times already, she doesn't give me the impression that she'd force her personal lifestyle and beliefs on anyone else. Besides, we still do have the Supreme Court and both houses to work on legislation. I really like Sarah Palin and feel she's pretty open and honest about who she is. What you see is what you get, no mask there. She's also very smart and isn't given credit by most people for what she has accomplished. People have been very biased against her. Obama has several masks, depending upon his mood and subject and to whom he's speaking, which is why I found it hard to trust him. Plus, he still hides a lot about his past and hasn't been honest about his associations with people. He's completely different from Palin. But, Palin was running for VP. McCain is a good man but he's not up to the level of most people in regards to technology today. That hurt him. (Bush never understood how to write an email, so he had a staff to do it for him. I think it made the distance greater between him and Americans.)

People can't expect change unless they change themselves, from within. There is no change when somebody says that God favors one race over the other, or one song over the other to win a Grammy Award, or a ball game. Same old garbage. To talk about vindication is talking about righteous anger, victimhood, and revenge. It doesn't speak about love or free will and choice. African-Americans always had a choice - they could have picked one of "their own" candidates several times in the past, but they didn't. They just didn't get involved and vote. There is no other excuse or reason. There were other African-Americans running in the presidential election this year, too. But, they didn't have the money or blitz the media as Obama did, so they weren't seen and heard by the masses. I bet most people didn't even know who they were until they read their names on the ballot. I do want people to be honest, though, and say they did vote for Obama only because they saw a black man - not a biracial man. They fell for an emotionally manipulative show - hope, change, yes we can - can what? Get where? Do what, precisely? Still not clear. It was like mass hypnosis. Throw in some Oprah (who lies when she said she didn't use her show as a political platform) who has influence over probably millions, and is it any wonder Obama won? A sad part of this was that peopel were so afraid of criticizing Obama, and guilt is part of this, only because they saw him as a black man. A white man such as McCain was not treated the same. There is still a lot of discrimination, and this election shows a lot of it is also coming from blacks.

Okay, let's see what Obama can do and will do. He said he's ready for office right now - yet to be seen, in my opinion - and as it moves ahead to the inaugeration, I think people will see that there will be former people in the Washington scene that will be part of Obama's administration, and some new people. What great change will there be, after all? The change that I think we need is to have an administration that will be balanced with male/female energy, and will focus on love, caring for all citizens (not just based on their income level), and less fear. It cannot be accomplished if he's going to keep raising taxes. And WE THE PEOPLE need to get it through our heads that we don't need a government - but if we want one, it better represent us and do the job they've been chosen to do, get paid to do, or not at all. It's always up to US.  

10 Nov 2008 @ 05:10 by a-d : What I think Sarah could give
all people on the Planet is genuine directions on "how" to be more Compassionate! (She has, after all, cared for her three children, one of which is autistic, I believe, ) ... but...of course... that is not considered to be a President's job! more "Tough Cookie" Character is desired in DC!... But Sarah, as far as an Individual person, I believe is almost, too good to trampled there anyway! ... I do think Sarah --like I believe to be the case with Ron Paul as well, will "teach" MILLIONS & MILLIONS of people these coming months and years about Character and Compassion and Response-Ability, much more from outside the Highest Office, than they ever could have from inside of there, where they've been forced to deal with the ugly aftermath /Clean-up after "W" & his crooks!... not least Condoleeza's s---!...

Oprah... what ever happened to her????.... Boy has she changed these past five years from pretty OK to crooked.... It happened so suddenly, almost over night; her negative "transformation"... I still remember how from one week to the next; she was transformed from a decent person, to a someone I never seen before! Do you recall such feeling about her? all comes down to each and every ione of us as individuals...once again... hehehhe...yupppp...that is where our Spiritual maturity will show! I was thinking about your words when preparing the "DinDin" for my Kids this evening: "Still a lot of Work to be Done". Ughhh...where to start? and then --again-- like they say on HGTV: "You want to change the world; start at home". and I join with you in this as well: "And WE THE PEOPLE need to get it through our heads that we don't need a government - but if we want one, it better represent us and do the job they've been chosen to do, get paid to do, or not at all. It's always up to US."
And then I was thinking about how all groups have always had their Crooks and their Good people (suffering, always due to what their own crooks been doing while using the Compassionate and responsible ones of their own as a shield and dumping ground for their, the crooked's sh---) It has always been so in all the groups of Humankind! And it is so sad, because it so un-necessary!

