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picture11 Jul 2006 @ 21:50, by Bee

Today in Mumbai, India, in the city once called Bombay, trains blew up and hundreds may have been killed. A short few months ago I was living there and saw first hand the contrasts between the Hindu and Muslim's way of life. Hindu's are a happy peoply who love their unity and harmoney.
Muslim women are covered from head to toe and masked. Muslim men for the most part wear distinctive clothes that sets them apart from other Indians. Muslim's lives are dictated to by Koranic rule. All life actions are referenced by one book. There are over 800 million Hindu's and 200 million Muslims in India. In 1948 Muslims were able to chop off part of India and call it Pakistan. Many Muslims emigrated to their new country and Hindu's came back to India.

The real contrast is that Muslims came into India in the form of Arab raiding, migrating, conquering. It was from these Arabs that took over Hindu temples and made mosques of them is how Islam came to India. Muslims who are influenced by Iran Shia are coming in conflict with the native Arab Muslims.
Both sects have a revisionist historical perspective of India that is not shared by the Hindu majority. Thus clashes.

The filthy violent eruption of explosions against innocent passengers on trains today is an example of extremism taken to the final measures by Muslims. These people who did this want to threaten Hindu's into submission to their policies,historical perspective, doctrines and dogma. More over the perpetrators of crime against humanity want to dictate India foreign policy, tax Hindu's and control Hindu religious sites. They also want another part of India broken off to form yet another Muslim country.

It is not going to happen. The trident of Hindu religion is sharp and Hindu's are not afraid to use it. In India there is rule of law. Not Sharia law. I think that the world will see that India has good police and a strong military who will swiftly bring these perpetrators of violence and murder to justice. Can Allah really want to embrace Muslims with the blood of innocents on their hands and in their heart?

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12 Jul 2006 @ 00:19 by enora : It's a terrible crime
what happened today, what happens in countries around the world every day, because of Muslims terrorizing people into submitting to Islamic rule. Same thing happened the other day in Iraq. Where is the world outcry against this? Muslims refuse to be part of the modern world, they refuse to accept that all humans were created by THE Source. Now, if they were real Muslims, they would live their laws and not murder. See the film "Syriana" for a realistic portrayal of how Muslims are recruiting and the bullshit they're telling those to get them to convert to Islam, and then to kill for it.  

12 Jul 2006 @ 17:38 by b : Yep
It seems each day can bring new atrocities into the world of now.  

13 Jul 2006 @ 16:34 by judih : b
have you heard from anyone there? Are your friends okay?  

13 Jul 2006 @ 16:55 by b : Most people that I know are ok
I still have not heard back from one couple yet. Every one else seems ok that I know. This is not the first time that terrorists have set off explosions in Mumbai. It is a city of 15 million people. They have had to deal with this before and understand it.
I hope you are ok too, Judih.  

13 Jul 2006 @ 17:02 by judih : relief
When the worst happens, the antennae shoot up hoping to hear that loved ones are safe. Just today reading how Gandhi felt the only fight he lost was losing a chunk of India to Jinnah. He lost the fight and then he lost his life.
Yet, even he couldn't turn the wave around. At least not then. Maybe there's a reincarnation in the works?  

13 Jul 2006 @ 17:20 by b : Maybe
Muslims have chopped off huge pieces of India to form Islamic countries.
The Hindu majority now says no more. So some Muslims use terror to create fear.
India is a huge democracy with a well maintained military, police and civil services. The authorities have already arrested suspects. It took several years after the last Mumbai bombings but the police found and brought the perpetrators to justice. No one can return the lives of innocent people who were just riding trains and lost their lives to murderers who care of nothing but their religious right that justifies anything they do to others. Indians do care about their national interests.  

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