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picture 26 Mar 2005 @ 07:19, by Salama Shaquana

Believe or not…

“Once upon a time there was a little Green monkey who lived in Africa. There was nothing unusual about this monkey except it had AIDS. One day a native was walking in the forest and the AIDS infected monkey bit him on the butt. As a result of the bite, the native also contracted AIDS. Now this native when he next went into town slept with a prostitute and as a result the prostitute was infected with AIDS. The prostitute slept with a Banker and in doing so passed the AIDS virus onto the Banker. The banker slept with his wife and three girlfriends and so on and so on.

As a result of this one little monkey biting a native on the butt 75 million people in Africa became infected with AIDS.”

This is the story that the storywriters would like us gullible individuals to believe and the sad truth is that I fear countless people do believe this story.

However – this is not the end of this nightmare of a fairytale.

The Wicked Stepsisters and Stepbrothers – The World Health Organisation.

Enlightened people who frequent this site would be aware that there is any amount of evidence to prove that the aids virus manifested in the 1970’s as a result of widespread laboratory transfers of animal viruses. Virologists at that time were experimenting with various animals viruses in an attempt to create cancer causing and immunosuppressive viruses = HIV.

Further more, evidence would tend to suggest that the explosion of AIDS could be directly linked to contaminated vaccine and vaccine programs sponsored by the World Health Organisation. Coincidently it was in the 1970’s that W.H.O. conducted an extensive vaccine program in Africa and that this was followed by a severe outbreak of AIDS in the early ‘80’s.

However the fairytale continues.

In March of 2004 samples were taken of W.H.O.’s controversial oral polio vaccine. The polio vaccine was also found to be contaminated. Refer to story on Dr. Haruna Kaita W.H.O. broke the story raises some interesting questions as to why drug manufacturers would contaminate vaccines. We should all question why?

We should also bring into question the activities of W.H.O. For not only do they have to answer for the potential spreading of AIDS but they should be called to account (for in particular) their surreptitious use of anti-fertility vaccines under the guise of tetanus vaccines. Millions of women from the Philippines, Nicaragua and Mexico were conned into taking tetanus vaccines some which were spiked with a female hormone that could not only cause miscarriage but sterilisation. After these unfortunate women were injected a less that satisfactory number reported vaginal bleeding and miscarriages. On testing the women, a hormone additive was found to be the cause.

Since the 1970’s W.H.O. has been behind funding and testing anti-fertility vaccine research. They are testing vaccines that would make women’s immune system attack and destroy their own babies in the womb. If this doesn’t make you question the motives of these wicked ‘stepsisters’ and ‘stepbrothers’ I don’t know what will.

So you see the fairytale does not end. It goes on and on and millions of people are dying or being used as human ‘guineapigs’ in a very despicable game.

In October 2004 Wanagri Maathai an African ecologist and biologist won the Nobel Peace Prize. She is the first African woman to do so. In her acceptance speech she announced to a shocked audience, that in her view she had no doubt that the HIV virus was created by scientists for biological warfare.

I suspect this is getting closer to the truth and that the ‘new’ war is not about bombs, guns or terrorists it is the silent work of ‘do good’ organisations like the World Health organisation who have the ability to wipe millions of people whilst the silent look on none the wiser.

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26 Mar 2005 @ 16:59 by astrid : You are absolutely right, nemue!
HIV is man-ipulated into being....With the first vaccine ever created in a mass scale to be used on a mass scale level for "the Masses" it became obvious what great Population controlling tool had been created!!!
TRUTH IS: there is NOT ONE SINGLE GENUINELY SCIENTIFIC TEST with ANY vaccine done EVER on this Planet!.... Now, you go from there!....
Vaccines became the Coolest Gov.scam ever from the time of the Salk Vaccine -against Polio, when the Fortys turned into the Fifties. Disaster followed!.... US officials got really scared and stopped the whole "shabang" in the US... But the Pharmaceutical Company still needed to "get rid of" its product in a PROFITABLE way... How did they do that????.... By selling the shit to Eu!....lying all about it!....
From there on it has NEVER STOPPED....Why are we the People still surprized.... have we not had time to see how The GAme is played????? There isn't one single TRULY GOOD vaccine out there!....(Now, let me tell you here: if you knew HOW vaccines are made, your stomach would turn and you would throw up!!!) and MOST of them are INTENTIONALLY used as genocidal population control tool(s).... As long as we accept THIS to be our AGREEMENT, it will remain so!...  

26 Mar 2005 @ 21:30 by koravya : Thanks
Thanks for the article.  

28 Mar 2005 @ 12:03 by gea : Thanks.
:-) Some read, some don´t, - some comment, some don´t, it is all the same, the info has to get out.  

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