Once we've recovered from these Choppy Political Waters, back in the saddle again; it really is up to us, each & every one! BTW, Did you read Enocia's latest essay? I found it quite wonderful! She is right in there, with our thinking.

( I do HOPE, that BO will make it to Office without any bigger things coming his way!... his hiding things is not very well received!... People are getting more & more upset with him by the minute!....InterNEt is full of ANGRY, throwing ANGRY words/Events (eight Lawsuits already waiting for him to deal with them) his way people, even people, who voted for him!... He is a liiiittle too much a Mucho-Macho Nonchalant "I Did It (doin' it all) MYYyyyyyy Wayyyyyy" -and quite dubious at that!... well... that's his choice!

( I don't remember when I felt this "pooped" ! : )

Wishing you a lovely week!/A-d  

10 Nov 2008 @ 05:26 by ursula : The child
with special needs (Palin) has Down Syndrome. Yes, she does have compassion and responsibility, and that does take character. Right on.

Oprah has a couple of faces, too, and you can see it depending on who are her guests. Because of her involvment with Obama she lost a lot of viewers and subscribers to her magazine. People began seeing the contradictions in Oprah, plus I think people are a little annoyed with her sheltered life and thinking everybody can easily afford a sweat outfit at $200, or $125 jeans, or a purse or pair of shoes for $800. I don't watch her show very often.

I think that along with starting within, this election has shown that people must be involved in their government because when they're not, it ends up like this - in debt and corruption. People lose money and their homes and their jobs. They trust that their representatives in government will take care of their needs and they don't have to keep an eye on them. Look how often the Congress passes things without anybody knowing, or without much forewarning so it can be stopped by the people, and often without even reading what they're voting on before voting. They got away with it easy. The public became lax. Anyway, that's what I feel about it.

Yes, I read Enocia's log and I don't resonate to any of it.

Get some rest - I can see how it has been a draining week. And thanks, wishing you a good week,too.  

10 Nov 2008 @ 10:42 by jazzolog : This Thread Continues Not To Be About
folk music, but that's OK. Meandering threads on the Internet can be wonderful. This one got soiled with verbal abuse, which unfortunately has happened so frequently at NCN that many have given up on the site over the years---including I suspect the Webmaster himself.

I'll share a secret with you: it's possible to create a meandering thread that's not only illuminating but a delight to read as well. This one got revived yesterday---after about a year---at an article I had forgotten completely. Almost all of the participants, I believe, are refugees of NCN~~~ {link:}

Incidentally Quinty emailed yesterday also lamenting the anger and hurt some comments inspire. He concluded with this personal news I'm sure he won't mind my sharing~~~

"On a happier note - I know you’re a fan of my father’s work - I recently received a letter from the curator of drawings at the Reina Sofia museum in Madrid. They want to put my father’s war drawings on permanent exhibit with Guernicca and Picasso’s studies for Guernicca. They also want to hang his Franco Black Spain drawings in another room, along with the Totalitarian Europe water colors. Maria Jose, the curator, who was a friend of my father’s, tells me to keep sending stuff along. They have a new director who’s redesigning the entire museum and apparently a fan.

"Not only that but a Spanish film crew will be coming over to film stuff here and interview me. They’re making a documentary on my father’s life. So, as you can see, there appears to be some movement related to my father’s work and life. Are you familiar with the Reina Sofia? It is the extension of the Prado and includes modern art, mostly Spanish. It is one of the top art museums of the world."

