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 Food for the Gods and Goddesses
25 Jul 2002 @ 07:37, by tdeane

For some time now I have been contemplating sharing the natural remedies which have been passed on to me by my teachers, and Shakti's log gave this the impetus it needed. Thanks Shakti (wink and a hug)! As I have explained many times before, I am not an expert in anything, but in my travels I have managed to collect a plethora of priceless information on living well.

One of these days, when we figure out how to properly use our scanner to affix pictures to our logs, I'll post some of the photos we took during our herbal medicine classes we offered for free at our natural foods store. There was a particular power felt in and by the group, as we all sat on our wooden crates listening to our beloved backwoods herbalist, Dora. She exuded a freedom uncharacteristic of most, a freedom born out of taking control of her life by taking back control of her health. This is the first step we need to take to regain ourselves and our world.

I cannot afford the software that would provide an exact nutritional analysis of the following formulae, but I offer them to you with love, as they were given to us by Dora. We have used them well; they have kept us well; and those to whom we have provided the formulae also attest to an increase in well-being and health. This is a journey which must be taken lovingly with Nature, trusting in that which our Mother has provided for us. We can heal ourselves, we can heal each other, and She is the perfect guide and provider.

Each of the following should be used daily. If anyone has a particular allergy to any of the ingredients, either write me for a substitution, or simply eliminate the ingredient. A word of caution here: If anyone is taking prescription medication, please check with your doctor to insure there will be no adverse reaction to these natural ingredients.

The following recipes are a gift to you, so that we may have the luxury of sharing our wonderful friendships for many, many years to come.:-) Please buy organic or wildcrafted where possible. Although Frontier Herbs is perhaps the most popular source for these (and the cheapest), their growth has turned me off somewhat; I have a natural aversion to all large organizations. I buy my supplies from They are a bit pricey, but they are growers and highly selective of that which they do not grow themselves.

One of the major causes of cancer is stress. The following tea eliminates the toxic chemicals which build up in the system, most particularly in the liver, as a result of stress and ingestion of chemicals through breathing and packaged food consumption.

Detoxification Tea (enough to keep you and yours healthy for months)

1 Part or Cup Dandelion Root
1 Part or Cup Burdock Root
1 Part or Cup Cinnamon Bark
1 Part or Cup Cardamom Seed
1 Part or Cup Licorice Root*
1 Part or Cup Juniper Berries
1 Part or Cup Ginger Root
1 Part or Cup Cloves
1 Part or Cup Black Peppercorns
1 Part or Cup Uva Ursi Leaves
1 Part or Cup Cornsilk
1 Part or Cup Milk Thistle Seed**

Use 3 TBSP/QUART of DISTILLED water. Place ingredients in boiling water, simmer covered for 20 minutes, and allow to sit overnight. Wonderful flavor, this!:-)

*Do not use Licorice Root if you have high blood pressure. Simply eliminate from the recipe.

**I have a coffee grinder in which I grind the ingredients for uniformity. Milk thistle seeds need to be chewed or ground to release healing compoments, otherwise they pass through system unabsorbed.

The following nutritional supplement ingredients should be mixed in a blender for uniformity. Store in refrigerator to maintain freshness. Use one or two heaping tablespoons per glass of orange juice. It is best shaken in a jar or mixed in a blender for daily use. One of our customers fondly refers to it as "pond scum," but don't let the appearance turn you off. It really doesn't alter the taste of the orange juice that significantly, and it's quite easy to get used to the look of it once the results are felt.:o)


1 lb. Nutritional Yeast
1/2 cup alfalfa grass powder
1/2 cup beet root powder
3/4 cup wheatgrass powder
3/4 cup barleygrass powder
3/4 cup spinach powder
1/4 cup blue-green algae (or spirulina)
1/2 cup dulse granules
1/2 cup kelp granules

Optional: 1/2 cup ea. Sea Veggies - Wakame, Sea Willow, Kombu. I also add Bee Pollen (1 cup) and Lecithin Granules (1 cup). Bee Pollen consists of 23% Linolenic acid, sterols, 21 amino acids, all known vitamins, enzymes, and coenzymes, minerals, and trace elements. It provides stamina and also suppresses the development of atherosclerotic plaque formations. Lecithin is a fat emulsifier, and can significantly aid in lowering cholesterol levels, as does Bee Pollen. We also add carrot powder (1/2 cup), parsley powder (1/2 cup), and tomato powder (1/2 cup) for additional nutrition.

Since these are all nutritional ingredients, one can add any variety of powdered vegetables and herbs, depending upon individual systemic needs.

Try these both and you will feel like a million bucks if your system is anything like all of our other friends who we have provided this for. These are the two items we still continue to have orders for, even though we are no longer active in the business.

This will be an ongoing log devoted to our empowerment as individuals through taking control of our health. I invite other alternative health practitioners in NCN to do the same, that we might all survive to enjoy the fruits of our dreams and efforts together.

One final note to our goddesses: Burn the bra, Sweeties! I had read quite some time ago of a study done in Tahiti involving women observing native dress and food traditions, in which they found no incidence of breast cancer (breast cancer was found among non-traditional native women). More and more recently, I have been reading about the link between bras and breast cancer, with the purported cause being the restriction of the natural flow and drainage of breast fluids. Also, get some brown kelp (not green) into your diet. Add more to the SUPERFOOD (at least double) if you have a family susceptibility. Additionally, start loving tofu! If you need recipes, and delicious ones at that, just let me know. These are the ingredients in Japanese women's diets that researchers attribute to the low incidence of breast cancer among these women.

As always, I surround us all with spiritual hugs and much love ~ Tricia

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