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picture30 Jun 2010 @ 14:51, by Max Sandor

After three days full of soccer, heaps to eat, and lots of heated discussion, our sweet family came back from my mother-in-law who resides in a safe distance of more than 120km from the Grove. We survived the welcome-back kisses of our Rottweiler and Shepherd with only one blue eye and two torn shirts and I'm back in business again. Thanks to Mortimer, I got reminded of the grim prospects of the 'real' world, the oil still flushing out in the Gulf of Mexico, a fact much worse than Mexico's loss against Argentina on the soccer field.

The parallels are frightening: as on the soccer field, the players are running around like crazed chickens and nobody is stepping up to take a decisive action. TIME IS RUNNING OUT and and the rules are not as clear as to whether Nature will grant us humans an overtime or not.

Like in this worldcup what is lacking is 'der Wille zum Tor!", the 'Will to score', the will to take a concrete action to bring about a decision.

We're not talking just about good intentions here, not about wishful thinking or or public declarations. This 'field of dreams' is real, and large parts of it are under water now, water mixed with oil and hitherto unknown chemicals.

Is it simply the inability of the players on the field to put an end to the drama or is there a hidden strategy behind this? Some spectators begin to ask themselves who may be the coach behind the team of global players, and if those are perhaps just puppets on a string. As I mentioned in the 'worldcup for dummies', Italy's coach coaxed the downfall of his own team by ignoring the most simple archetypal strategies [link] of the soccer game until the last 20 minutes of the knock-out game. With only a few minutes more his late wisdom would have born fruits, but alas, time was running out and the acting world champion joined the fate of vice-champion France: going home early.

Unlike in the worldcup, though, mankind does not have a place to retreat to and rest: our playing field is Earth and it is the only field of dreams we have for now.

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30 Jun 2010 @ 16:48 by mortimer : the alien on your shoulder
Remote viewing and alien viewpoints. Imagine if you was an alien and you had the ability to easily fix the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. What would you do; 1. fix the damn thing or 2. encourage self empowerment and let the peoples figure out how to fix it themselves.

Viewpoints are like information highways. Gad speed!

30 Jun 2010 @ 17:23 by mortimer : the dog and pony puppet show
"Some spectators begin to ask themselves who may be the coach behind the team of global players, and if those are perhaps just puppets on a string."

Lot of energy should be devoted to that question after the oil gusher is fixed. Now is the time for priority one stop the oil. ANY POLITICIANS TALKING POLICY AT THIS TIME ARE SUSPECT.

When the average Joe becomes suspect he is brought before a grand jury. However when a major player is suspect they have a dog and pony puppet show they call a "commission". Before this BP fiasco is over there will be a commission report on the events. And nothing will come of it, effectively bypassing the fourth branch of government the peoples grand jury.  

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