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picture22 Jan 2003 @ 10:24, by Craig Lang

I got some fascinating and thought-provoking reactions to my posting of the link to the "Whitley's Journal" article. In his article, Whitley Strieber takes a very unconventional view (at least from the perspective of the antiwar movement). Thank you to all who wrote. Your views, whatever they may be, are important for an expanded view of the issues.

One of the comments posted in response to the W.S. article was that he has "Blue Blood". The comment seems to suggest that W.S. might be somehow part of the inner circle - or at least supportive of it. This is interesting for many reasons.

The primary reason that the biggest focus of W.S.'s work is in the UFO-encounter area, and the interaction between the ET presence and our civilization. On his radio show "Dreamland", one of the things he discusses frequently is the impact of the coverup (UFO and otherwise) on the lives of close encounter experiencers - and on everyone else, too. Many of the biggest issues there are about the inability of the government, news media, and industry to accept a more far-sighted out-of-the-box view.

Another thing I have noticed as I have written (mostly) about the anomaly and close encounter topic, is that responses (not just to me, but to many, in many different fields) tend to be very polarized (yes I know, that polarity thing again). In many arguments within the UFO field and elsewhere, I often hear the implication - or even the overt statement - that the other side must somehow be part of the coverup, in league with the shadow government, etc. Yet this is the first time that I have ever heard this mentioned in relation to Whitley Streiber.

So I ask: Just who is the inner circle? What is the shadow government and what comprises the coverup? Who is part of it, and who is not? Is there just one group? Or are there many different ones? Is "them" different for different people? And if so, why?

To me, this is a fascinating thing to consider. And I suspect that as we find the answer, it will suprise us. Because in the end, I believe that we will find that "They" are "Us" - we are all one.


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22 Jan 2003 @ 14:08 by spiritseek : Who Are They?
One of your questions is, Who is this group? The answer is the Illumati, this group is made up of around 5 men who are nameless because you will never find them listed anywhere. Their names were erased for the purpose of being anonymous. Many have mentioned this group but none knows their true identity.This group has been known to weild so much power that presidents bow to them and their leadership.  

22 Jan 2003 @ 14:24 by shawa : Illuminati
The symbol of the Order is a crescent moon, made from the claws of a Bengal tiger, engraved with a pyramid, an urn and a pentagram. The crescent is suspended from a scimitar and in the Order is a representation of the Universal Mother worshipped in ancient times as Isis. The horns of the crescent point downwards because it represents the setting moon of the old faith at the rising of the Sun of the new religion of the brotherhood of humanity.
Vaxen will have a lot of information, Craig. :-)  

22 Jan 2003 @ 14:28 by spiritseek : Yes I spelled it wrong

Established by Adam Weishaupt in 1776

Shakti,I had no problem with your correction,thanks.  

22 Jan 2003 @ 14:31 by shawa : OK (((Spirit seek)))
No harm done, dear. :-)  

22 Jan 2003 @ 14:56 by vibrani : symbols
The real illuminati are not what many people think they are. The symbols of the crescent moon, horns, and pyramid were and still are mine. I don't mean that possessively, but they were my ancient symbols for a reason. They go back to the Anunnaki. Ninhursag, Enki and Enlil, and Sin. They don't have to do with a brotherhood - but a family of the Anunnaki with specific roles, abilities, duties and territory.  

22 Jan 2003 @ 15:26 by craiglang : Absolute vs Relative
One observation about this discussion thread...
So far, the commentary has refered to a specific group of people making up an inner circle - a well-defined membership list. Yet depending upon whom I ask, I hear different descriptions of who is in that inner circle. So it seems to me that there must be a certain flux to the constitution of this inner body.

Also one of the phenomena that seems to crop up is the "relative"-ness of this inner circle. Often, when there is disagreement, one party makes an assertion that the other party is somehow part of this group, at least in some way. This implies that somehow, this inner circle has an amorphous, ever-shifting charater to it.

Another note: I had originally used the term "coverup" rather than "inner circle", but I felt that was too negative.  

