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picture 17 Dec 2002 @ 17:24, by Flemming Funch

IM - Instant Messaging - is my most important business communication tool. I mention that because quite a few people seem to think it is about wasting time chatting with people all day about nothing. I have little interest in that. That is also why I don't list my IM account numbers in the sidebar here, because I don't want to invite just anybody to drop by and ask me how the weather is. IM is a high priority channel for me, for short business-like messages, but it is also something I can answer in my own time. I get too much e-mail to easily notice everything. I don't like phonecalls much, as I can pretty much do nothing else while talking. I'm multi-tasking, I usually do several things at the same time. I mainly use ICQ because it has the professional features I need, like archiving and being able to write to people who're off-line, and because everybody I do business with are on ICQ. I'd like to get into Jabber, as it is open source, and I can interface with it from my programs, but I haven't had time yet.

For those who don't know what IM is - it is a little program running on your computer which allows you to send a message to somebody you know, and the message can pop up right away for them at the other end. But they don't have to answer right away. So, you can have a conversation without having to be fully present. For you Europeans - it is SMS on your computer, and for that matter, there are various ways of sending messages between cellphones and IM programs.

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18 Dec 2002 @ 17:33 by maxtobin : UMS
Hey Ming,
On this topic check out they have a "Unified messaging service" that allows you to use all the various media and set your own priorities. There is a voice to text and vice-versa, so you can decide according to your current activities how you wish to be in touch. Its kind of neat and they would love to sell more of the systems into the US market. I have an agreement to introduce them to opportunities (all part of a master plan to keep the tax man happy about frequent trips to the USA!!) Also a wireless router written in QNX (as is CISCO's wire based one I believe), ready for market for dispach and tracking type applications. Do let me know if you think there is opportunity to link up on this.  

18 Dec 2002 @ 17:52 by ming : Unified Messaging
Ah, Max, yes, certainly. As a matter of fact, I had on my to-do list to locate such a system for one of the companies I work for, for following key people around whether they're at their desk, on cellphone, on a mobile, or whatever. Like me, I manage a lot of webservers, and I need to be accessible somehow 24 hours per day, but it is a big pain to figure out how to do that seemlessly. So, I'll start by looking at the site. ...[later] hm, looking at the brochures... maybe that's a more highend system than what I'm looking for there.  

27 Nov 2008 @ 03:55 by George @ : ford crown vic problem
its the relay switch not working right  

27 Nov 2008 @ 04:06 by George Nester @ : Ford crown
the fuel pump switch is not working right, the shut down system in the trunk is fine and the switch is down but when you the car will not start at all unless you hot wire the fuel relay switch, it starts up fine after that but if you take the wire off it kills it, my dad as no idea what it could be. we seem to check everything. see I am 15 and my dad got me this 2000 crown victora with a police interceptor do you have any suggestions on what my dad and I could do cause we cant drive it out the road cause hotwirng the fuel pump is dangours well I will check in with you later.  

2 Dec 2008 @ 16:11 by Brandon Guerin @ : My car
I have a used car. I got it like 4 0r 5 months ago. I got some speakers too(one 12 and a amp) One day I was washin my car and my radio came on but my battery didnt so my speakers can come on cause my speaker wass connected to the battery. I thought it was the alternator or something. I got it out the shop it start drivin good, speakers want come one though and when i was driving it jerker, then dash board start blinkin and everything....and it turned off. When i first got the car the check engine light was on, auto-zone said i need a Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), DO YOU THINK THATS THE PROBLEM,  

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