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 Anyone Else Observe an Overall Grumpiness?28 comments
25 Feb 2003 @ 21:42, by Craig Lang

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone else has percieved this. I've noted a larger than typical level of grouchiness out there. I've seen this at work, on the road, in peoples' posts on various e-forums, etc... Others have commented about this, too - so I don't think it's purely my own perception.

I wonder - is there any one specific cause? Is it the world situation? Are people perhaps just getting tired of the N. Hemisphere winter? Or is it something else?

Comments anyone?

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25 Feb 2003 @ 23:37 by vaxen : Yes Craig...
perhaps they are sensing the forthcoming polar shift and the entrance of an 'Intruder Planet' into our solar system. The intense electromagnetic buildup in the Sun is a harbinger of a polar shift that is due. The Intruder should become visible this May 5th or thereabouts. NASA and establishment science do not want the public to know but believe me they have been preparing for it...that they might survive and to hell with the rest of humanity. I've some good links for this info if you wish. The info comes from the United States Navy.

The techno-shamanic matrix, SDI etc., is in place for the creation of what they do call 'the matrix.' Matrix means 'mother.' And 'they' have been creating the 'new world' for quite some time. Iraq is a blind for what is really going on as is most mass media publifabrication...

It may behoove you to do some research on 'Planet-X.' Also Alfven's 'Cosmical Electrodynamics' andthe Oort Cloud, Kuiper Belt and Plasma physics. Peace be unto you good soul.  

25 Feb 2003 @ 23:43 by vibrani : Energies
Craig, I think it's due to insecurity, confusion, lack of faith in one's self and inner knowledge, not being a peace with one's self. The tensions are flying off the handle due to impending war and not being sure if there should be one, or not, and if there is one what those consequences will be. People are scared, not sure who to trust. Conspiracy theories, fear stories, innacurate reports, all contribute negative energy to it. There is the divide and conquer energy put out, separating people from each other. The fear of survival. This is why, I think, it's of immense value to meditate and find one's own place of centeredness and connection with God, one's essence, the universe (whatever you want to call it). And get back to basics, feel the love and security from All That Is - it sure helps rejuvenate us and remind us of what really matters.  

26 Feb 2003 @ 07:33 by martha : question vax
Polar shift - If that's the case wouldn't that cause tremendous changes on the earth's surface? Like reduce populations dramatically and change the land surface? So when is this going to happen? this year? Next year? When? Also if it is going to happen soon then why are you working?

CL Note 2/26/03: Magnetic vs Geographic Pole Shift?
We are about due for a magnetic reversal, but that isn't the same as structural/geologic change. It will, however, cause a substantial change in the ionosphere, with more UV and other noxious solar radiation getting thru. So although not real great, it doesn't appear to be as catastrophic as some have described.

Another thought: I often wonder if the "pole shift" that is predicted by many psychics isn't metaphorical. Could it be a social shift of some sort - from the first world (Northern hemisphere) to the third/fourth world (southern hemisphere), or some other repolarizing of the world social structure.

Could it be the coming awakening or emergence - the Conscious Evolution that Barbara Marx Hubbard speaks of - that I believe is coming at some point (hopefully soon).  

26 Feb 2003 @ 08:36 by shawa : Anyway -
...I´m knitting woollen socks, just in case we freeze up. Hehehehe
Grumpiness ? Oh yes, everybody´s grumpy, nervous or downright agressive - that´s how "they" want us, is it not ? ¿To sell us their damn programme about the war?
Eighty per cent of the Spanish people are against the war. Which is causing a rift between the Spanish government (who sided with the U.S) and the people.
There IS change on the horizon on the "old" continent.  