22 Jan 2003 @ 16:21 by bushman : There is an inner circle.
Look, I've been listening to WS, Art, Jeff, David, and all thier guests, on thier radio shows, for over 7 years on the net, and almost 15 years, on live radio. If you want to know the truth ? WS is the head guy, and now that he is not on the radio any more, and just on the net, he has been quite forth comming, aperently, now that WS is net only he will say more about his expiriances. You can use that net link tracker/browser, thing, ming has in his log, i'll put the link at the end. Anyway the members of the inner circle are , WS, Black vault, and Jeff Rence. These 3 people control the whole thing, from there it goes to the media network jocks, Art, david, etc... My view is that the gov wants to be the ones that break the main info of the aliens and what thier agenda is, and WS wouldn't go for it and Jeff hasn't been going for it for over 5 years, Art sold out 5 years ago because he is a whimp, lol. WS knows all the players, he knows thier agenda, and he's a loose cannon now that hes free on the net. And I don't even want to get into what clearchannel is doing right now with gorge noory taking over Arts show. I do know Gorge is going to lean towards jeffs format. Arts view durring the last year he was on, was total gov backing patriot, and he would cut off anyone that talked down about the gov, Gorge seems to be letting those people speak and he seems to agree with them or at leasts says that he will check it out. But still WS knows his stuff and he does know the bible very well, not that it matters, lol. He does belive in God, thats a fact. Also there is no coverup, they have been telling everyone for years, no one has been really listening till now. :}  

22 Jan 2003 @ 18:08 by sharie : Who are THEY?
Because there are so many organizations that now work to facilitate THEM, THEY have been becoming increasingly more powerful.

You won't believe *who* THEY are or what THEY are doing... until you face what they have been doing in the past 100 hundred years of mass slaughters. My newslog entry "What is Sacred" attempts to detail the history of their work, which may help you to open your eyes to the truth of *who* THEY are what their agenda is.

Once you face the millions and millions of people slaughtered over the past hundred years... I'm estimating 50 million dead bodies of babies, children, men and women worldwide... all murdered so that THEY can achieve their agenda... once you can see these mass murderers for what they are, and what they are willing to do in order to achieve their objective, you can see more clearly *who* THEY are. As long as we deny the hundred years slaughter of human beings, we can't grasp *what* they have planned. We are so naive and simple when compared to what THEY have devised. Here's a short list of some of their organizations created specifically for *them*:

The Illuminati
The Masonic Lodge (local lodges are unaware of what their upper eschelons do)
The World Bank
The World Trade Organization
Council on Foreign Relations
Scull and Crossbones

The following have subsequently been subjugated by *them*:

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration
The U.S. military forces (all branches)
The Pharmaceutical Industry
The Chemical Corporations
The United Nations
(*They* created the League of Nations, which flopped (too obvious). After the United Nations was created to genuinely help humanity.... George Bush Sr. was appointed Ambassador to the U. N. in the early 70's... and then head of the CIA in the late 70's. You can begin to see what THEY were up to.)

There's hundreds of *Non-Profit* organizations in the U.S. and Europe which were created specifically for a One World Order which will be run by the *elite* (billionaires) while the masses of people will have their lives structured in such a way that their labor all goes to the benefit of the billionaires through taxes (extortion), interest payments (mortgages, credit cards, car and truck loans, student loans), pharmaceuticals, gasoline, and so on until there's virtually nothing left for the laborer. This is the "ECONOMY" as THEY have created it.

I've barely touched the surface of all the organizations that are facilitating them. Hope this helps.  

22 Jan 2003 @ 19:40 by craiglang : Interesting - the list keeps growing
Hmmm, The more I hear, and the more that people check in, the bigger the list gets. Sharie, yours is the most comprehensive. Kewl...

Bushman, thanks for the notes on the TalkRadio folks. It's been really interesting to see how that has evolved over the last few years. And I think you're right about Whitley not biting re: the controlled info release. My sense is that this is why Dreamland got dropped from the airwaves.

Another neat thing is how free discussion threads like this often take unexpected turns. That's how we learn alot.

