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9 Apr 2008 @ 15:44, by Geral W. Sosbee

The police and federal cops are out of control in the uSA; in order to fully understand the low mindset and near total corruption of the men in blue (and their cowardly counterparts in fbi/cia) you and I may benefit from a study of their perverse and abusive thinking patterns (and those of other forum members who aspire to become cops or their idolators).


All citizens of the uSA need to understand the sickness that permeates the law enforcement community here. In order to facilitate the study of the deranged (or retarded) men in blue one needs to study the individual profiles and thoughts of these armed and dangerous thugs-as represented in their postings- who pretend to defend our lives, our liberties and our Constitutional Rights. Begin the pathological cop review by signing up on the police and federal agents' forum at:

Then begin studying the profiles and writings of the various law enforcement personnel who are active members of the forum. Soon after you post your first critical article of police methods and practices, you are likely to be banned, especially if you present evidence of fbi and/or police corruption and criminality. If you are not banned, then some foolish LA police sergeant, such as "IMACHU" may verbally assault you, or otherwise attempt to smear your work. Note that most or all of the cowardly cops (and federal agents) on the board post and assault you anonymously, as expected.For instance creepy cop degenerate supporter known as 'Bearcat 357' sends a threat to me as follows:
"Perhaps I should call the FBI and let them start re-tracking your nonsense...?
Oh...your time is short here....very short...." See:
[Sosbee to Bearcat357: you are the Living Dead. Your veiled death message reflects your cowardice and your violent mentality; if you are not a cop, submit your application as you are assured a spot on the sniper squad]

As I suggested above, you,the reader of the police posts may soon discover that the unprofessional conduct by the police and federal agents on the forum (such as 'Bearcat357')is exactly the same low minded reactions you are likely to encounter when you try to report police and fbi crimes (or other offenses) in person at your local police stations. Thus, you and I learn from the study that the quasi state action of repression of free speech is achieved by corrupt cops (and federal agents) in their private capacities through the internet, as they engage in wholesale verbal assaults and threats.

After I submitted my application to the cop forum for membership, I was accepted and I posted * two articles (outlining evidence of fbi crimes); then,I was promptly banned the next day from the forum. Before the ban, I posted a few statements in my defense, as the cops (and federal agent punks) continued to anonymously harass me; then, I posted my now famous article on the **'Living Dead' as such topic seems to perfectly apply to law enforcement officers who enjoy killing and imprisoning my Brethren.*** Below, see the message that the forum sent to me after the police and federal agents complained of my posting the evidence of their crimes.



"These Are Private Forums for Law Enforcement. We Reserve the Right to Remove Non-LEO Members, Anti-LE or Inappropriate Posts and Users Without Warning.
vBulletin Message
You have been banned for the following reason:
No reason was specified.
Date the ban will be lifted: Never "
Sosbee writes:
This information will not be a surprise to the intelligent reader, but should serve as a reminder that "We The People" must now by vital necessity inform these sociopathic killers, or rude and uncivil public servants that their services are no longer needed; further, these illiterate cops and federal agent punks must begin to learn the meaning of humility; I am giving them a primer on the subject. For a more in depth insight into the mental illness of the fbi, etc., see their activities as reported at
Here are a few of the cop posts directed at me; read and weep for your lost country and in some instances your lost freedom and lives at the hands of these fools and retardates in police and federal law enforcement agencies across the land (some are written by cop-wanna-bees or cop/fbi sycophants)
"Who said few people care to be around them? I care to be around them you insensitive *****, lay off the angel dust and go back to the mental institution they shouldn't have let you go."

Originally Posted by TheChef
"Holy Sh*t!!!, Google this nutbars name in quotation marks & you get 500+ hits."
"And 497 of those hits refer to him as a nut job."

"Holy Sh*t!!!, Google this nutbars name in quotation marks & you get 500+ hits.
GERAL W. SOSBEE image from the interwebz:" ....
[Sosbee's note: The Chef fraudulent states that the above image is of geral sosbee; thus, the chef is a proven liar.]

