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picture 16 Sep 2004 @ 05:15, by Alana Tobin

Big Light coming in today, as I have myself experienced such love opening. I am aware of the nurturing energy that is ever present. I have worked with wonderful people today and the love that came to support them in embracing more of their own Essence was beautiful and magical. So loved, supported, nurtured and happy, we are when we open to the love. I had the thought to share this experience of immense love opening. Then the urge passed and I moved onto other lovely happenings. Well then I opened this email and behold the message of Light was right there wishing to be shared. Yes indeed! The work and play that is ready to be more expressed through each of us is being opened and supported more strongly now. May we rise from the ashes of our human limitations and pain, and be as the Phoenix rising!

I invite you to celebrate your life and the love that is, as we open to be conduits for the heart energy that is pouring through! I invite you, your friends and family to open to this transformative Light into and through our beings, as we choose to be channels for the planet, and celebrate this love as it pours more fully into and through our lives.

Behold the new heaven on earth that is now birthing!!

Below is a message from a very beautiful Channel who is well known for her glorious work. Love to all, Magical Melody


Your Light Is Needed Now! Are You Willing?
by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

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This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as the proper credit line is included.

This is a vitally important time on this blessed planet, and we are all being called to our next level of achievement. The Divine Plan is unfolding God Victoriously in spite of the adversity manifesting on the screen of Life. Now the Lightworkers must accomplish the next step in our mission. Please open your heart and mind, and contemplate the following information through the eyes of Illumined Truth.

Beginning Saturday, September 18th and building in momentum through Thursday, September 23rd, we are being given an unprecedented opportunity to be instruments of God in the unfolding Divine Plan. This sacred period enveloping the Autumn Equinox of 2004 will be a defining moment in Humanity's Awakening.

Invoke your God Self, and allow the following information to help you open your heart and mind to the moment at hand.

Within and above the forcefield of the Grand Teton Mountains in Wyoming, in the United States of America, pulsates the celestial Temple of Precipitation and Reverence for All Life. This is the majestic portal through which Light Essence is drawn directly from the Universe and converted into form. It is the most ancient focus of the Ascended Masters on the planet. Through this portal, the Beings of Light who selflessly serve the Earth precipitate the Will of God into the world of form.

Within the ethers above the Grand Tetons pulsates the luminous Presence of the Silent Watcher for the entire Planet Earth, Beloved Immaculata. This Divine Being holds the Earth and all Life evolving here in the embrace of Her tremendous reservoir and momentum of God-qualified energy. This energy is destined to manifest as patterns of Heaven on Earth through Humanity’s deliberate process of Divine Precipitation.

The Flame of Precipitation and Reverence for All Life is a deep Chinese Green with a Sunshine Yellow aura. When people choose to invoke the Flame of Precipitation and Reverence for All Life, and then consciously take the responsibility of setting into action positive causes through their thoughts, words, actions and feelings, the desired effects will manifest in the world of form. Within the frequencies of Reverence for All Life, manifestation will ALWAYS occur with the highest good for all concerned. That is the purpose of this powerful Sacred Fire from the very Heart of our Father-Mother God.

The Grand Teton Mountain Range is positioned in sacred geometric patterns along the Earth's Crystal Grid System. It is on the opposite side of the grid from the Middle East and the Caspian Sea. The Light pouring through the Grand Teton portal at this time is specifically designed to hold the sacred space and balance for the final stages of the pageant being acted out in the Middle East. This is the area known as the cradle of civilization and the birthplace of most of the world religions.

Since Humanity’s fall from Grace aeons ago, the portal of the Grand Tetons has been a living, breathing, spiritual center that serves as a fountain of Light to raise the mass consciousness of Humanity. Through this portal, the Legions of Light serving the Earth have preserved the Immaculate Concept of Humanity’s Divine Potential and the Divine Potential for Heaven on Earth. For thousands of years, these selfless Beings have patiently waited for Humanity to awaken effectively enough to precipitate these patterns of perfection into physical manifestation. THAT TIME HAS FINALLY ARRIVED!