Bushman and Sharie and All,
Thanx for the notes

22 Jan 2003 @ 20:23 by vibrani : Us versus Them
Speaking personally, of course - using the US versus THEM, or WE versus THEY lingo is an interesting thing: it gives one the illusion that they are very different, separate, disconnected from each other. Is it helpful to think like this? That the government is not made up of people, as if they are from a different realm and not part of civilization on Earth. That we are the good guys and they are the bad guys. Okay, so some aspects of the government exploits. Name me one person who doesn't exploit something, even minutely. I don't like the UN and feel it's become a joke in the past thirty years. But if I want to see change in the UN or any other organization, the way is not to pit one against the other, but find common grounds in which to work together and have needs met. I don't believe that every single organization and institution can't be viewed or approached like people.
CL Note: Bingo! I think that's the idea that was trying to come through in the original article. I find that the boundary between the "Them" and the "Us" seems amorphous. To me, these are artificial, somewhat arbitrary, and quite ambiguous groupings.
I added a note to the posting...
Thank you for your insight

22 Jan 2003 @ 21:48 by strydg : a new world civilization
has to be inclusive of all people, men-in-black, illuminati, 5whiteguysinties, gwb, ws... even Vibrani.  

22 Jan 2003 @ 21:51 by craiglang : Update
A followup note 1/22/03:
The idea that was trying to come through in the posting, is that the boundary between "Us" and "Them" seems to be very arbitrary. It is percieved differently by different people. I believe that the "suprise for us all" will be that there is no "Us and Them", because we are all one.

I think I was being too oblique before. I just updated the posting to more directly convey the theme.
Thanks one and all for the feedback

22 Jan 2003 @ 23:55 by vibrani : Yeah!
Love the ending to your article, Craig. Exactly! (Then comes the question: Do we like what we see in us?)  

23 Jan 2003 @ 03:59 by istvan : Who are those mysterious ones.
Well i think NO-Body. The mysterious person, or persons is noneher but one or more of collections of belief systems.These SYSTEMS actualized in the real world as actions of individuals to relating(vibrating to the systems they support. Validate and actualize those belief systems by generating enough energy to justify their support and create permanent infrastructures out of those Systems.
The individual within these belief systems is nothing but a manifester, supporter and worker toward making the system a permanent structure of a method to live by for as many as possible, because the more people are convinced of it’s manufactured truths, the more space is created for those who are clever enough to take advantage of the pleasures of being THE HEAD OF THE PACK.
The requirement to join the pack is to except any belief system as reality. The stronger the acceptance the more of a chance there is for the individual to take advantage within and of the SYSTEM. AS some of these systems have existed, lasted for hundreds of years, the individuals by the process of dying have disappeared, yet the systems remain and successfully work for others. The individual is nothing but a collection of the chemicals properly and cleverly arranged by nature to create and maintain these systems for not any other reason, but that they are fun and might actually accomplish something that is imperishable within a process within a the basic phenomena that th Universe is ever changing.
In conclusion, I do not believe there are any particular entities (be that aliens, wizards or particular gods) that are running this show, but the other way around, THE SHOW is running the individual.
The ones who appear to be the leaders are only the ones who know that and are clever enough to take advantage of the naïve masses.Looking at the awide gaps betvean people this is the only way to justify, for me anyways that we are all one.  

23 Jan 2003 @ 08:03 by bushman : Last Nights Show.
This was last nights Gorge Noory Show. I'd say we where in the loop, lol.  

24 Jan 2003 @ 16:12 by sharie : We are all One
Who among you have engineered the mass slaughter of millions of human beings?

For the purpose of power? Or wealth?

Until we confront what THEY are doing, we're like the simple german countryfolk who stood in denial and did nothing while six million human beings were murdered. Is that what you choose to do?

We must face what THEY are doing, not just pat them on the back and say, "you're one of us".

