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picture29 May 2004 @ 02:45, by John Ashbaugh

May twenty-eighth into May twenty-ninth, Friday into Saturday.
The wealth of reported and analytical information
about the current state of greed, lust for power, and selfishness
is entirely to the point of our planetary concern.
The developing effect of the unfolding causation
shall become our experience.
It is well to keep track of the details along the way, in the pursuit of insight.
Then there is the place where we already are,
where the solution resides,
and there is no way to get there or tell anyone else
how to get there, except to be here.
Who is content and who is not content in this world,
and what on Earth are you or I or anyone else striving for?
The paradigm shift is developing, and there may be a
watershed, each to his or her own. When I am ready,
I will see and understand the path I must take
to fulfill my reason, such as I know it, for being here.
The planet is so much older than our ridiculous little
species, it is ridiculous. Nobody needs to save the planet,
because the planet does not need to be saved.
There will be some people left over, in isolated pockets
of the globe. Will they remember the lessons of their grandfathers
and their grandmothers? Will they remember that the only way to live,
is together? The Earth has plenty of time to experiment with a new species if this one doesn’t work out. We have looked through the galaxy to the furthest corners of the universe and to the beginnings of time and its predecessor,
and think we have a brain that knows something, while
our brothers and sisters are locked into the prisons of servitude and ignorance. The flame of hope illuminates the darkness.

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29 May 2004 @ 04:17 by shawa : Pockets
"There will be some people left over, in isolated pockets
of the globe. Will they remember the lessons of their grandfathers
and their grandmothers?"
I know of one pocket who will. (I can´t vouch for great-grandmothers, though) ;-)  

29 May 2004 @ 05:46 by swan : I Know another pocket.
and you are so right the earth does not need us to save her, we need to worry about how we are leading our own lives and if we are in integrity with our thoughts, words and actions.

(Hi John, good to hear from you:-))  

29 May 2004 @ 07:55 by martha : Yes John
I agree and I have my doubts sometimes that our species will survive. We certainly have mucked up this beautiful earth. But maybe you are right and small pockets will survie but I'm not sure how since we are all connected.  

29 May 2004 @ 11:12 by koravya : Thanks for comments
and let's just keep on working tirelessly
for what we know in our hearts is right.  

29 May 2004 @ 12:51 by shawa : We will.
It´s a promise.  

29 May 2004 @ 13:11 by swanny : A Better World
I also thought of trying to make this a better world
That was what seemed the thing to do....
To leave the world a little better than one found it
Yet the world is perfection in its own right
what the world needs is not us to make it better
But what the world needs is a better kind of people
Now just what those better kind of people look like
Im not sure.....
But certainly harmony is involved....
A flowing with the planet.....
and evolving with the planet.....
and accepting the wisdom of the planet....
and knowing the ways of the planet......
and following the circle and seasons of life.....
How do we ..... yes we
no not with violence and lies but through our prayers
will intent and actions.....
not giant leaps for mankind but many small
steps by you and me.....
How do we write this new way in our hearts....
and walk our talk.....
these are the questions we have to answer
and pass on to the following generations....
We are beginning now to do this .......
to diaoluge instead of debate and learn really learn...
and not just win degrees .......
Who has the answers not us but the planet
she can lead us to be a better kind of people.


30 May 2004 @ 12:31 by koravya : And Most Hopefully
Those of us who strive for Peace in our Hearts
and treasure the Spirit of Life
Flowing through every Breath in the Wind
May somehow share our understanding
with others who need to find this Light.  

30 May 2004 @ 15:27 by swanny : Universal Heart
I think whats happening is that we are now beginning to "listen better"
to listen not so much with our ears but to listen with the heart
and what we are beginning to hear is the wisdom and knowledge
of the planet and as you say the Universal Heart....
Long has it called us ..... yet in our cacophony we have been to
busy to hear..... it calls ...... has been calling a long time.....
It says we are loved and we are light and do not be afraid.....
to walk your love..... to walk your light....
to walk tall in our love....
to walk tall in our light.....
but be not decieved for there are pitfalls upon the way
but listen and the heart and faith will guide us....
guide us to now!  

1 Jun 2004 @ 23:23 by vaxen var @ : We...
are a part of the overall process's of a myraid of multiverses intertwining, abreacting, subterfuging, googling, googlebombing one another, as is Earth, Veleropa 24.3, simply a 'part' of the overall over all. In the silence of the deep soul wisdom shines. It does'nt really matter if any one survives or not. Holograms are holograms. WIthin each fractal is the whole. We will go on and on and beginning and no end. One star in sight! ;)  

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