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21 Jul 2007 @ 02:54, by Marissa A Spencer

We are bombarded all the time with scents...there seems to be a mind behind the madness!

found this very interesting.

The Smell of Love, by F.Bryant Furlow


Some of the things discovered were:

* A faint trace of lemon significantly increases people's perception of their own health.
* Lavender incense contributes to a pleasant mood—but it lowers volunteers' mathematical abilities.
* A whiff of lavender and eucalyptus increases people's respiratory rate and alertness.
* The scent of phenethyl alcohol (a constituent of rose oil) reduces blood pressure.

This very interesting article goes on and on about pheromones and the like. Compatibility and all sorts of things related to that. I have very sensitive skin, being a reddish blonde rather makes that a given. So under doctors orders I use these body butters. Usually that have shea butter etc in them. The come in all sorts of flavors. I call them flavors instead of scents for a reason. Almond Honey, *smells like honey on nut bread, Brazil nut*smells like cookies , Lemon Chiffon *smells like the pie, Mango *ya.. smells like fruit and finally I have a Gardenia one.

Do you see the gist of what I am trying to say here? Why oh why are the skin care and perfume people out to make us women smell like food?!?! Vanilla being a biggie. Oh and brown sugar and spice. Cookies and cream. Good grief I smell like food, no wonder it's hard to diet!


I do ask the question.. and I am not the only one..Should cosmetics smell like food?

Oh.. I have a cologne spritzer that is Strawberry Daiquiri...I am serious!


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