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26 Mar 2006 @ 05:11, by Aimant DAmour

I would like to communicate my reflexions of psychoanalyst to you on causes conscious and unconscious of terrorisms and wars, in order to become aware of the more effective actions of assistance to the most stripped ones, which in a state of survival, are ready to die for not that their species dies, and to offer reflexions to most affluent, so that all have the possibility of being released from this more or less unconscious fight for survival, by reflexions and the durable development which offers to help itself has to have vital essence, that is its human ecosystem, habitat integrating a garden to be autonomous in vital energy, to hope to put a term at the wars in becomming respectfull with all individuals on our planetary being.
Sincerely, Magnet O DAmour

The war of the Gods is the unconscious origin of all the wars.

 Thanatos in war with Eros,
is the unconscious origin of some terrorisms and wars.

 by Magnet O DAmour
 psychoanalyst, philosophical, metaphysician.

Let us start by telling the legend of a beginning, mythology, tradition religious, which speaks about a terrestrial paradise, where the human ones could make Love to grow and to multiply, lived in peace between them and with the animals, by nourishing from the abundance of grasses and fruits growing on a planet which, during its formation by aggregation of its masses moving centrifugal, had directed its more massive atoms towards the equator, forming an assembly line of mountains, girdling and temperate by his height this zone hottest, with all its grounds going down towards the two tropics, creating a tropical moderate climate everywhere on the lands emerged, with the less massive water forming the two oceans then in the cold zones to the poles.

True garden of planetary paradise, where the plants having evolve before the animals and human, their offered a natural and abundant food for all. The human ones and the animals then did not have any reason to kill each others.

By a "act of has God", an asteroid struck our planet in the Pacific oceant, making it capsized of its original axis, bringing grounds except tropics where it freezes periodically, with the equatorial assembly line which now skirts Americas of north to the south and continuing itself in the Himalayas. Since there are abundances of zones in periodic or constant lack of food, like the deserts of the too low grounds in the tropics, where the human ones were and are still to oblige to cook the hard roots and to kill the animals to survive.

 It is then the death which enters in the alive beings.
It is a deep transformation of the state to be, similar to an experiment of drug.
It is the interior origin of the conflict between Eros, God of the sexual pleasures,
and Thanatos, God of the death, which limits Eros in a behavior to ensure the survival of the species by the sexual reproduction and puts the individual on a foot of war, because it is a question of life or dead which is felt by the organisme.
 The wars on this planet Earth capsized of axis, are the extreme result of the fight for survival.
 From where mutual aid to solve the problems of survival for each one and all, to solve the problems which extend to terrorisms and wars.

Human vis-a-vis death, if it could have the assistance of armed to run away itself, it would take it, yes. It is for saying that for an individual, the war starts as soon as its life is in danger. It is true for the herbivorous animal tracked by a carnivorous animal or a human omnivore, it is true for the human victim of armed aggression, it is true for human groups which drives out of another human groups, that it either to drive out them of their territories to occupy it, or to drive out them the nondesired occupants.

The continuity of the fight to survive by killing the ones so that others to survive, is the war of the life against death. The psychoanalysis which analyzes until in the unconscious one, the relationship between the factors of life and death, to express the importance of the involved forces, calls upon Eros, God of the sexual Love, limited to its function of reproduction by Thanatos, God of death. According to the degree of presence of the one and other in an individual, as in a group of individuals, Eros is constrained by the forces of death, to condition these individuals in behaviors all the more strictly directed to try to ensure the survival of the species, with a repulsion for any deviation and example which could make become aware of the universal desire to enjoy varieties of sexual pleasures, which do not have the finality the survival of the species, at the point of to inconscientise, if one needs it by the weapons.

The extremes are more visible in the herbivores and carnivores; the whole of the herbivores and fructivores are polyamour and pacifist, the whole of the carnivores are monogamist and savagely jealous. The male can fight until death to make sure that its female is fertilized only by him. In the human omnivores, the jealousy is the principal cause of the homicides in the world, and I makes it understand here, they are same the mechanism unconscious which acts for the communities which cannot be supported, because the ones that are too catch by Thanatos, compared to other which are released more from it.

This unconscious cause of the wars, takes part in the other causes of the wars of conquest of richest, which can feel unconsciously never rich enough to ensure the survival of their descent, which is in power unlimited... because richest are also subjected by Thanatos if they eat animals which lived the fear of died and rage to survive, secreating adrenalin to fight against the death, then the human mammal which eats them, feel the same fear of death, Thanatos is in him, fear then without object which is the anguish. Internal fear which shows its enemies everywhere... and with the least index, is to try to benefit from it to kill the enemy and to benefit from it to acquire goods useful to its survival eternal by his descendants.

