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 Be The Dream... Harmony Among People and Planet
4 Oct 2001 @ 16:36, by Zen Benefiel

Obviously, there is a need for an integrated approach toward the 21st century and beyond. As vast as these needs may seem, they revolve around basic human and environmental considerations. For nearly two decades now, there has been talk of the global community yet, to date there has been no scale example, no working model of sustainable technologies that respect people and planet. Recognizing there are some efforts being made on the physical plane, we’ve globalized into cyberspace through the World Wide Web yet the physical example of infrastructure, physical plant facilities and working integrated programs has not been accomplished. It is time for us to create physical examples of what we hold so dear in our hearts: Unity – harmony of people and planet, demonstrated by the development of communities that put all our modern discoveries to work.

The Vision

Imagine a fully integrated approach to inspiring and challenging our youth of today... aware of our problems and quickly focusing on creative solutions. The human race has entered a new era, a revolution in educational methodologies. The old formulas don't work anymore; students are dull and listless in the classrooms. Youth internalize their anger and act out in unprecedented violence toward self and others. We are unveiling the embryo of an integrated master plan that could solve our educational and behavioral difficulties... unifying youth, adults and building planetary respect as our global family expands.

Our youth of today look at the educational system that they are forced into and ask, "Why?" They look at the values of their parents and say, "That's not for me!" They laugh at the political machinery and see how the planet is being destroyed and say, "Nothing is working." They live with hopelessness in a love-starved world and feel, "What's the use?" So begins the life of abuse in all its ugly forms. They take it out on themselves without knowing what they are doing or why; causing social issues of near epidemic proportions in our burgeoning cities and an overload for our courts, educational and social service systems. Do we see a problem?

In our world today, children suffer. Worldwide the suffering continues and the complexity of the issues rise exponentially as the global village expands. Educational systems, family environments and welfare agencies, no longer nurture the creative spark in our children; the love and care every child deserves and needs. Children who overcame the myriad of abusive scenarios are teaching others, both young and old, of the necessity to love and be loved. The survivors are doing a fantastic job in nurturing those they can, sharing volumes of experience, harvesting their past and showing the rest of us the path to a new ordered world which shares accountability and responsibility.

According to progressive child behaviorists, the nature of children is cooperatively self-governing and when allowed to nurture their own creative natures, evolve with pride, self-confidence, honor and respect for each other and the world around them. Can you imagine, just for a moment, a place for children to build a future for themselves in an empowering environment? The desire to explore their connections to life, love and the world around them offers us a unique opportunity to take our planet and its peoples into a healthy millennium. Its time we became the global family we know is necessary to continue life on planet Earth.

We need a demonstrable model of harmony in purpose and meaning; a place where the learning and living environment are one; a self-sufficient state-of -the-art village that utilizes modern technology, yet honors the indigenous cultural traditions, providing a symbiotic and synergistic presence; a community designed to care for its children. Motivation for education would come naturally, facilitated through programs designed to bring out the natural abilities of our youth. Children are still vulnerable and open to explore life with intensity many adults desire. Why not empower our children to show us the future?

The Vision Realized

Executive Summary

Obviously, there is a need for an integrated approach toward the 21st century and beyond. As vast as these needs may seem, they revolve around basic human and environmental considerations. For nearly two decades now, there has been talk of the global community yet, to date there has been no scale example, no working model of sustainable technologies that respect people and planet. Recognizing there are some efforts being made on the physical plane, we’ve globalized into cyberspace through the World Wide Web yet the physical example of infrastructure, physical plant facilities and working integrated programs has not been accomplished. It is time for us to create physical examples of what we hold so dear in our hearts: Unity – harmony of people and planet, demonstrated by the development of communities that put all our modern discoveries to work. These communities incorporate a full spectral approach toward integrating psycho-spiritual and scientific technologies. The pressing need to rally concerned persons is being felt throughout humankind, especially in the past few years. The numbers of people who share this feeling is growing exponentially as the cultural creatives forge into the future with open minds and hearts, desiring to do what is best for all.

The model to be discussed here, known as Genesis, is a self-sustaining community integrating ecological, organizational and technological concepts and designs that promote a naturally evolving interdependent environment. This is a place where harmony of purpose is the foundation and connecting fiber, a symbiotic expression of co-creators and their creation. The physical structure of seven concentric circles incorporates intervals based on the golden mean, a mathematical constant found throughout quantum sciences. The proposed location for the first facility is in the desert of the southwest US, in or near Phoenix, Arizona. The structures are partially subterranean and covered with earth so the exterior remains close to the natural environments, ideal for the desert. Even though it may be a stretch to perceive at present, the incorporation of extraterrestrial intelligence and technology will also be an important factor. It is obvious this technology is available, just not being used effectively for serving humanity’s current needs. We have a right to its use in service to all.