Here's just the cafe in the museum, from a cheerful blog that has a lot more pictures of the place~~~  

10 Nov 2008 @ 16:38 by quinty : Now how could I have
misspell Guernica?

Perhaps because I've been running a flu fever the past several days. Did I pick it up on the Greyhound bus I rode a week ago last Saturday from Terre Haute to Indianapolis? Or was it on the plane I flew on Sunday?

To continue to digress if you ever go to Madrid you might want to visit the Reina Sofia. It is diagonally across the street from the Prado. Some of the best artists of the twentieth century were Spaniards and the Reina Sofia has entire rooms full of Miros, Picassos, Gris's, Zuloagas, and others perhaps less known outside the world of art lovers. Spanish art has a very powerful and unique character: like Spain's music.

Anyway, for me it is a great pleasure to see some of my father’s graphic work going on permanent exhibit there. They have had his portrait of Pablo Casals in storage for decades and I don't think they have ever shown it.

Well, okay, it is unseemly to toot one’s own horn. And it won’t reflect well on me. But I am too proud. If you would like to see what will go into the permanent collection here are the links.....

Drawings of the Spanish Civil War,,,

Franco’s Black Spain

Totalitarian Europe  

10 Nov 2008 @ 17:17 by jazzolog : What An Honor
to have these Quintanilla links gracing this article. All the great folk artists mentioned, including certainly those who traveled Ohio with Sing Out The Vote, would be overjoyed to share the space. Some readers may recognize the hogshead drawing, from Franco's Black Spain, which I used on the Learn To Play Ball article a couple months ago. Thank you Paul, and I hope all that flu is gone. There's a particularly tricky one circulating these days in the Midwest.  

10 Nov 2008 @ 17:21 by ursula : Well, what else is new?
That people comment to a thread not on topic? Why are you surprised - you do it to others, Jazz lol. Since I wasn't at your personal experiences, what can I say about them? I know Holly Near's music for decades - mostly because I grew up going to Pete Seeger, PP&M, Arlo Guthrie, et al concerts.  

10 Nov 2008 @ 17:25 by ursula : Jokes about assassination
I think it's in bad taste - but Davidson says it helps relieve the tension. What???

Tommy Davidson's centerpiece joke about President-elect Barack Obama at a Los Angeles comedy club over the weekend "killed" -- in more ways than one.

Davidson, who was a regular on Fox's hip sketch comedy show "In Living Color," bounded on stage Friday at the Comedy Union on Pico Boulevard and said he would like to perform a bit from Obama's upcoming inaugural speech. He stood at an imaginary podium -- then, a "shot" rang out and he collapsed in a heap.

The audience was momentarily shocked, then erupted in laughter. But for some, the laughs stuck in their throats.

"People were crying out, 'Oh, no, don't do that,' " said Lanita Jacobs-Huey, a USC professor of anthropology who was in the audience. "Tommy then sprung up and said with this smile, 'OK, I just wanted to try that out.' It was pretty amazing."

Welcome to Def Obama Comedy Jam.  

10 Nov 2008 @ 17:52 by mortimer : Toot the horn, right on!
thanks for sharing Quinty, a very gentle artist, I never seen anything like it before. I'm stilling browsing those links but I also see the comments are pouring in here so I thought I should squeeze in a thank-you word before the noise pollution sets into text motion again.  

10 Nov 2008 @ 18:21 by Quinty @ : That's good
Mortimer. Thanks.  

10 Nov 2008 @ 18:29 by quinty : We all know
the threat is very real. And the Secret Service geared up to a higher level as soon as Obama became a candidate, to their credit.

Tasteless jokes about assassinating Obama definitely emerge out of the "dark side."

Poor Richard is an excellent and tolerant host. I don't know how he feels about some of the things which have appeared here (which I contributed to too) but he has remained most amiable. Perhaps twinging with embarrassment when "respectable" friends drop by.

