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2 Sep 2002 @ 08:58, by Craig Lang

The events of 9/11 bring to mind a dream which I had four years ago. I didn't note the date but I think that it was approximately 9/11/98. I never considered it prophetic at the time, but after 9/11, my perspective changed. Could it have been prophecy? I wonder...

Still, rather than being predictive, I wonder if it's purpose could have been to tell us more about the lessons from 9/11. To me, the formemost lesson is that war is not the answer. The lesson of 9/11 is peace!

In the dream I was standing on a causeway that passed between two towers. There was one tower ahead of me, and one to my left. As I looked toward the tower on my left, I heard a voice saying "This is not a military objective".

At the time, I thought of this as just another dream. After 9/11, I chalked it up as one of the many prophecies that were described predicting the collapse of the Twin Towers. But now, one year post-fiasco, I find that there is yet another meaning to this message.

On that awful day, as I stood in a conference room at work and saw - over and over again - the crash of the airplanes, and the collapse of the towers, I could only wipe the tears away from my eyes. The thought of so much needless death...

A few days later, during a conversation, Alana made a comment to me, that now makes a world of sense. She described the WTC disaster as being the compliment of the Tower of Babel(sp?). Whereas the collapse of the latter split humanity apart, perhaps the collapse of the Twin Towers can help bring us together. Could this be the case?

What I had never really considered from my dream was the notion of what the "military objective" was. In retrospect, did it mean that destroying the towers would not serve the objectives of the attackers? Perhaps. But could it also have meant something else? Perhaps it meant that retaliation for the attack also would serve no useful purpose?

The meaning of 9/11 to me now seems clear. It tells us of the deep need for healing, both at the individual and at the global level. Perhaps this tragedy is a key world event to bring us to the critical juncture: Peace or else. And that's the final message that I take away from 9/11 - the desparate need of our world for true peace.

Retaliation does nothing but provoke more retaliation - an endless cycle of war and hatred. To heed the true message of 9/11, we must put an end to the causes of the current war. Many will argue what those are, but at their core, I believe that it is the division of wealth and power in the world. Clean these up, and throw in a large measure of forgiveness, and we will see a big improvement in the world political climate - and perhaps in all other areas as well.

I am aware that this message will be read around the world, and that some of the readers are in nations that are not traditional friends of the USA. But today, regardless of where you live, whatever "side" you are on, the real adversary is not some "enemy", but war itself. The only true victory will be the correction of the problems which foster the drive toward war - from whatever perspective you hold. To me, the real lesson from 9/11 is the call for a just and equitable, lasting peace of the soul - Real Peace.


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2 Sep 2002 @ 09:16 by vaxen : Endless cycle...
of war and hatred. You got it Craig. War is 'BIG BUCKS!' Follow the money trail and where does it lead you? Would'nt you feed your 'cash cow?' 9/11 had nothing to do with Arab Terrorists and much to do with big war making industrialists a helluva lot closer to home! Thesis, Anti-Thesis, who would employ old Hegel to justify taking away your liberty? Incidentally almost one year later the victims families have not bneen reimbursed! Now where dod all that money go? Into the pockets of the bastards like Giuliani et Company who created the disaster in the first place! There will be no peace Craig! Wake up!

CL Note: Thank you for your comments. I agree with your statement of the problem, and I suggest that we move beyond the problem, to focus on the solution - how can we heal the division?
In the words of Steven Covey, "think Win Win?  