Because of the horrific negativity being perpetuated in the Middle East by the last vestiges of Humanity’s fallen human egos, a tremendous amount of stress has been placed on the Crystal Grid System in that region. With the cooperation of the Elemental Kingdom, Lightworkers are balancing the mounting pressure with healing ceremonies of Light and sound directed into the body of Mother Earth.

Whenever the pressure of Humanity's surfacing negativity becomes too intense on Mother Earth's meridians, the Elemental Kingdom releases the pressure through various purging activities. These events often manifest as inclement weather conditions. This is a vital and necessary part of Mother Earth's healing process. In harmony with the Divine Plan, the Elemental Kingdom is working with Lightworkers around the world to cleanse the Earth with as little loss of life as possible.

On May 8, 2004, the Grand Teton peaks in Wyoming—The Four Grandmothers Standing Tall—formed the hub of an enormous Medicine Wheel that was created by Lightworkers around the globe. Nineteen sacred mountains and rivers made up the circumference of the wheel, and the Rocky Mountains formed the axis. This magnificent, healing mandala extended out from the Grand Tetons in every direction. It was an amazing 600 miles in diameter.

Those who gathered at the Grand Tetons and the 19 other sacred sites on the Medicine Wheel were joined by tens of thousands of Lightworkers who gathered at sacred locations around the world. In unison, they conducted healing prayer ceremonies that reattuned the web of subtle pathways within the body of Mother Earth, greatly empowering her Crystal Light Grid.

As unfathomable Light poured into the heart of the Grand Tetons, the Silent Watcher for Planet Earth sent forth a Clarion Call to the mighty Elohim and the Beings of Light associated with this ancient portal of Light. Utilizing the God-qualified energy that has been awaiting this Cosmic Moment for thousands of years, the Builders of Form precipitated a colossal Chalice of Light that now cradles the entire region of the Grand Tetons in its resplendent embrace.

This magnificent Chalice is magnetizing from the very core of God Perfection the Invincible Light and Sacred Wisdom and Knowledge that WILL BRING TO FRUITION THE PAGEANT BEING PLAYED OUT IN THE MIDDLE EAST. This includes the transmutation of the final vestiges of negativity that are being pushed to the surface for healing and purification. This Light will also burst asunder the oppressive grip of hatred, fear, greed and corruption being perpetuated by Humanity’s fallen human egos.

These human miscreations must be purged and Transfigured into Light prior to Earth's Ascension into the 5th-Dimensional Realms of Limitless Physical Perfection. The time is short, but the Light of God is ALWAYS Victorious, and, through our unified efforts, our victory is assured.

Lightworkers will gather within the portal of the Grand Tetons over the Autumn Equinox to offer ourselves as a Cup, a Holy Grail, through which the Light of God will pour to fulfill this facet of the Divine Plan. The vehicle provided to draw Lightworkers from all over the world into this focus of Light is the 18th Annual World Congress On Illumination. There are Lightworkers coming from 15 countries to serve as surrogates on behalf of ALL Humanity during this Cosmic event.

Those of you who will not be physically present will be accomplishing your vitally important facet of this Divine Plan wherever your God Self guides you to be. We will all be in our right and perfect place serving on behalf of Humanity as ONE unified Body of God Consciousness.

Even though the mission we are being called to fulfill may seem difficult for us to accomplish, the Beings of Light know what they are doing, and they know our Divine Potential. They do not ask us to do things that are impossible.

We recently experienced the powerful Shift of the Ages referred to as Harmonic Concordance. Whenever there is a shift of consciousness within Humanity and an increase of Light on the planet our fear-based egos become afraid. People who are concerned about losing their power and their ability to manipulate and control people do everything they can to block the changes. The terrorist activities and the negativity we are witnessing in the political arena and various other places all over the planet reflect this phenomenon.

In order to assist with this problem, the Clarion Call has gone forth and the Company of Heaven is, once again, asking for the assistance of embodied Lightworkers.