He has flung his doors open to every mangy dog on the block (including myself) so we should thank him. Not everyone would be so generous. Certainly not myself.  

18 Nov 2008 @ 09:46 by jazzolog : The Hug Seen Round The World

'I heard a tap-tap of gunfire. But I didn't realise my legs had gone'
(Photo: Reuters)

Last week the world watched as Barack Obama embraced an Iraq war vet at a Veterans Day ceremony. Tammy Duckworth lost her legs on a mission in Baghdad four years ago. Now she is among a rising number of ex-soldiers reshaping US politics and may yet serve under the new president. Here she talks about her fight for her comrades - and her own fight for life

Paul Harris in New York, Sunday November 16 2008 00.01 GMT
The Observer, Sunday November 16 2008

As the man and woman walked slowly towards the war memorial in Chicago last week, the figure of Barack Obama was instantly recognisable. But as the pair hugged after laying a wreath in the ceremony, it was the young woman who caught the attention of the media and whose photograph flashed around the world.

It was difficult not to notice her. As the President-in-waiting embraced her, it was clear that she was a double amputee. Rarely has the human cost of America's war in Iraq been so painfully and poignantly illustrated.

The woman was Tammy Duckworth, one of the most remarkable figures to emerge from the conflict. Horribly wounded by an insurgent attack, the former helicopter pilot is now part of a wave of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans who are returning home and reshaping US politics. They are running for office, heading government departments and campaigning on issues they care about.

Duckworth is now one of the most visible and high-profile among them. There are even whispers that she might replace Obama in the Senate, taking the seat left vacant when he moves to the White House, or that he might appoint her to his cabinet as head of the Department of Veterans' Affairs. But on that cold Chicago morning last week, as Duckworth and Obama paid tribute to America's war dead, it was not politics that were on Duckworth's mind. It was her former comrades-in-arms, recently redeployed back to the country where she lost her legs. 'I was actually thinking about my crew,' she told The Observer.

Last week marked a doubly poignant anniversary for Duckworth, a petite and pretty half-Asian woman with a homely Midwestern accent. Veterans of all wars were remembering their fallen comrades on 11 November, but the day after was Duckworth's 'Alive Day', the fourth anniversary of her close brush with death.

The Alive Day is a tradition that sprang up in Vietnam as wounded American soldiers struggled to cope with the physical and emotional scars left by the injuries of war. Now Duckworth is part of a new generation treading the same path and marking a fresh wave of Alive Days. For Duckworth, 40, commemorating the day that left her so horribly wounded was a bitter-sweet moment.

'It could be a horrible day, but I choose to celebrate it. Every year we kind of have a big party. I know it's the day I lost my legs, but it is also the day that I survived and got my life back,' she said.

On 12 November 2004, Duckworth was a helicopter pilot in the Illinois Army National Guard. She had persuaded her superiors to send her to Iraq when her unit was shipped out, just as she was about to be transferred elsewhere. On that fateful date she had piloted her 'bird' over Baghdad from landing zone to landing zone.

Her final stop had been in the green zone, where she had picked up milkshakes, stir-fry food and Christmas decorations. Once back in the air, she heard the sound of bullets hitting the chopper. 'I remember hearing the tap-tap of small-arms fire. I was reaching over for the GPS to record the location and then there was a giant fireball,' she said.

The chopper had been hit by a rocket-propelled grenade fired by an insurgent. Unaware of the extent of her injuries, Duckworth tried to help her fellow pilot, Dan Milberg, guide the stricken craft down. But as she struggled she wondered why the pedals were not responding to her commands. It never occurred to her that she no longer had any feet with which to press them. 'I did not realise my legs were already gone,' she said, with a lightness of tone that belied the full horror of what she was describing. 'I mean, how many times a day do you ever look down to check if you still have your legs?'