26 Feb 2003 @ 09:41 by bushman : Personaly
I think it's going to be a mess, theres plenty of evidence, all over, all of the above is true. Our planets mag field does change, it drops to 0 and then builds back up opposit to what it was, our mag field will hang at 0 for at least 3 years. That is not the only thing that happens in cycles here, there is a rouge sun/blackhole, sister sun to our own, it does not come flying through our solar system, but there are bodys that orbit both suns. 2 suns one light and one dark, most systems we see out in space are double stars. In the forest it is common to see 2 trees growing side by side. Planet X and its moons orbit both suns, and both suns orbit around each other. So for us this polar shift not only opens us up to cosmic radiations, but gravitational effects as well, the magma in the planet well change its convections. Notice the Hawian islands, they are on a hot spot, in the center for that matter, last time our planet went through this, the island chain changed direction, you can see that the direction change is almost 90 degs. Out here we get frost lines, from iron particals in the soil that line up with the mag field, this has been moving to the left each year. Also we get frost cracks in the rocks, erosion makes them stand out, and I notice the old frost cracks more worn by time, they go in the opposit direction, than the newer ones. I think there will be that day when it all breaks loose, and all the land masses will change its position in one big movment. Makes me wonder why the native americans never invented the wheel, or did they? And did they after the last shift decide that they wouldnt depend on tech to save thier butts? We will again go back to being hunters and gathers, till the ones that went underground, come back out and take us over again, unless of course we weld the bunker doors shut, lol. Chain up satan for 1000 years?  

26 Feb 2003 @ 11:38 by vaxen : hahahaha
Yeah bushman! Thankyou! Yes, I think chaining up the 'enemy' for 1000 years will be the thing to do for sure! You know that they are planning to make a new species of human, do'nt you? Radioactive human beings is a part of their 'Techno-Shamanic-Matrix (Mother) Nightmare! Ever wonder why so much nuclear waste is being trundled here in there in old leaky buckets? Also the fact that our troops have been, and will be again, irradiated totally in Iraq should have made the people think...People can think? hahahahahaha

Also 'scalar technology' is being used at the ELF and ULF levels to create (Mind COntrol) the general populace of the world. Think I'm kidding? Do a bit of research and then tell me what is that strange hum or ring that wo'nt go away...that you hear deep inside your head...that agitates you cause you ca'nt get away from it? In any case thanks for the info above, bushman, there will be 'earth changes' as techtonic shearing occurs. Planet-X (Nibiru) Has done this's a cyclic thing...and both our geology and our Mythologies record these events. Ah those who have ears hear...many will die but the 'creators of the SDI techno-shamanic-matrix count on human sacrifice for to them humans, and everything else for that matter are simply lab rats or guinea pigs for them to use as they see fit. John Worrell Keely's harmonic resonance findings were secreted by the 'Skull and Bones' order which started in Germany long before old Adolph was puppeted by them and their cronies. Good day Volken.  

26 Feb 2003 @ 11:45 by bushman : Hmm,
Seems to me someone accually reads our news logs, ay? lol, I'm ready :}

Hmm, say vax, my licence plate in CA, was VOLKHU, imagine that, lol.

Hmm, now this is odd, I put volk hu into a google search and came up with this site, now whats odd is that when I came up with my licence plate, I had asked my aunt, what the armenian word for avenger or someone that holds a grudge, she said something like biya bocju, so she wrote it down in english letters since I don't know armenian, and she spelled volkhu. Wait it gets even odder, as a small child my parents would say , Oh here comes litle lord flantlaroy, lol, this was because my moms mom would always rub me down with olive oil after a bath, lol. So then now I find this site, just what the hell is going on?

And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.

Unbelieveable, why my friends would call me Antone, and my name is Anthony, yet my parents where going to name me Matthew. I must be caught in some parallel universe. lol. :}

Ok, I'm traped in a nightmare.  

26 Feb 2003 @ 12:31 by scotty : I'm hoping
that somewhere along the line - all these upsets and grumpyness is due to something like being albeit unconciously aware of a 'shifting' a 'quickening'
the quantum paradigm shift !
maybe huh ! whaddya think?  

26 Feb 2003 @ 13:29 by martha : hmmm
vaxen you sure are happy over all this. So how come you are still working if all this great change is almost on us?
scotty- not sure an island would be safe if this happens. (want to help with paranoid thoughts). I image there might be tidal waves but I guess that is unimportant in the scheme of things according to bushman and vax.  