The purpose of the development of Genesis is to bring together pioneering personnel from proactive, progressive areas to co-create a fully functional model community, designed, planned and prepared to face the challenges of the 21st century with cooperation, skill and precision. These areas include: administration, agua/agriculture, alternative energy, architecture, broadcasting, communications, computer science, creative arts, cultural studies, ecosystems, engineering, information resources, holistic medicine, management, multi-media, parapsychology, civil planning, scientific technology, staffing, telecommunications and waste reduction. Designed to produce an excess of its requirements, it feeds back into the surrounding community, nurturing positive change for all. This will be necessary for us to prove we can collaborate for changing the course of the current atrocities facing our families and our planet. Not until we can demonstrate our collective efforts through being congruent with the true needs we face can we expect any outside help. It is evident to the entire world that we have visitors just waiting to assist. We have to make the first steps to become a unified world community, sharing resources responsibly, respecting all our relations, becoming a global family. Anything short of this will not achieve the end of the destruction of our planet or her people through the purposeful consumption of her resources and the destruction of her natural order.

Genesis Facility Description

The facility is based on an ever-evolving set of blueprints that integrate the latest concepts and designs for the most human supportive, technologically advanced and ecologically sound environment. This model, a self-supporting living and working environment, would be duplicable anywhere in the world by adapting to local terrain and climatic conditions. Architects and design technicians welcome a creative challenge in the development of plans for these community facilities. Genesis will also be able to give back to the community where it is located through the production of energy, reduction and processing of waste materials, and production and distribution of new products and technologies that emerge from the cooperative efforts of the participants and staff.

Human Resources Center
This area provides initial living quarters for support staff, site, program and administration management. Designs, similar to that of Palo Soleri, will be used to integrate architecture and ecology to provide an oxygen-rich environment, promoting maximum health. The MIS provides technical support for all departments and maintains consistent information flow as required by site-based or satellite programs. Environmental systems, physical plant infrastructure and communication equipment would be aesthetically located utilizing advanced technology for such systems.

Masters in communication methodologies and effective communicators can move people to action in creating the type of world the people truly want to experience. Results would provide effective leadership programs to enhance the global socio-political environment, establishing a new standard of excellence. This focus of unity invokes a respect for people and planet in a way that removes the barriers of fear and ignorance. Integrity of word and deed becomes a primary factor in developing the readiness to evolve into a new consciousness even in the most conservative environments. Communication is the way to resolving any problem we experience in life.

Staff/Participant Area
Probably part of the outermost structure, this contains staff and participant housing, cafeteria/restaurant, community garden, recreational areas, conference rooms, small lecture/concert hall, staff training areas and student housing. Discoveries in ergonomic environmental development will be incorporated in these areas. Healthy living and working spaces will provide an atmosphere conducive to excellence in every effort of unification toward goals and objectives.

Educational Center
This area is used to implement the developing pedagogy, the art and science of teaching, to determine true educational validity in today's environment. New educational programs, based on internal/external learning processes, will enable youth to maintain a balance of psycho-spiritual, scientific, and environmental harmony. This key area where multidimensional awareness and consciousness must be applied, integrates the inner and outer experiences of the participants, enabling valid shareable thoughts and experiences.

Alternative Energy R&D
Here the creation and exploration of alternative fuels and energy sources, which are environmentally supportive, takes place. Prototype processes and products are developed and made viable for the global marketplace. This area provides socio-economic links to the corporate world as we know it through the product or process licensing, manufacturing and distribution. Using existing systems is one of the precepts for initiating change within the existing planetary thoughtforms regarding commerce without creating economic fear emanations from the system itself, satisfying the needs for P&L statements, demonstrating a win/win relationship.

Holistic Medicine
Staff conducts research and development of complimentary health care methodologies, incorporating current psycho-spiritual, allopathic and naturopathic modalities into health and wellness programs. Results would provide information for more effective health care and integrate wellness management at a personal and planetary level. Here, the many practitioners and researchers who have perfected methodologies far beyond the current state of affairs in health care are able to work together bringing these new technologies to public awareness and offer training for those in the existing health care environment. Demonstrable results in the application of discoveries, devices, and techniques will be the irrefutable proof necessary to satisfy even the most critical minds.