2 Sep 2002 @ 09:55 by bushman : Everyone knew
The collective conciouse knew long before 911 happened, there where cd covers vid games, all deplicting the senario, this info was out there more than 3 years before that fatfull day. Even I knew and was directly told that millions would die, I'm also telling you that it's not over, 911 only woke the beast. Months before 911, people would come into my chat and ask the question , "are you ready?", these people where awakened to the truth and contracted by the spirits, to pass the word that the time was near. Days before the event, Berkly labs have random number generators, these devices basicly flip a coin millions of times a second, these devices started creating a patern, and with in hours boom. I cryed, when the spirits told me of all the children and life thats going to be lost, this was 3 weeks before the event, the reason I cryed was that the spirits said that it must come to pass, that my job was yet to be realized, I argued with them that It wasnt right, they convinced me that if this was not to come to pass, the planet would die and then there would be no future for anyone. Buryed in my news log is the berkly site. Ill find it and post it here. Well couldn't find it but found this...
This is a pic of a graph, it shows the random grnerators documentation of the collective conciouss, druring an Art Bell radio show , we where asked to try and affect the device at berkly, Art has about 20 million listeners world wide, now notice the graph, and subsequent peeks in the data, those subsequent readdings where from reboadcasts of the show, the main peek was during the live show, if theres any proof in this world that man can move mountains this is it, it also prooves that our minds work like a school of fish. It only takes a few of us to move the school in a specific direction, notice on 911 only 3000+ died, when over 50,000 people should have been in those building at the time. Everyone knew something was going to happen. Which ads to vax's point, if you are awake you will feel this knowing. Fact is why did they hunt witches? maybe the same reason theres a shadow gov, that knows that they can steer the school, maybe they don't want us to know our potental, so they hide the truth so as to control the school, TV, all of it, to enslave our minds to do thier bidding, to build thier world, but then theres us, the awoken ones who fight the urge to move as the school, to limit those that hide the truth and see no divinity in life, we fight to bring light to the school, so that they know thier own path. 1/3 of the biomass must survive, or the planet will die. We save what we can and pick up the pieces, maybe there will be enough left. All I can tell you is that the gov does not want us to evolve our minds since they drug our children in the hopes they will stay in slumber. Yes being awake can be a curse, but thats what will lift the veil, its a sacrfic for our mother, (earth). Zen best explains it in the last news log you posted. Maybe, just know you are a devine being and you have the ability to move the school, use your power for good works. And we do win, it's writen in stone. :} Sure it's peace you want? It says in Revolations that the worst destruction comes while the whole world celebrates peace.  

2 Sep 2002 @ 18:04 by craiglang : A dark commentary from Bushman
It is a fascinating commentary that Bushman writes above about the Random Event Generator experiments. The PEAR Lab at Princeton has another excellent project along the same lines. To me, these all speak to much of what Barbara Marx Hubbard writes in "Conscious Evolution". We are on the verge of entering the Noosphere - moving beyond the individual consciousness to the collective mind. Whether this is good or bad depends upon the aggregate of humanity - but in either case it's happening.

Bushman asks "is it peace you want?" Well, I would ask back, "What does he mean by peace?" Is it all of the world as slaves under the same yoke?
No: To me that is not peace, but collective servitude. It can't last for long. And perhaps that's the peace that he may be referring to.

When I speak of peace, I mean a just peace - not just the absence of war. To use the analogy of Revelation again, it is the peace that occurs after the return (the aggregate reawakening) described in Rev 22. And if you want to get biblical, then the quote "Blessed are the peacemakers" (MT 5:9) is probably passage that speaks the loudest to me.

And so I think that it is peace with justice - the peace of the soul - that I speak of. Many thanks to bushman for his comments.

2 Sep 2002 @ 18:36 by bushman : Ying and yang
There has to be both, light and dark. Yes that part gives me faith, why are the peacemakers blessed? They are blessed because they usher in the beginning. But ya, you get it, :} Peace in my mind is, more like not caring or worrying about anything, like walking out to get the paper naked, or telling a fatlady shes fat, and not feeling thier pain, peace is like seeing your neighbor hit his wife and kids, and being able to say it will be ok. Maybe I mean, everyones peace is anothers war these days, biblicly god wants us to choose oneness with him and oneness with ourselves, guess it boils down to whos the master, god, satan, or just-us. I wholeheartedly am for peace, I mean the song comes to mind, We will make the aliens great pets? Blind faith works for the innocent, once your awake it's a total different ball game. The native american prophecys are just as clear as to what is happening as well. Sorry for the darkness, but thats where I do my best good works, like I said we will have world peace no matter how it manifests. And maybe the question should of been , are you ready for the responsabilities peace will bring? This is the peace I pray for. :}
Heres the main page.  

