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picture21 May 2002 @ 20:27, by Ben Tremblay


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21 May 2002 @ 21:39 by tdeane : Oh, Welcome Willow Bear!!!
Thank you for this most inspiring post. So often I have found myself standing alone protesting, the one tiny voice crying out to deaf ears, but I have never given up my belief, regardless of whether I am heard, that the fundamental cause of all of our problems is inequality, and it manifests itself in the most revered of our institutions as well as our corrupt governments and corporations. Somehow not being willing to stand alone seems to be a gross contradiction of my own beliefs in equality. And I will defend until my last breath my belief that the reason we don't have the answers is because we are listening to the same segments of society over and over again. We have the puzzle but can't complete the picture because we think we can choose the pieces. As long as we have the lowliest-of-the-low segments of society, considering myself superior is nothing more than tricking my logical brain into a mindset that simply, without integrity, protects my own security and comfort, another trick on the mind. This log serves as a vitamin shot for my mind, my spirit, and my body. Much love ~ Tricia  

22 May 2002 @ 00:06 by shawa : Hi, Cho!
Good to read ya, and welcome! :-)  

22 May 2002 @ 00:42 by jazzolog : Looking Forward
I hope to learn much more of your interesting journey, spiritual and other aspects. Thank you for this post, and welcome. I'm wondering if you get out onto Cape Breton up there, and spend any time with Pema Chodron. You have some mention of the Kagyu Lineage.  

22 May 2002 @ 08:07 by invictus : How very true...
The last sentence pretty much sums it up; you are right on the mark. Congratulations on having the courage to take that step! I hope the rest of us can manage the same "authentic" action. Any tips would be greatly appreciated :).  

23 May 2002 @ 22:19 by magical_melody : Thanks WillowBear! and Welcome to NCN
Ah Yes, the balance between Autonomy and Intimacy. I find that the truly authentic person, seldom will stand alone for long. Don't we all pass through the mine fields of dissonant relating to test our metal, until "WE" come into more peaceful relationship with our self? I believe we must loose our warrior approaches, our shields and our masks. With an undefended heart, I believe we are being spiritually called to make ourselves available to others who can come to meet us authentically in heart space. Oftentimes we must pass through the fires of initiation to accomplish this as we burn away the dross of former memory and response. As within, so without. Peace, Magical Melody  

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