We are all one, that's true. But you sound like you approve of the slaughters. It's hard to face what THEY have done, but we must. I won't contribute to the slaughter of babies, children, men and women, so I won't buy their gasoline or pharmaceuticals. I don't buy weed killer from Monsanto or any other chemical company - salt and vinegar kills the weeds and costs a lot less. I don't buy aspartame which is wood alcohol poisoning. I'm not going to support their agenda. I withdraw my support because I know what they are doing.

When you buy gas, you're supporting the slaughter of babies and children. Do you deny that? Why do you think the embargo has been against Iraq for 12 years? Because the Bush regime wants their oil. North Korea is more of a threat than Iraq, and there's worse dictators in the world than Hussein. The embargo - which has killed thousands and thousands of Iraqi children - is to pressure Iraq for oil.

Yes, we are all one, and we must demonstrate what *we* believe is right. THEY are slaughtering people, do you want to support that? Or do you want to support the truth that we *are* all one?

I look for ways where we can all win. For this, we need a whole new mentality, a new paradigm, a whole new world.


CL Note: Well said. Thank you Sharie.

Looking for a win-win solution is by no means the same thing as compromise. I have never opposed activism in the cause of justice. And just because we are all one, doesn't mean that all of us "Get it". If we all did then there would be no need to have this discussion.

Thanks for another wonderful comment.

24 Jan 2003 @ 18:54 by vibrani : Not that easy.
What is the challenging part to all of this is that we are all one, and each of us is at a different phase in consciousness, and free will. That means, as Craig says, that not all of us will get it, or get it at the same time. Each person on this planet has their own view of reality. I do not think it is possible for the civilization of Earth to be in complete agreement about everything at the same time, or all of the time. How do you get a new mentality? By feeling you need a change within yourself, and making the change. As far as what effects us as a civilization, such as supporting wars, death, oil blackmail or any cause, people are speaking out. Hopefully, it will not continue, which would be following in WWII's footsteps, in the footsteps of so many holocausts that passed and ones going on today. Again, it takes a change in consciousness and for people to have a different perspective - that we are all representatives on Earth of the God/dess.  

24 Jan 2003 @ 20:12 by craiglang : An age old question
No Sharie, I do not "approve of the slaughter". I assume that you mean well by your comment - but you also have a very good point. Pacifism is not passivity.

Even though we are all fundamentally part of the One-Human-Consciousness, there can be tremendous separation from that awareness. What are we to do when confronted by evil - such as what Sharie refers to? That is, I think one of the biggest questions in human history - and I doubt that it will be solved here on this newslog... :o)

I had no idea that the topic of unity and polarity would stir up such an interesting thread of conversation. Yet what this tells me is that there are a very large number of views on the topic - some of them quite deeply held. It touches a nerve within us. There is a deep thread of pain at what we see going on in the world. "How could I possibly be one with that?" Our world is deeply ill, and I am deeply revulsed by much of what I see in the present political and environmental state of affairs.

Also, what I think gets lost in this discussion is that even if one tries to take a higher view of a conflict, the problem still has to be solved in some way. And Sharie is right that "patting the bad guy on the back" doesn't do it. That's not pacifism.

Actions have results, and results bring reactions. Seeking one side of a polarity usually energizes the opposite. At times perhaps this is necessary, as I am hearing some of the writers say in this thread. And I have always been strongly in favor of activism for justice. Yet the polarity remains, perhaps emerging in another form. I believe that the greatest issue is not "the enemy", but war itself.

So we are left with the peacemakers's dilema. What do we do if we are threatened, or if an intolerable injustice occurs? Does the peacemaker fight back? What is the highest response to a situation such as this? On a chilly January night in Minnesota, sits a man at his computer who does NOT have the answers... :o)  

24 Jan 2003 @ 20:18 by vibrani : hmmm
Well, I don't think what Gandhi did was the answer, either. It got him killed. The last thing we need is to be martyrs while working for change.

We have to be careful not to become what we are trying to change. Fighting back, yes, there are many ways, and I agree that one of the most effective ways of fighting back is through money. Not purchasing things that support something we're against.  