26 Feb 2003 @ 14:40 by bushman : The big slosh?
mm, if it goes down like it did last time , the best place to be would be on a submarine, if it goes down the way the native americans say, being underground would be safer. I say theres nothing we can do realy if it does happen, but protect knowledge and wisdom. If for any reason people are aggitated, it's because they know theres nothing they can do about any of it, weather it's planet X , or war, they know they don't have a say, or even have the power, to do so, and believe me they have something to say and they would wheeld thier power. It's a situation where you have a group of people with all the past wisdom, locked away from the common folk, vax is right in that they think we are so dumb they can control us like sheep, and in a way we are the ginni pigs of a far grander and very old scheme. It's like master and slave, we are farmed and cultivated to suport them, then comes the harvest. Then the field is tilled under, and left fallow, then the farmer comes to see what has taken root, he collects the seeds he likes, tills the soil again, and replants it with what seeds he chose. Maybe people are grumpy because some of us are pealing away the blinders, and they can't handle what they are seeing. We will be ok, because we are good seed. My interpetation of good seed is, seed that can grow in adverse condition's and bears fruit. :}  

26 Feb 2003 @ 15:07 by scotty : oh my goodness
not only am I afraid of water - I can't swim !
( a tidal wave ! oh merde)

I think you've got it right bushy "Maybe people are grumpy because some of us are pealing away the blinders, and they can't handle what they are seeing. "  

26 Feb 2003 @ 22:48 by vaxen : Ooooo...
nice little dialogue. bushman my folks always called me 'little lord fauntleroi/y,' too, especially after something nice happened to me like getting straight a's or gifts from grandmother etc., Volk Hu would mean, for me, Hu's folk or kin i.e., 'Folk of the Hub or Center (Cosmic Hub).' Ref., 'Kunab Hu' or 'Cosmic Hub.'

Dear Martha what do you mean by still working? I am not the type of person that gives up on anything and am fairly well aware of my purpose for having manifested, in this life, in the here and nowness of Terra II.

I've prepared all my life for the coming changes so I am not afraid of them but look forward to them with great glee because it means fulfillment of a higher purpose and destiny, not only for me, but for all of Hu-Man kind. (Man>Mannaz?)

Incidentally 'Hu is also one of Odhinns,' also Horus', epithets as well as En-Ki(a). Ki(a) is the ancient Babylonian/Accadian name for Earth/Terra-II. En means 'Lord' or 'Master.' Enki can also be equated with Hermes Trismagistus. Tehuti is also another of his epithets.

My reason for coming here tonight was to drop off the link for Craig to the article I mentioned in the first shpiel. The link is:

PS: It may do one well to remember the second law of thermodynamics when contemplating the upcoming 'Earth changes' which will begin, in earnest, this May when 'Planet-X' becomes viewable to all. Please read the article 'Bulletin 1' in its entirety, not out of fear, but for the knowledge that is there.

Only by knowing what is coming can we help one another during our times of greatest need. Many will be in denial but so? Bushman is right about 'the seed.' We will 'seed' the 'New World.' The Ver Nieue.' ;) "There is nothing to fear save fear itself."---Winnie "There is nothing to fear."---Me :)  

27 Feb 2003 @ 00:06 by vaxen : Addenda...
Here is another link to the homepage of a really wonderful scientist and human being who authored the "Plasma Discharge Comet Model" and has some really shocking things to reveal as well as lots of information, real stuff, that is being witheld from us for Lord knows why! Please, please, go to this site and read it all then let's discuss it somewhere if possible.  

27 Feb 2003 @ 02:35 by newdawn : angst
I certainly have a very powerful awareness of lots of negativity surfacing. I have seen and felt it around me and also notice my own emotive responses where the "straw that breaks the camel's back" is indeed very tiny or perhaps I am no longer prepared to carry any straws on my back! All the hidden negativity must surface so that it can be transmuted, on the personal and global levels. The experience is happening all around to everyone on different levels.
These last three months will not only be bringing physical changes as X passes by but also hopefully profound personal changes and changes in consciousness.
I have to mention that animals are also sensing/behaving apprehensively. I know my dog certainly has been.  

27 Feb 2003 @ 06:14 by martha : work
the reason i keep asking you vaxen is cause if I truly believed what you are spouting than I would not be putting any energy into making money. But then again maybe you are working for free??  

