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21 Jun 2002 @ 16:30, by Flemming Funch

Long and technical but very interesting article from The Economist about emerging wireless technologies. In brief, it covers these technologies:

1. Smart Antennas for improved cellphone base-station capacity
2. Mesh Networks to make each wireless receiver also be a relay. I.e. each device connects to the device next to it, and the network gets extended to wherever there are people with antennas.
3. Ad hoc networking, which allows a network to form even where there's no centralized infrastructure. Existing devices just start talking with each other, and routing traffic between each other.
4. Ultra wideband, which currently can transmit 100 mbs wirelessly, but is only allowed to do it for a distance of 10ft.

In brief, it is becoming possible to have a very high speed wireless Internet, which is not dependent on any Internet Providers, but which will form itself wherever there are people with access points.

MeshNetworks is one of the companies working on this stuff. They have a nice presentation showing it.

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23 Jun 2002 @ 00:46 by alchemist : Radiation
While I'm reluctant to pour cold water on initiatives, these technologies also need to be evaluated in terms of electromagnetic radiation emissions in the microwave/radio frequency bands. No safe limit for this radiation has so far been identified, but people in urban areas are getting increasingly bathed in it.

I understand that a number of health problems have been associated with living in the vicinity of mobile phone towers. We are being irradiated, but none of us have given permission for this to take place.  

23 Jun 2002 @ 01:52 by scottj : I read somewhere that wireless
communication using microwaves is disturbing among other things bird migration. Before we rush headlong into yet another round of ritual worship to the Gods of Technology we should look serioiusly at the consequences for other living beings. Perhaps the correct response is the same as that towards the greedy child: "No you are not getting another $1000 electronic toy until you have tidied away those you don't use now and learnt to share your stuff with the other kids in the family."


23 Jun 2002 @ 11:28 by vaxen : Indeed so...
alchemist. And the 'RMCT' implications of same are under 'hot' discussion right now. Do'nt forget what 'ELF' did to our embassy in Moscovia. In this 'grey' area is where 'Paranormal Psychoneural Immunology' comes to fore and into 'play.'

Such 'Elf' and 'Ulf' waves do affect the 'telomeres.' By selective stimulation of 'telomerase enzymes' and R (remote) stimulation or induction of the 'theta' state, in populae, 'RMCT' on vast numbers of unsuspecting people can be engaged in, thus en-abling the 'controllers,' of such technology, to induce 'theta' and re-write the 'DNA' of 'psi-able operators' without their even knowing that it is happening!

Any 'cursory' examination of 'microwave' usage will break open a litteral 'Pandoras' box' of mischief. I am so glad that you are aware of this aspect of the 'boon' technology, scottj, and alchemist. Now couple what you know with 'RMCT' and you'll understand what is coming down the pike. Not that you do'nt already.

Have you ever heard of 'Green-Net' flemming? The original idea was to have an 'in-destructible' method of 'communication,' in place, in the event of an all out Nuclear War. Those of us who were left would be able to 'communicate,' PC to PC, utilising antennas. We would have our own sources for electricity, of course...then it would just be a matter of 'tuning in to the 'air' waves. i.e., 'radio waves.' We've contemplated Shortwave usage, too, in this fashion.

Awhile back, at 'PANDORA,' we were developing a linux system for just this kind of 'wireless' 'communication' set-up. I'm not at all happy that it is being re-routed via 'microwave technology.' The microwave towers are 'hideous' when you understand that not everything that 'they' are doing is above board.

But thankyou very much, flemming, for this article. I am still adament in knowing that this, wireless comuunication, is the necessary direction for 'our future net' but am, as yet, unsatisfied as to what is the best technology for it. After all, this means, also, examining the nature of 'communication.' And in an 'Har Meggido' (Armaggedon) scenario 'communication takes on a totally different color.

I opt for 'content' most of the time. And I just cannot say that 'a picture is worth a thousand words.' However, I do wish to be able, someday, to dial you up via our 'internet backbone' sans having to go through an ISP. These are exciting times, eh bro?

23 Jun 2002 @ 14:11 by scottj : The value of any communications
technology depends on having something of value to communicate...........  

23 Jun 2002 @ 14:50 by ming : Green-Net
Yeah, of course the best thing is if we can figure out to make technology that's in harmony with life, rather than just being the fastest way of doing something.

Piper, do you have any URL or something for Green-Net. That's something I'm very interested in.  

26 Jun 2002 @ 02:20 by jazzolog : Most Software Sucks
You may find this article amusing and assuring at the same time. Written by Charles C. Mann of TECHNOLOGY REVIEW, it underscores the need for both standards and comprehensibility in writing programs. Does that mean advocacy necessarily of politicians, lawyers, and judges? Maybe it means techies should take a course or 2 in logic and grammar.  

29 Apr 2016 @ 04:58 by Kalea @ : PoMLheCGYMlhWiOZLu
It was a treat to meet you too Piero. We also stopped in Manzanita but only for a few hours to warm our soggy beings and cold bones in the library. Struggled with some flats today, but with weather this beautiful one can’t complain. Today’s song was “Every little things gonna be al#.ghti&r8221; We’ll throw yours into the mix tomorrow. Happy tail winds!  

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