Guams ( a sheriff deputy, or park ranger):
"I think we scared the troll away."
See more on Guams and note the total failure of his intellect;this cop is an ignorant and cowardly punk and best continue to hide his identity:
See more on Guams from the forum; this cop needs careful handling and a wide berth; also read some of the writings from these armed, cowardly and homicidal fools in blue who say (with tongue in cheek) that they are the 'good guys':
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"Geral Sosbee appears out of thin air. Everyone stops mid-stride, "Is he... is he really here?!, they think. Geral begins to fill the air with blatant, and comical, fallacies regarding the federal government. He unfolds a thin hat, silver in color, that makes a funny crinkling noise and places it atop his head. Everyone around him diverts their eyes so that the rays from the CIA satellites don't extract the contents of their brains. Geral says "


"I was just bored enough to actually read some of the stuff from his link in his first post. It is a quote from the article/info item he posted. I got to that part and got hung up on what kind of benefits you might get in the psychopath kill know: differentials, full-time or adhoc, are you essential personnel, get holidays off, what hours, on call pay, ect..."

"where did you see that? did he write that? if that's the case then I think he would've been taken care of a long time ago, before he could blow the whistle on the fbi's sinister operation."

"Originally Posted by KapsFB View Post
A village somewhere HAS to be missing an idiot.
Actually, after seeing some recent posts on here.....there are a few villages missing their idiots.....including where this nutty dude came from....
Sosbee writes: See 'Bearcat's' self portrait as he records it on the forum:
"Bearcat...? Oh, he's very popular Smurfette! The sportos, the motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods, waistoids, dweebies, dickheads - they all adore him. They think he's a righteous dude!"

From Harlingen, Texas
August 30, 2008
For more insight into the low mentality of cops (so-called law enforcement officers) see:
Note that the law of the jungle is the only language the police/fbi/cia understand; for this reason the world's turmoil continues as the usa with its pretense of a land under 'the rule of law' violates Human Rights and the laws of other nations with complete abandon; the law of 'rule by assassins' permeates the usa in all jurisdictions and no peaceful remedy seems apparent to date. Intensified directed energy assaults continue as a result of Sosbee's recent reports; the symptoms are consistent with a possible 8 or 9 level (on a 1-10 scale of intensity), causing severe sleep deprivation, dizziness and headaches, etc.
The police assist the fbi at evry turn of the murderous agenda; this means in part that the police employ against the Target at every opportunity:
harassment, false arrest or fraudulent stings,slander, threats, etc. The police regularly steal, lie, falsify reports, create false evidence, murder selected Targets, and assist the DA or the USA in arresting innocent men in order to gain plea bargaining scenarios for entrapment of the accused Innocent .
Thus, the violent gangs that call themselves police (fbi/cia) are thugs of the lowest order and must be viewed and dealt with as such. Blind trust in the local police is the domain of the ruling , elite class, not of the poor, the disenfranchised nor the targeted. This report does not represent a call for violence, but the police are on very shaky grounds as they continue to flaunt with outrageous arrogance their unlawful and tyrannical power over the people. "To Serve And To protect", is a false slogan of the police across the nation and the men in blue need to stop the charade.
If they do not, then I will stop it for them.
"...the individual cannot delegate the task of defending his basic human rights-to dignity,liberty, and responsibility-to any group of protectors,..." be they clergy, doctors, legislators, fbi, police, judges. "For if the protectors are successful, they inevitably become oppressors...."

Instead the individual must as I have demonstrated muster all the resources in heart, mind and soul to resist and overcome as best he can the bestial tyrants of his time; in the struggle the fortunate fighter maintains his dignity and prepares the way for successors to advance (with even more fury, resolve and purpose) the search for enduring Humanity in this often barbaric world.

Thomas S. Szasz, M.D., The Age Of Madness , Jason Aronson, New York, 1974, p.361.

Finally, see the infirm preoccupation of cowardly "Trooper82" as he hides his own identity while celebrating mine:


geral sosbee
P.O. Box 3374
Harlingen, Texas 78551
(956) 371-5210
I can be found almost daily at the US Post Office in Harlingen, Texas 78551, at around noon.

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