The wars interior and external are auto generated, because it is Eros in war because of Thanatos.

 Introduction to the situation.

 Eros, God of the sexual Love, is truly in power Eternal , since reproducing by Oneself, by making Love be expressed in the Orgasmiques Pleasures, to shape in one of its spermatozoïdes, to fertilize another Oneself, Miss Ovule, and thus to continue to enjoy varieties of Pleasures of Love, in a new body. Insofar as the environmental conditions are favourable with the sexual reproduction of the organisme, Eros is in power an Eternal God.

Eros God, is also the One witch is All, as Eros is as the powerful instinct of Species, which is more as the sum of the individuals, because the Species is what unite the individuals by the interior, reproduced there and thus continues to live by the different ones after the death of some ones.

 Eros as a natural presence in all the alive ones in form of the principle of the pleasure, has also another attribute of most significant of the divinity, that to be the principle of Decision in all the Alive Beings, from the human to the unicellular ones. It is what shows experimental psychology. The directions and the periphery of the Individuals bring information coming from the world external towards the center of the Pleasure, which Decide according to whether information given Plaisir or not, to consume the pleasure and to reject, flee or fight the displeasure. It is a question of survival to the being alive to moves by oneself naturally.

 Thus in Eros, its quintessence as being and the governing of its being are One. Pleasure Love Orgasme Eros, directing God of Oneself, in all its others Oneself. Eros thus has the function of Natural God in Oneself, as Directeur of Oneself, and omnipresent quintessence in its body and this in all its others Oneself. The function of universal decision thus takes up the fundamental duty of natural universal director who is the function God in Oneself and each one.

This is primarily in agreement and is confirmed by the word of Jesus who says that only the Love is Eternal. As God is single Eternel, Love is the single God Eternal. "Without Amour you are nothing." Thus Amour is the base of all. Thus Amour is God, according to Jesus, who like his Father and Us all, we are Divinities as able to govern oneself by Amour towards All.

 This comprehension puts an end to the sempiternal war Gods, since all We come from the Eternal Love God and We are Divinities achieved in the measurement which One moves by love towards All. Then a divine peace will be.

This is why Eros Pleasure, recognized like natural decision maker in each alive Individual, when he is endangers of death in its organisme, according to the degree that Eros feel in danger of death, it will react while passing on the emergency mode of survival, by various behaviors to ensure its survival as an individual and that species.
Mainly while tending to all the more rigorously limit its sexuality to its function of reproduction, in order to try to survive the individual in danger of died and dying, by the creation of another Oneself.

Incarnated Eros feeling in danger of death, directs its behavior to secure its reproduction, mainly by a sexuality of identification in the couple exclusively, like being One in Eros to create a new One. The more severe are the conditions of fight for the survival of the Human ones which are thus with the catch with Thanatos, the more their sexuality will severely be devoted to the vital importance of the reproduction. As it is the man who then sudden the uncertainty of the paternity of its descent, it is him which makes undergo its domination on his wife, to secure its fidelity.

It is what had been predicted in the genesis of the Bible, the woman will desire the man, but will not dare to say to him, and he will dominate her, this if Adam and Eve left the tropical garden, and ventured in the field of the apples, where they will freeze the winters, where then without plants, the human ones will have to kill the animals to survive, and thus death penetrates in the being, and which sexuality is conditioned on the emergency mode of survival. With entered of died in them, Adam and Eve then are hiding their sexual zone, because they are not a also any more master of their sexuality.

The urgency to reproduce generates reactions inappropriate, insistences impolite, violences and rapes, murders and wars. And since the omnivore humanity is also hiding his sexuality, and even the face in zones where the urgency to reproduce must be subdued and controlled.

 A sexuality of survival, it is that of natural Eros God in Oneself, which in danger of death, becomes Thanatos, this animal organization which is represented in this state by the devil, which moves by a behavior which go from impolite insistences to the sexual aggressions and to the rapes, with the severe domination of his wife, (in Canada, a woman on 3 or 4 is likely to be beaten by its companion, during its life, imagine you elsewhere...), Thanatos is the cause of a painful jealousy which can become fatal!

It is what explains the murders of women who wanted to separate from their man, and this more especially as this man is in the presence of Thanatos, so much than by who he eats than by his situation. It is what would explain a higher frequency of homicide by jealousy, at all those whose life is in danger of dead frequently, as in the police officers.

In experimental psychology we have measured the "sexual drive", the sexual desire of individuals before and after having undergoes a test which endanger them of death, and after the sexual instincts are significantly higher than at the natural state.

