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picture16 Mar 2003 @ 21:21, by Quidnovi


"To know power is to know the dark side
---to bend it and control it to one's own desire is true mastery..."

The World Wide Web has been a magnet for many metaphors. It does make sense therefore that the Internet would be thought of as an extension of our senses. Some have described it as a vehicle for powerful emotions which can have healing or destructive factors in them---sometimes, deliberately so when used with intent. And the question is, of course, whether there should be more awareness on our part of what kind of energy we send and/or receive when communicating with others through such a medium.

An interesting and timely question, assuredly, as the Internet has, no doubt, opened the door to countless energies, all of which are not always benign or innocent, nor particularly "respectful", "helpful", or "loving" in their manifestation.

In time, there have been those who have come to view the Internet as an ideal medium for agitation and escalation of racial warfare doctrine or a means to wage "cyber-war"---the dark side of the force:

- Anti-Palestinian propaganda: Masada2000 [wiki] , JTF [wiki]

- Anti-Israeli propaganda: Radio Islam [wiki]

"Anger...fear...aggression. The dark side of the Force are they...Easily they flow, quick to join you in a fight."
"If once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will...."

Hate is ugly, don't get sucked into it: Erase the Hate!

Seeing beyond the "Jewish Narrative" or the "Palestinian Narrative": There is another way!

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17 Mar 2003 @ 03:04 by jazzolog : Well Taken, 911
Without referring at all to the example you mention, I congratulate you on the main point. Certainly the strangeness of the emotions prompted in us by others' comments on the Internet is the stuff for great thinking and research. It is true also of sensual come-ons---and big (((hugs))) and kisses and stuff like that. Somehow our emotions are tremendously stimulated in this medium. I too have left message boards absolutely emotionally drained by infuriating flames---not at me particularly (although sometimes) but just blasted out upon us all. I've been bounced a couple times too. One time I got a strange message from a Wiccan lady in Texas...and a pagan friend of mine said I should delete it immediately as it was a black magic curse that could destroy my computer---and me too of course. (I saved it for a while...just as a test.) Thank goodness you have a wonderful sense of humor!  

17 Mar 2003 @ 04:52 by shawa : Good point, 911.
I think I get the particulars. :-)

Francis - I put up a link with the Traubman family too, a year or so back. They┬┤re fantastic people!...

So you did, Shakti. I remember it well: {link:|Palestinian-Israeli Friendship Center}

17 Mar 2003 @ 05:52 by martha : energy
Francis your log is good to point out this issue. Vibrani also wrote an article in her log (Energy Interaction and Influences) on this very subject. (Oh I see a connection) I believe it is an important topic and needs to be discussed especially with new users. Why people think it is OK to be rude and abusive on the net is difficult to comprehend. I think though sometimes when one's emotions are running high they read more into the words then was intended. No assumptions helps also. And then the wonderful part about this energy is connecting with someone in cyber space that you resonate with. sigh.
My best remedy when I feel the energy is hostile is to turn it around and find humor. And I don't believe an email can do as Jazz suggested. I'm glad you kept it for awhile. People are so willing to give away their power to another.
Kim I know what you mean about getting angry at NCN. But hey we are here to support each other and that's why I'm here. To get to knows those who are at least willing to consider a new way of doing things.  

17 Mar 2003 @ 06:23 by shawa : We learned the hard way...
...I suppose. ;-)  

17 Mar 2003 @ 11:35 by catana : Bad energy
The best defense is simply to consider the source.  

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