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picture5 Dec 2007 @ 17:25, by John Ashbaugh

"Le Bateau-Lavoir was a squalid block of buildings in Montmartre, Paris situated at 13 Rue Ravignan (Place Emile Goudeau). The place is famous because at the turn of the 20th century a group of outstanding artists lived and rented artistic studios there. . . ."

Just another day grading final research papers. Variations in the English language that one would be perplexed to imagine. Possibilities for meaning through series upon series of interconnected semantic associations; what more can one say? Create a well-rounded little essay from opening through close to a development that explains in so many words what exactly you are talking about.

The hacienda has been consolidated into a timber and adobe room with a fireplace. A very small place to think. Put it all down in one place. Project the world through fifty years from now. Think of a little story that carries you through the next fifty years. Everybody for just a few minutes think about the viewpoint of anyone between twenty and thirty years old.
If you be reading the newspaper, what do you see be going on? What’s the deal with what’s be going on with the money? Is there somethin’ funny going on about that money? What chew mean it don’t buy as much as it’s used to? Whose in charge of this operation anyhow? Now there’s questions going on, and nobody knows what it all means, except that the times are looking dangerous. What with that climate warming and those wars for resources going on, and the political clowns dancing on the stage for our entertainment, where do I look for the avenue that leads me to peace of mind?
In the cabin with the fire. We are somewhere in the middle of the hundred years war, or for however long it takes. Would anyone like to conjecture about the possible outcomes? It looks the most messy in the heavily populated areas, particularly the urban conglomerates. The timeline is the variable. Is there any possible chance that there could develop a global peace movement of concerned citizens sufficiently influential as to attract the notice of the man behind the curtain? Or is the path to survival a matter of personal choice in deciding where one wants to be as the edifice disintegrates? Activism with the intention of changing the system, or the retreat from systems altogether?
There are billions of words out there on the world wide web keeping track of and interpreting all of the latest international developments. You can travel down a path of analysis until you are bleary eyed and blue in the face, and there is the whole story, and it is very well articulated, and tomorrow is another day.

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5 Dec 2007 @ 17:58 by bushman : Hmm,
Id say its personal choice, as if there is much choice for the masses. Like we need to find out what the eliet utopia builders choose to eat and brush thier teeth with, since they are the ones with the robots that would replace the humans. Maybe lol. But seems to me its just recently they find out that rasins can kill dogs, so most the food and products sold to the masses are poison, they put toxic waste in everything, try to say it gods punishment when in fact its these eleit trying to off the 90% of the world population so they can have thier utopia maintained by efficiant robot machines. :}  

5 Dec 2007 @ 19:15 by vaxen : Lavoisier...
"You can travel down a path of analysis until you are bleary eyed and blue in the face, and there is the whole story, and it is very well articulated, and tomorrow is another day.

"In the cabin with the fire. We are somewhere in the middle of the hundred years war, or for however long it takes. Would anyone like to conjecture about the possible outcomes?

"There are billions of words out there on the world wide web keeping track of and interpreting all of the latest international developments.

"You can travel down a path of analysis until you are bleary eyed and blue in the face, and there is the whole story, and it is very well articulated, and tomorrow is another day.

"And there is the whole story..."

Love ya, bro...let's link up when the **** hits the fan as it surely is already doing. ;) Great little vignette, there, John san...  

7 Dec 2007 @ 06:03 by koravya : All We Need
is a Little Inspiration,
and we can do wonderful things.
In India, we brush our teeth,
some of us, with fresh Neem twigs.
All I got now is regular toothpaste
with no flouride. Trying to keep my brain alive and cookin'.
Maybe something good will come out of it,
something good for all of us.
Say what?
It all comes out in words, and you gotta wonder where those words is coming from. Now if you don’t feel like there’s nothin’ that you are trying to say, then the words are even harder to find. If I let ‘em bubble up, all I get is a froth, but they come up one at a time. How far into tomorrow and into how many tomorrows can one look, and put it all down in a line of words that tells the picture? Not that you can do the slightest thing about any of it. Fire dancing in the furnace behind the glass. Sanskrit chanting in the distant background. Imagine yesterday as well as tomorrow; imagine as many yesterdays as tomorrows into how far would you like to go? The two shorelines of a great long river; as long as there is rainfall, as long as there are hills, there is the river. Yesterdays and tomorrows are always going by, and the river is always here. There are two ways to go in our boat, upriver and down. From where the river disappears into the ocean, follow the shoreline, one side or the other, to the place where the river disappears into the earth. Ride with the water caressing the earth, soaking her and nurturing her and wearing her rock into textured curves. Billowing clouds shower the lands which feed our rivers; with droplets drawn from the wine-dark sea. The voyage downriver is only the first leg; the river widens and the shorelines become farther away from one another. The yesterdays and the today’s are disappearing over the horizon. Now there is only the river and the sky. Blue into Blue; gray into gray; dark into dark; Rose-Violet into Rose-Violet as Dawn-Usha flutters her eyelash over the horizon.

7 Dec 2007 @ 07:06 by a-d : I love that area , up in Mont Matre!....
on the left side of Sacre Ceur, as you walk up the stairs, the Dome in front of you.
I think it is one of the nicest "Hoods" in all of Paris! ... not even the fancy "Hoods" around Eiffel compare ... really...  

12 Dec 2007 @ 16:15 by koravya : Got That Right
You have got that absolutely right Astrid, dear.
As you know, I took a week off out of my little routine here in Albuquerque,
and spent a week in Paris.
The first time I've been there, Long overdue.
I wrote my little memory story out and posted it over here.
Take care and keep warm.

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Can I just say what a relief to find someone who actually knows what theyre talking about on the internet. You definitely know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More people need to read this and understand this side of the story. I cant believe youre not more popular because you definitely have the gift.  

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