 In becoming aware, we are already more able to try to control oneself. Especially as regards of what is possible to make for Oneself, while choosing for example to nourish oneself without making suffer, neither oneself nor others, human, animal, cells, mainly, therefore by nourishing from the life of the alive cells and not of their death. Salads, fruits, vegetables, milk, honey and eggs raw, unicellular animals that are the creams of bacteria and cheeses. Formulate to turn over in a state of perfect health as in the paradise of the planetary original garden.

 It is the principal share which each one can do for its peace and that the others, and it is a decision which returns to each free Individual to move by Plaisir Love Eros God, decision maker for oneself.

If all come from there to choose to also respect all the others, humanity will be able to come to a universal peace.

 More especially as the instinct of survival of the species, when in danger of dead become the devil as Thanatos, can provoque sexual agressions if some one have no parteners, and cannot support the bad examples of any sexualities which is not devoted to the reproduction. From where the prejudices and the organics repulsions which were until the murder of human which practises homosexuality, the variations of partners, with extremes in the killers in series of prostitutes, killers of bad examples which are thought on mission, because it is also this sexuality of reproduction which sermon principal religions of this planet, supported by the instinct of the people, because it is the unique secure sexuality every where on this Planet haunted by Thanatos. The human ones are haunted by the fear conscious or not of the death which the omnivores devours daily, in the meat soaked with the secrétions of combat against the death which is the adrenalin and of rage against the human one, on behalf of the animals led to the slaughter-house.

Survival obliged and obliges still too much. In becoming aware is to give the chance to release Eros God in Oneself, of the procession of limitations and sufferings of the dictator Thanatos. It is the war with Thanatos which should be made, while being winners of death, victorious of our one practices and temptations of the taste of died foods, to choose to nourish from life of salads and alive fruits, cheeses and creams of bacteria, which are the single animals which can continue to live in oneself. Then to release itself from conditionings cultural, traditional and religious which do not correspond any more to the situation where the human ones are respecting the others and respected by others, in their right to live and to move by pleasure love natural god of each one and towards all.
This internal war is continued in its more unhappy forms at groups and civilizations which have most sudden the fights for the survival and the danger of death. One can note that what is true for each individual in his interior, also appears in the communities and civilizations, according to their degree of difficulties of survival. But even in the rich individuals and territories, the presence of Thanatos relates initially always present to each individual according to his situation.

To reveal unconscious causes of murder, terrorisms and wars, makes it possible to understand what each one can do to release itself from causes unconscious which supports the wars, showing the importance to make the war with poverty to release itself from the fight for survival, by supporting the auto creation of human ecosystems being able to ensure the survival of each one and all.

Because in the zones where the alive ones are in states more or less in danger of death, desert of plants where is present uncertainty to be able to eat and ensure its survival and where one is to oblige to kill to survive, as the carnivores do it, it is a mode of survival where Thanatos conditions Eros, methods which remain by traditions of various civilizations, even at those which become more fortunate, which perpetuate also behavior generated in atmospheres of fight for survival, which creates the conditions of wars between individuals, who differently could live in peace between them, like the herbivorous society. The carnivores society are constantly in war with other species, and often between them, if one understands the war like individuals faces with death.

Eros as an organisme and species, feeling in danger of died in an individual, to save his individual life and to ensure its survival of species by its reproduction, can go until killing out of other alive beings, as well to defend, to nourish, to keep its couple, as to eliminate the beings which make him become aware of sexual intercourse which deviates of that to ensure survival.

This is true for the individuals, the groups of individuals and civilizations which perpetuate these traditions. It is what the psychoanalysis reveals, like particularly Schopenhauer in "Metaphysics of the love, metaphysics of died" by expressing this conflict of more powerful forces even as the will and conscience of the individual in danger of death, by calling upon Eros God of the sexual Love, and Thanatos, God of the death, which forces Eros in a behavior until an extremists one to try to ensure the survival of the individual and especially of the Species, by his reproduction.

All the more severe the alive one is in danger of dead, all the more severe is there the exclusive valorization of a sexuality of reproduction by fidelity in the couple. To human that go to the war to all bad example of sexuality which deviates of this function of survival of the Species. Attention, the Species is more crafty one and powerful that we can think !

It is an invitation to the more powerful to help the less favoured of this planet, because thus Mankind will be able to live on this planet, without self destroy in wars in series, which finishes fault of combatants, which characterize the 2000 years cycles when civilizations meet, the ones not being able to support the practices of the others.
For exemple, those human which are more release from the influence of Thanatos, so with a more free Eros, with sexuals practices a part from the couple man woman, like homosexuality and polyamour, they are an unbearable exemple in the conscience of the humans with are catch with Thanatos, and the need to inconscientise them can go to "wholy war" in in the counscious and or the uncounscious for the most misarables withThanatos.

The sexual mutilations on human young people without their assent, with the tendency to impose on all this practice, is unbearable and cane wake up the rage of a "holy war" in the conscience and or unconsciousness of human more released of Thanatos.