Within the newly-formed Chalice of Light cradling the Grand Tetons, during the holy days of September 18-23, the Lightworkers gathered at the World Congress On Illumination will magnetize the Divine Light from the very core of God Perfection into the physical plane of Earth. This Divine Substance is blazing with the Invincible Light and Sacred Wisdom and Knowledge that is destined to bring to fruition the pageant being played out in the Middle East. Through Divine Ceremonies and Sacred Activities of Music, Movement, Sound and Light, we will project this Light through the Crystal Grid System to every Lightworker on the planet. Lightworkers will secure this gift of Light from our Father-Mother God into their Heart Flames. The Light will then be projected on the Holy Breath into the core of purity in every electron of precious life energy evolving on Earth.

The Silent Watcher for Planet Earth, the Mighty Elohim, the Solar Logos from Suns beyond Suns and Galaxies beyond Galaxies and the Legions of Light throughout the whole of Creation will assist us with this facet of the Divine Plan. Our humble efforts will be empowered a thousand times a thousand fold, and our mission will be victoriously accomplished.

Through Divine Power and the Invincible Light of God, the final vestiges of negativity being pushed to the surface for healing and purification will be transmuted into Light, and the oppressive grip of hatred, fear, greed and corruption being perpetuated by Humanity’s fallen human egos will burst asunder.

Our God Selves will guide each of us to our right and perfect place for our part in this Divine Plan. Some of us will go to the Grand Tetons to physically serve as Instruments of God and surrogates on behalf of Humanity for this awesome Activity of Light. Others will be drawn to other sacred sites on the planet. Still others will feel the inner prompting to stay within the forcefield of our own homes to fulfill our facet of this Divine Mission.

The important thing is for us to truly listen to our hearts. We must not renege on what we know we are being called to do because of fear or perceived limitations. Remember, whenever we respond to our heart’s call and agree to expend our time, energy and money in service to Humanity and the Divine Plan for this blessed Planet Earth, the floodgates of Heaven open in support of our selfless commitment, and our God Selves will pave the way.

This is the moment for which we have all been preparing for literally aeons of time. We have sojourned through valleys of tears and dark nights of the soul lifetime after lifetime knowing that one day this Cosmic Moment would arrive, AND IT WOULD ALL BE WORTH IT.

Please join with us in consciousness and add your magnificent Light to this unprecedented Activity of Light in any way that feels right for you. Join together in groups or in the solitude of your own sanctuary. Meditate, pray, dance, sing, tone, chant, laugh, love and weave the Light of your bliss, ecstasy, wonder and awe into this glorious facet of the Divine Plan. We will be fulfilling this Divine Mission in the Eternal Moment of Now; consequently any time of the day you are able to join with us will be right and perfect--there is no separation. Listen to your heart, you already know exactly what to do. Your Light is needed NOW! Are you willing?

God Bless you Precious One.

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18 Sep 2004 @ 02:17 by Sunimal Alles @ : Guided to you this morning
I was guided to your website this moring and my inner voice instructed me to advertise in the newspaers to invite people to analyse their talents and thoughts and solve their problems and participate in solving the worlds problems. I also just completed two articles that I was inspired to write...  

20 Sep 2004 @ 04:52 by magical_melody : Sunimal,
I have edited your comment and removed the longer piece you had shared as I am not comfortable housing your writing here. I see that you had invited yourself to utilize my log/comment area as a platform for your own agenda and message. I ask you to refrain from doing this as this is not the intent of what this comment area is for. I encourage you to look elsewhere for suitable spaces and avenues to share your writing. This is simply a comment area in reference to the above writing. Thank you.  

12 Aug 2006 @ 04:09 by Savana @ : Medicine Wheel Healing
Today is Aug. 11/06. Ten years ago, for some reason unknown to me I superimposed a grid on a map of North America. What a shock to find the story of Bernie LeBeau's Ceremony for Peacekeepers Called To the Circle (May/04) on the web this week. My grid matched his medicine wheel. I feel I am being called for this purpose. Can anyone tell me when the next ceremony is and who I can contact? Is anyone out there?  

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