The helicopter hit the Iraqi dirt and Milberg dragged her to a second aircraft for evacuation. Her injuries were so bad that Milberg mistakenly assumed she was dead. Instead she woke up eight days later at the famed Walter Reed military hospital back in the US. Her husband, Bryan Bowlsbey, had been at her side for days, repeating a mantra-like chant to her as she lay unconscious: 'You were injured. You are at Walter Reed. You are safe.'

So began Duckworth's new life. Like thousands of injured Iraq veterans before and after her, she faced months of painful physical therapy and the mental anguish of coping with her loss. But for Duckworth, her energies gradually began to focus around veterans' rights and their health issues.

Walter Reed is a regular stop on many politicians' rounds as they make trips both private and public to visit the wards. Soon Duckworth found herself making contacts with politicians such as Senator Richard Durbin, Senator Obama and Congressman Rahm Emanuel.

It was Durbin in particular who persuaded the feisty and outspoken veteran to consider entering public life. It was a long process. By March 2005 she was taking her first steps on her artificial limbs. Learning to walk again was her priority. But by that summer Durbin wanted her to run for office as a Democrat in a local congressional seat in 2006.

'I did not know if I wanted to put up with entering public life. It is not an easy thing to do,' she said. 'But then I realised that I spent all this time complaining about things not being done right for the troops. Why not change the laws yourself? I like challenges and I thought, "it's easy to complain, but it's not so easy to change things".' She made the decision to get involved. It could yet end with her as a high-profile face in the new Obama administration.

Changing things is now Duckworth's focus. She ran for Congress in Illinois, eventually losing a nail-bitingly close race in a previously solid Republican seat. Then she became director of Illinois's Department of Veterans' Affairs, where she has raised the profile of veterans' needs, especially the problems they face getting jobs when they return from duty. She has testified before Congress regarding medical care and employment for returning veterans and spoke at this August's Democratic party convention.

In 2006 she delivered an official Democratic response to one of President Bush's weekly radio addresses to the nation. In it she lambasted his policies on Iraq and the path the White House took in going to war. 'Instead of a plan or a strategy, we get shallow slogans like "mission accomplished" and "stay the course",' she said in the broadcast. Now political office in Washington may be beckoning her.

Duckworth said she was flattered that her name was being bandied about, but insisted that she has had no talks with anyone about either a Senate seat or cabinet post. However, she does say she is willing to serve if asked.

'I have been in the army for 18 years and when my commander-in-chief asks me to do something, I just grab my helmet,' she said. 'If I was willing to go to Iraq for Bush, I would be willing to serve in any capacity for Obama that he asked me to.'

That sort of military attitude has defined Duckworth's life. Perhaps it also gave her the strength to overcome her injuries. She was born in Thailand, the daughter of an American father and a Thai-Chinese mother. She joined the army reserves at college and chose to train as a helicopter pilot because it was one of the few military jobs that could place a woman directly in combat. She later joined the National Guard as she took a day job as a manager with Rotary International.

Amazingly, she displays no bitterness towards the war in Iraq. 'Anger is such a waste of emotion. It is not worth it. I am moving on ... I am not going to pick at that scab. I learned in hospital not to pick at scabs,' she said.

Duckworth believes firmly that the war was based on false intelligence and that the American public was sold lies. But it still does not make her regret serving there. 'That does not diminish the honour and service of my buddies and me. I would go back to Iraq if I could,' she said.

In her dreams, she still does. Duckworth has a recurring dream that is becoming less frequent now, but is often triggered by news reports from Iraq on television. In it she has her legs back and is flying her chopper again. 'I go to sleep and in my dream I wake up in Iraq. I get up and fly my missions. I live an entire day. At the end I am exhausted and I go to sleep. When I wake up I am in Illinois,' she said.

The dream carries with it a mixed bag of emotions. 'I am happy because I am flying again and I have my legs and I am doing my job,' she said.

But for Duckworth, her experiences on the battlefield have changed that job for ever. She now has a fresh mission, one that has already taken her into the heart of American political power, carried on new legs of steel. © Guardian News and Media Limited 2008  

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