25 Jan 2003 @ 07:19 by martha : Gandi, Jesus and King
"Pacifism is not passivity." I agree completely and it was the way for Jesus, Gandi and King just to name a few. This action can come in many forms and it does work. And yes the three men named all died for their beliefs. Don't we all?
Passivity is action. It is a pradox. And it can change the world if you truly want peace. It has been demonstrated in our life.

South Africa is struggling with it now. Mandela is another example. Should he not try to have his country unite in peace becasue some don't want it? His peace is not passive.  

25 Jan 2003 @ 15:46 by sharie : Finding a solution that works for all...
Thank you everyone for your comments. I tend to think the slaughters are ordered because no other solution can be found. They do not have the facts that would assist them in making beautiful, healthy choices. They instead have *theories* that result in choices which are detrimental to all the world. What if we laid down the facts that would result in choices that are beneficial to all the world? What if there was a way to achieve peace and prosperity, health and happiness for all the world? What if the hatreds could fade away, and love for all of life would take its place center stage in all our hearts? What if all this were possible? And what if it only took a few people who believed in it to begin to make it happen?  

25 Jan 2003 @ 17:29 by vibrani : die for peace?
No, we don't all have to be martyrs and die for peace. But, if that floats your boat, go for it. I think that those three men you mentioned weren't able to maintain a balance. They made a lot of people angry, which is ok, but they also should have known that when you make some people that angry, it may come back at you unless you change how YOU communicate. (Once in a while it may make no difference, when a nut is out to kill someone.)  

25 Jan 2003 @ 18:08 by martha : nuts
(Once in a while it may make no difference, when a nut is out to kill someone.) I believe all three of these men, Gandi, Jesus, and King, were killed by nuts.  

25 Jan 2003 @ 19:17 by vibrani : well, yeah
Sure - people who kill people in cold blood are nuts. Do you think it would have made any difference had these three men changed how they communicated their message? Do you think they'd have lived a longer life if they learned to deal a little differently with the factions that hated them so much? Like, involved them a little more in their talks? Tried to address and heal the hate instead of just brushing it off as something that exists no matter what? Or, that it was destined to be like that?  

25 Jan 2003 @ 20:10 by shawa : That´s why...
... we need WOMEN! (Tee Hee)  

25 Jan 2003 @ 20:28 by vibrani : HAHAHA
I agree!!!!!  

26 Jan 2003 @ 02:53 by jazzolog : That's Why We Need MEN
Well Craig, you've attracted quite a thread of powerful women to this entry. Do I dare tempt the Fates? (Let's see weren't They women? And didn't they manage thread...with one of them holding a pair of scissors to cut things off? Hhmmm, I have a button here that needs sewing on.) Of course I'm envious, buddy. However, do you notice that the flavor of those Insider Groups you're discussing seems distinctly male, in the damned traditional sense? And doesn't it seem men always like to create these secret good old boys' groups we go to? And aren't women always protesting about that and trying to get in? Telling us we NEED them in there and stuff? Well not always: I remember sorority meetings in my high school days that we guys would sneak up on---and then inside they'd call the cops and we'd have to run for it. Hey honey, we need some more nachos in here 'cause the game's coming on!  

26 Jan 2003 @ 09:03 by craiglang : Comments by Gender
No statistical basis for this, but I've noticed that most of the comments I have gotten have been from female members of NCN. Hmmm. Must be that personal magnetism - it seems to radiate out over cyberspace too....  

27 Jan 2003 @ 12:10 by jazzolog : Undoubtedly
you've put your finger upon it were. Yes, El Magneto...I know just what you mean. ***Harrrumph...gasp*** Perhaps we should start a secret group of such practitioners, eh? ;-)  

19 Jul 2003 @ 09:02 by repsyche : conspiracies?
sometimes when I temporarily lose something, its easy to think, "Who moved my whatever..". Then I realise I left it someplace else!

I feel we too easily ascribe world events to secretive conspiracies, mysterious others or aliens

there are conspiracies on every level, except I would argue at the very highest

and if there is, we might as well give up on the future engineering because THEY will take us out before we can do any damage

luv and laffs dave  

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