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picture 21 Jan 2004 @ 20:29, by Alana Tobin

This is to my universal family. I love you all!!

Heart Story

“Ah the manner in which I create,
Is it through conscious choice?
Or is it just my fate?

Bust a move within the musical groove, (melody sang, as she encouraged them to sing along)

I do not choose this gate called fate
And of late, I’ve come to relate
To a higher tone, where freedom rings
And therefore I sing…

In another reality…

I believe that as we grieve
The new energies have a space to weave…

Let’s sing in a new Uni-verse!

Then we can reverse this curse, and nurse…
our selves back to the future that is at hand
Do you understand?

The magic of time and space, and the grace?

(The drones bellowed - "AHH! (Sighing of the invisible ones)

“We were just waiting for you to choose
Yet so many of you still snooze
Until enough of you awaken to the riddle
We thought we’d just fiddle… with you
Creating just enough strife
We’d applied bondage to all manner of life”

Well, Melody
Sang ever so wise, as she unveiled the lies
in All their disguise

And through her simple song
She revealed a tale, that had followed her all along

“I now open every door with this musical key (Melody sang with power now!)
And reclaim my inherent right to be free
No longer do I accept what you’ve spoken, to be
Nor what you write, nor manifest, as it stands before me!”

“You are not real, nor is the power you uphold
You’re but the potential, sealed in the fold
Your story is one so very old…
It’s power is fading fast, I’m told”

Then all aghast, her family cheered her along
Singing with her this freeing song
For they too, knew they belonged
In this creation story…

Now singing in their own verse,
To which each had long rehearsed

They all began to sing in the bigger song,

The one that (writed) righted every wrong,

NOW, singing came alive
Cause the rhythm was right on time…
and Melody knew this… (wise girl)
as she carried on with the rhyme…

- Copyright - 22, January 2004 (Auckland New Zealand Time)

Alana Tobin

Permission must be obtained from Alana Tobin to post this piece.

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29 Jan 2004 @ 20:13 by lichtnetz : beautifull!
i´d love to hear the magical daniela  

14 Feb 2004 @ 14:38 by sharie : fun to read and uplifting - thanks
I agree, I'd love to have a click to hear your melodies.  

14 Feb 2004 @ 20:38 by magical_melody : Yes, me too! Wish I had the capabilities
to do that. I need some recording equipment and the facilities online to enable this in the future. Hopefully that will be coming within the next year. Thanks to both of you!  

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