New Civilization News: Quality of Life & Survival    
 Quality of Life & Survival
1 Feb 2003 @ 11:32, by sharie

The insights I have into what the quality of life was like 100 years ago, 200 years ago, 300 years ago or 1000 years ago is from literature written at the time, or from movies created from the literature of the time. From all accounts, life for the poor was horrid (except perhaps in cultures of the Indians, polynesians, hawaiians and so on). We have more middle class now, but also more poor (as population growths have expanded both groups). More people means fewer natural resources and ultimately this will cause a breakdown in the consumer culture, and require the creation of a new culture for those who would wish to survive. Disease, starvation, war... this will eliminate the population. Those with foresight can see the need for the creation of a new civilization, new social values, new beliefs, new social goals... if we are to survive.

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