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19 Oct 2004 @ 21:59, by Salama Shaquana

I didn't write the following, in fact the author is unknown. Perhaps we should adopt this as the new mantra....

We are here.
We are waking up now, out of the past, to dream a bigger dream.
We are friends and equals.
We are diverse and unique, and we’re united for something bigger than our differences.
We believe in freedom and cooperation, abundance and harmony.
We find our own guidance, and we discern our own truth.
We go in many directions, and yet we refuse to disperse.
We have many names. We speak many languages.
WE are local. We are global.
We are in all regions of the world. We’re everywhere in the air.
We are universe being aware of itself. We are the wave of evolution.
We are in every child’s eyes. We face the unknown with wonder and excitement.
We are messengers from the future, living in the present.
We come from silence, and we speak our truth.
We cannot be quieted, because our voice is within everyone.
We have no enemies. No boundaries can hold us.
We respect the cycles and expressions of nature, because we are nature.
We don’t play to win, we play to live and learn.
We act out of inspiration, love and integrity.
We explore, we discover, we feel, and we laugh.
We are building a world that works for everyone.
We endeavor to live our lives to the fullest potential.
We are independent, self-sufficient and responsible.
We relate to each other in peace, with compassion and respect, we unite in community.
We celebrate the wholeness within and around us all.
We dance to the rhythm of creation.
We weave the threads of the new times.
We are the new civilization.

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19 Oct 2004 @ 22:09 by ming : We are the new civilization
Oh, he's not all that unknown. {link:|See here}. It is always fun to see it appear in strange places. And, yes, heheh, let's adopt it as our mantra.

I guess I should make it more visible than it is.  

19 Oct 2004 @ 23:10 by scotty : Salama
the fact that you didn't know who the author was doesn't take away one whit the fact that you had taken this verse completely to heart and made it your own - and ours !
Bless you.  

20 Oct 2004 @ 00:15 by spiritseek : mantra
very nice mantra to keep in our minds,hearts and speech.  

20 Oct 2004 @ 00:34 by ming : We are ..
I should mention that originally I downplayed that I wrote it. So it appeared on webpages without my name on it, and got handed out in paper form without my name on it. Because I didn't consider it a personal thing, and wasn't looking for credit. And, hey, it was pretty much channeled. I woke up after a dream and wrote it down almost as it appears there in about half an hour.

But after a while I realized that it caused problems for some people. Some folks wanted to include it in books or reprint it and things like that, and they didn't know who to ask if it was ok. So I started instead to put at the bottom that I wrote it and that one was free to distribute it in any way one felt like.

Many stories related to that over the years. One radio talkshow host had read it on his show several times, not knowing where it came from. It has been included in various books, and handed out at various events and festivals, and so forth.

And there are other intriguing stories of its origin. Bushman insists that he was part of a group of people that collectively put it together in a meeting, around the same time that I wrote it down. Without us knowing anything about each other. At least almost the same text with some very minor differences. So, maybe it was just something that needed to be said, whoever would write it down.  

20 Oct 2004 @ 01:30 by vibrani : Ming
if you published it first, then it's yours.  

20 Oct 2004 @ 02:19 by ming : Publishing
In terms of copyrights, yes. But I don't really care about that. I just wanted it to be in the hands of whoever wanted it, with the minimum friction. And, ok, for me it was the answer to a question of putting various principles together in an easily digestible form.  

20 Oct 2004 @ 05:30 by bushman : Hmm :}
I try to live by it in all the things that I do. I think it was a message from the future sent into the past, to remind us who we are, and what we need to do while we are here now. I used to have a room on Mplayer, we mostly listened to the Art Bell show, it brought together a lot of people, to me very special people with gifts. The gift was that they could open peoples eyes to the collective conciousness we all share. Some call it the hall of records. Somebody transmited that message to all that could hear it. The topic that night was "who are we?" the room was open that night 10 hours, normally 10 regulars, and the door was open for public access the whole time, so was maybe 50 newbies that night comming and going. We copyed the chat and put together the ones we liked in the order they were on the chat log, and that became our mission statment, we would post it whenever someone asked us who we were. It's posable someone from here was in my room interjecting sentances from what Ming wrote. That message is all over the world now, it opens peoples eyes to who they really are. What was also intresting, is that the original room members branched off and created thier own rooms in Mplayers Art Bell lobby, we had, moes bar, shadows asylum, the witches brew, angels cloud, and a fight room, lol, but in real time with voice and video, with thier own regulars and all open to the public, and if you knew how the software worked, you could be in other rooms at the same time, you never knew what youd see next, lol. :}  

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