The wars to increase territories and richnesses, can also be interpreted like means to ensure the life of individuals, fammly, clan... for individuals who are and know they are mortals, they may never be rich enough to ensure their eternity by their descent and castes in power unlimited ...

Because the human ones eat death, with the adrenalin of the killed animals, eat fear of death, this interior war is continued to the extreme and more or less consciously like fights for survival. It is as much war between human more affluent which invades territories to reach the richnesses, that war of those which defended them selves, that that of terrorism and of war by those which are still too catch with Thanatos, and which cannot support example of sexualities which are not limit to the reproduction, which leaves in crusades against civilizations known as the inaccurate ones and fornicators, because those which cannot live with the example of neighbors who are at this point different, can naturally tend either to convert their enemies, or to eliminate them, for oneself to take space and the richnesses to reproduce themselves ad infinitum.

The human more catches with Thanatos want to eliminate by the war if necessary, the human ones less taken by Thanatos, who have a freer Eros in them, because they are making conscious of the sexual desires which tend to be interdict for all, because they oppose the survival instinct of the species of those more in danger of death.

It is like if the wolves and the lions which are savagely jealous, made the war with the Bonobos monkeys because they are examples of free sexual variation of partner, sexual practice which do not support the reproduction. They do not do it because they are not same species, but the human ones are of the same species and some are crudivores, vegetarians, omnivores, therefore with sexual behavior different until incompatible. Some in their states cannot live together in peace, like the herbivores and carnivores.

Eros, as a sexual living organism, when in urgency of survival, in the presence of death, in a being having to eat died flesh, becomes the devil,

with its horns and animal body, associated the fire which kills the life, obliging instinctively the sexuality which allows the continuity of the life beyond the death, representing the human animal, the instinct of the species, the organisme in the presence of death in oneself, program the behavior in order to survive, which is like the hunting of a sexual partner, with behavior aggressive; who limits sexuality to the couple to ensure survival; who beats his wife to dominate it, to control it in a behavior limiting to the maximum, all possibility for her of being fertilized by other; who is avenged on the woman who refuses her demand for marriage; who preaches against all that excites sexuality and any sexuality which deviates of its function of reproduction; who follows the invectives of the Marabouts who say to rape and kill all girls and women to which one sees the legs higher than the knees; who mutilates the sexuality of his children to try to condition it by the pains, to try to limit it to the reproduction and even sews the entered of the vulva so that the reproduction of the male is ensure for that which will want to reproduce there; who cannot let the individual be conscious of his desire of enjoying for the enjoyment in itself, for the pleasures orgasmic in oneself, with varieties of beings, because this attitude does not support the reproduction by the identification of the couple.

This is why the examples of sexual practices which deviate of the reproduction are proscribed, condemned, and if necessary eliminated by the murder and the war for the percived inaccurate and fornicators. One recognizes there, at different degry of repression, a type of phobia of some, the main preach of many religions, and the cause of some terrorisms and of wars.

The faintness in civilizations about sex, where large populations finds that one speaks and always sees too much about it, is a way of slowing down the more or less unconscious sexual instincts of Eros under the stress of Thanatos. It is also a way of channeling sexuality towards its function of reproduction. Then in the zones where Thanatos is 10 and 100 times more present, can you imagine how much more this repression of the sexual instincts of Eros in danger of death is necessary, from where the veiled women, the sexual mutilations, severity mortal towards all that can make dubious the paternity of the men in danger of died at this point there. And all the more severe is their religion and their understanding of God.

The solution is to help oneself and others to release oneself from Thanatos, of died foods, to nourish from life, and to reach a vital autonomy with each one its garden. The populations which face famines, are like the animals that, as an organisme we are, some may come from there to kill their neibors, to have zones where they can survive. The solution is to help to create human ecosystems autonomous in vital energy for the zones most disadvantage, and ideally for all and each one which wishes it on this planet, if we wish a universal peace.

In order to enjoy in peace the life, I offer individual and collective solutions by a comprehension of the unconscious causes which put the Human ones in a state of interior war, in order to be the master of Oneself, and to make Peace in Oneself, while helping if so desired others to live in interior peace, with the beings which form us, the alive vegetable cells and with the beings which surround us.

To release Eros, Sexy God in Oneself, of the limitations and bruises of Thanatos, which subject Eros God to the forces of death, while choosing to respect all the Individuals forming our Being, by nourishing from the Life of the alive Cells, and not of their sufferings and their death. While governing oneself by Pleasure Love God in oneself towards all the individuals, respecting all the human ones, the animals, the cells of the plants, and the atoms not to be fissioned, we can that way, enjoy an interior, around and exterior peace, truly universal.
Sincerely, Loving O DAmour


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