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picture14 Aug 2007 @ 17:32, by Craig Lang

We just got back yesterday from the 2007 convention of the National Guild of Hypnotists, in Marlborough (Boston) Mass. A truly fascinating time - and for me, a totally unique experience.

This time, I spent most of my time in the vendor room, selling The Cosmic Bridge rather than in seminars and workshops. However, I did sell lots of copies of Bridge and got to know a lot of folks in the guild that I probably would not have met otherwise.

I hitch-hiked on my instructor, Devin Hastings's table, using a sliver of his table space for a while. This was an interesting scenario in itself, as his table was so full of items that there turned out not to be enough room for mine (and he was the one who owned the table).

What happend was this: I ended up moving my books to a chair along side. This served both to distinguish me - making my books stand out (and down) from the table, and to provide lots of humor material. It brought alot of attention to the display, as I could say something like, "...and when you get to the edge of the world, there I am..." The result was that I got alot more publicity than I otherwise would have had I remained as a tiny sliver of Devin's table. And in return, I ended up selling quite a few CDs and books for Devin.

On Sunday, Kevin Hogan closed down his table a little early. Kevin's table was next to ours, so I quickly snarfed some vacant table space to spread out my wares. This was perfectly synchronistic, as immediately after my talk, I had quite a few people interested in "Bridge." Ultimately, I ended up selling a fair number of books, and getting to know a lot of hypnotherapists and experiencers - all members of the guild.

I presented my talk on working with the UFO experiencer on Sunday, early afternoon. It was a 50 minute talk for hypnotherapists on how to work with abduction cases - the practical nuts and bolts of regression work and healing of contact trauma. It was well received, I thought. Not sure what my marks will be, but I thought the talk went well. Prayers are always welcome... :-)

This weekend, it seems that God answered my prayers, the Universe answered my intentions, or whatever. I put alot of energy out there over the last several months asking to connect with experiencers, sell my books (mostly to get the word out since I hardly make much/any money off of them), and to teach hypnotists on how to work with abductees.

All of this is a step toward a dream, founding an experiencer healing center and sanctuary. Today, I feel as though I am a step closer to that dream. Each day that dream morphs a little bit. But in the last months, it has been pretty consistent. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and this weekend, I felt as though I had made a tiny baby toddle toward building the dream.

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17 Sep 2007 @ 08:49 by vaxen : Pretty cool...
Don't know how I keep missing your blog, craig, except with the overall plethora of mind stuff at NCN I miss a lot of good stuff. Well, no matter, I'm here now.

I've had contact all my life and there are others who have too. The question I have, for me, whether or not it was all just 'military' via the papa momma thing or...

Thanks for your site. If I used fractional reserve debt instruments, FRNs (Federal Reserve Notes), I'd sure order your book. Are you familiar with Valeree Wolfs' work at all? She has been silenced but...I was wondering if you know of her.  

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