Multicultural Studies
Cultural value systems, religious systems, social interaction modalities, legend and myth survival are the focus. It has often been said that by understanding our past we may create a better future and not repeat our mistakes. We have been building our civilization on a limited understanding of our past. Scholars in recent years have uncovered and revealed much information that had been suppressed. Intelligent human beings, with this new information, can discover a synergy that allows greater harmony in heretofore-conflicting areas. A better understanding and deepening of international relations is the result, thus enabling cooperative actions in global caretaking, sharing of technology and greater openness toward universe affairs.

Natural foods providing the highest nutritional values are researched and developed for their most cost effective environments. Quality is not sacrificed by quantity, which enables food sources for large population bases to be produced and grown locally. The technology developed here will help to serve the areas of the world where shortages have existed in the past. We all recognize that there is a bio-spiritual evolutionary leap in process around the globe. Our bodies will need the support of nutritionally integrated foods. Breakthroughs in understanding how our bodies work will give rise to the need for more viable and nutritionally sound foods to support them. Feeding the world’s population base will bring us to a higher level in Maslow’s hierarchy, enabling a Type One civilization.

Science and Technology
Research, development and proper use of new technologies and materials for future and immediate planetary needs facilitate Genesis’ vision of fulfillment for local and global technological requirements. This is a prerequisite in planetary ecosystem regeneration. Recent discoveries in physics of quantum mechanics point to yet a more complex web of connective tissue within our universe. Understanding the subtle movements and structure in Nature will lead us better live in harmony with our world.

Multi-Media Center
Processes developed for various presentation formats to enhance communication and learning provides 21st century media for a 21st century audience. Facilitating information dissemination, environmental ambiance, and total immersion experiences for an intellectually developing global village. Many of the facility’s programs will need special productions for a variety of purposes. Edutainment, educational and training presentations, using skillfully developed and produced pieces, will be used throughout Genesis’ activities and abroad in a multitude of applications.

Creative/Fine Arts Center
Instruction in and creation of various artforms, will lead to significant changes in critical mass consciousness. Stimulating expression and the creation of positive examples of harmony shifts mass consciousness through artistic representations of life. These discoveries will be used in ergonomic planning from individual living space to public parks and corporate buildings. Much has been learned from the connections between art, science and life. This area will further that understanding, bringing a new dimension to the study and use of art.

Theater/Concert Hall
Presentation of cultural programs, concerts, plays, and interactive experiences offer our youth socially acceptable avenues of creative expression. Public relations with the surrounding community are enhanced by the cultural exchange. This area will undoubtedly have the most profound direct affects on the participants, both audience and the creative unit involved in the productions. Natural production processes will be refined and scaled versions of major shows can be fine tuned for desired results.

Radio/TV Studio and Broadcast Center
This is the communication link to instructional, educational, entertainment and edutainment networks. Production of programming that supports movement of consciousness in the global change toward an integrated planetary society is the focus. Complete production facilities enable on-site, real-time delivery to distance learning environments, including classrooms, web-based or home instruction. Constructive uses for broadcast mediums are of prime concern, exemplifying the ‘positive programming’ desired by even the most liberal in our society now.

Through the synchronistic integration of state-of-the-art technologies woven skillfully together by leading edge pioneers in all essential fields, an ever-evolving mosaic will model a harmonious convergence on behalf of our future - our Earth and her children. The well-planned systems would provide an arena where youth from all backgrounds could be nurtured to achieve excellence in ways we only dreamed possible. These activities will provide the foundation for developing technologies and their timely application to insure conscientious use of planetary resources toward a better world. It is no longer a question of what type of world do we want to leave our children. It is a question of how we can work with them to co-create the future. The infrastructure of talent and skill participants bring to Genesis will truly be an example worthy of sharing with the world as this project develops. In fact, it is expressly designed for the purpose of sharing all proven discoveries with the world as quickly as possible. Everyone will win, as it attracts those who truly care about the future of our world and its people. The entire planet will benefit from the efforts of this wonderful team of dedicated people. Making it happen might just be up to you.

Zen Benefiel, MBA, C.Ht., Edutainer
... a concerned parent and interplanetary citizen

Be The Dream
Consulting Services

Author’s note: This was originally written as a final project for my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in 1987. Due to the lack of statistical documentation from a historical perspective, I received a D on the assignment… D for Determined. A patient man gains all.

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