2 Sep 2002 @ 19:31 by craiglang : Responsibilities of Peace vs War
You ask if we are ready for the responsibilities of peace? I think I understand your question, as well as the differences in our definitions of the word "peace".

Let me ask instead, Are we ready for the consequences of the alternative to enlightenment? Ask yourself this as you examine the state of our planet. As with most who endeavor to walk a spiritual path, I pray that it will lead to enlightenment - and with it, the true peace of the aware, the peace of the soul. And I pray that this will happen soon enough to save our world.
Thanx again.

4 Sep 2002 @ 11:20 by craiglang : Updated
Modified to update grammar and refine the wording. The meaning is the same, the message is the same, the delivery is improved - I hope... 8^)

5 Sep 2002 @ 05:43 by neolux : kumbaya
me thinks the the nations making up the"axis of evil" don't know the words to "kumbaya." Shall we just sit in the corner singing to ourselves, watching them wreak their havoc on the world?

CL Note: Depends on whether you are a good singer or not, and whether you are good at getting others to sing along... 8^)  

5 Sep 2002 @ 12:11 by craiglang : The Meaning of Peace
I've noted in this thread a quite a difference in understanding over my NewsLog entry. There has been alot of feedback to the effect that seeking peace is naive - that there are "bad-guys" out there waiting to step on us. While the latter is true, the former is not.

I have also gotten a lot of interesting comments which have effectly been diatribes against the injustices about which I refer. I agree with nearly all of these comments. But my agreeing with them will not fix them. And lashing out against these evils will not fix them either. Only finding a creative solution (which, by the way, I don't have) will really solve them in a permanent way.

Having said the above, I would NOT have been opposed to (for example) going to war in 1942, had I been alive then. But that is a (relatively) short term issue. The longer term issues associated with WW2 included the WW1 peace treaty and the depression - which in combination largely fostered WW2, and what kind of peace treaty to forge once the war was over.

As another example, one of the most effective revolutionaries was Ghandi - who also preached non-violence. Did he sit in the corner and sing Kumbaya? No, he was too busy organizing civil disobedience. - Besides that, I don't think Kumbaya had been written yet...8^)

So, in summary, seeking peace is a long-term endeavor. It requires alot of patience, and a willingness to work out problems - even the absolute worst ones - in truly creative ways. The key to a true, lasting peace of the soul - of which I speak - is the proactive correction of the problems which give rise to the bad-guys in the first place. It is getting away from the dualistic us-versus-them view. This is the long view, not the short view. And it may be the most difficult thing our civilization will ever do.


5 Sep 2002 @ 12:33 by vaxen : neolux...
it is quite obvious to many, by now, that we are the ones reeking havoc in this world and that the 9/11 disaster was staged by elements in our Government who have been and will continue to make their bid for total world dominance...perhaps even just as an experiment! The Fourth Reich is in control...take a good look at the names from operation paperclip. Take a good look at the 'Bush' family et al...the 'gang' in Washington. As the bleeding heart journalists do their pathetic PSYOPS sting on national TV on the radios, newspapers and so forth...ask the 'victims' of the so called tragedy if they have received one penny of the billions generated and being generated in their name! The next phase of the game is to Nuke a small community here in the USA with a dirty bomb. It wo'nt be Iraqui it'll be an American smart bomb made in some small country for a farthing...then the PSYOPS will take over and make you think that another terrorist attack has just been made. The schedule has it happening by the first few months of 2003. Do'nt believe the bastards neolux! It is all propaganda and hype! The only dictator is on Capitol hill! Remember that 'YHVH spoke to Moshe out of 'the burning Bush?' Oi!  

1 Nov 2002 @ 14:09 by craiglang : Modified to correct gramar and flow
Corrected some typos and merged intro and body of article  

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