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21 Dec 2002 @ 15:32, by sharie

I recently visited a nursing home. This was just your average *social security* funded nursing home in our neighborhood. It had quite an elaborate security system - more secure than any home in town I would say. It was very clean, cleaner than any home in the neighborhood I'd say. The floors and walls were spotless. The only distinctive odor was that of pharmaceuticals which permeated the air.

All the residents seemed rather demented. That may have been from the psycho-tropic pharmaceuticals paid for by the public, or the residents may have all had Alzheimer's, brain cancer, mad cow, and dementia.

Everyone seemed rather well-cared for.

I was surprised by how clean and orderly it was. I didn't expect that at all.

I'd been a Psychologist for the state of Illinois, surveying the *public housing* for poor children - the war zone for the innocent. No security system, the floors and walls were filthy, and the stench was unbearable.

Why do they keep the dying alive, on public-funded chemicals, while the innocent children are relegated to inhuman living conditions? Why do they scrub the walls and floors, change the sheets, and cook food for those unable to get themselves out of bed, but let relegate children to squalor? What is this madness?

Because pharmaceutical companies can make millions by selling their drugs to the elderly? It is lobbyists that have done this to our children?

When children are treated like trash, they often grow up believing life is worthless. They have no respect for anyone else's life, and the consequences can be seen in the late-night Emergency Rooms of every major city. They have difficulty functioning or contributing to the community.

To treat children like worthless trash is to sabotage your own future.

What do you believe?

How should public funds be allocated?

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