27 Feb 2003 @ 06:36 by tdeane : Some good news ...
My poles shifted this past week (chuckle). I can't explain it any other way, other than the simplest of the simple gifts. It began with some harsh comments I made in one of the logs, the following day from every direction I was bombarded by destructive energy, not from within because they were coming from actual sources in my life, and culminating in the end of life near the end of the day. By that I mean, a megabucks professional, not rinky-dink, fireworks extravaganza was scheduled that night, unbeknownst to the sheriff's department until it began, and for those of us unaware, but suspecting fireworks, our suspicions turned to horror when the noises we were hearing kept increasingly sounding like explosions, the war kind, as the complexity of the fireworks increased. By the time the grand finale came, and fortunately I was on the phone with a friend and surrounded by empathic protection from another, from NCN as a matter of fact, my greatest inner concern was that Gregg would not share this experience with our little family unit (we have two kitty/kids), and that possibly his workplace had been hit. So, in a metaphoric sense, in my little life I saw what could be.

This is kind of confusing for me, but I'll try to describe it as best I can, because it really is a wonderful sharing. I've posted the candle site, and also something else I found there called the Powers of Ten, which has fascinated me since the time I found it. I don't pretend any formal scientific knowledge, but I kept going back to it, watching it, and letting it do it's thing with my psyche, not really trying to find meaning as much as letting it come on its own. What I saw in it was a ride to the farthest point in the Universe my imagination can take me, and when I got there and looked back, I saw that the place I was in was looking at me and seeing the same thing, the Universe. I also felt the feeling of being overwhelmed by the same feelings we have here in our place, the Earth.

Beginning when I came back after a computer-enforced absence in January, I started enjoying sleep for the first time in my life, so much so that I can't wait to go there, and moreso since this chain of events. It has become a place of utter calm, total peace, absolute serenity. Wow! I've never experienced this before in my life. Even reading the links regarding Planet X have left me with a feeling, after seeing from that point way out there from which I was looking, that it is our belief together, the united harmonic universes we represent as individuals, which the galaxies within our knowledge thus far and beyond are seeking from us -- the positive use of our power together instead of over each other to change the vibrations. Better yet, I didn't see all of this having to happen with everyone on the Earth, but from those of us together in NCN in synchronistic purpose in being here together from our far corners of the Earth, because we are metaphor for galaxy/world in this vision.

Then I began asking myself as a universe, composed of millions of little quarks inside of me who are my responsibility, what will my next move be to create healing and harmony in my galaxy/world, in thought, deed, and words.

I know, kind of weird and simplistic, and I don't expect my words to have meaning, but rather I'm attempting to connect with similar, simple yet profound experiences in others' lives over the last couple of weeks. I have connected with a place that is all mine and my responsibility out there, just as there is a place all yours looking back at you believing you are more powerful than it is, so I am left with the belief that we can choose to change and heal and protect our Universe and that we have the intelligence and spiritual power and energy to do this together by accepting each others' Divine purpose and sharing the strength, not the weaknesses. The best analogy I can use is that I have found that if I expect someone to be a shithead and treat them accordingly, they will be a shithead. In the same sense, if I expect Planet X to be a shithead and fear it, and behave accordingly, it's going to hit me right in the place where I dreamed this dream.(chuckle) Love to all ~ Tricia  

27 Feb 2003 @ 19:05 by vaxen : Spouting?
Craig asked for comments. I gave a few links to information on plausibilities. I do'nt 'work.' And I especially do'nt 'work' for money. But if you do then that is your choice and I wish you well. But please study the links and the information contained therein for if you are'nt prepared for the changes that 'ARE' coming you wo'nt be able to be of much use to your family, friends, etc., The information is being kept secret for what purposes? Do you think that 'money' will matter at all after the change? The money used in America today is not real money but it is 'insurance script.' Fiat currency issued by the Central Banking thieves who stole your republic. It does'nt matter for they will murder themselves as they do everything else alive and opposed to their insanity. Se La Vie...  

28 Feb 2003 @ 12:42 by martha : Se La Vie...
That may be your version. And if the information is being kept secret than how come you know?  

28 Feb 2003 @ 12:48 by bushman : Hmm, again.
And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.  

28 Feb 2003 @ 16:56 by martha : and
It is only through feeling love all over that one can change...I wonder if that would work with planet X and change the course?  

28 Feb 2003 @ 19:34 by newdawn : or...
perhaps allow the passage of the planet to herald change but in a non intrusive or destructive manner.  

28 Feb 2003 @ 20:24 by bushman : Yep :}
But if people don't know, then how will they know what to do, or in this case what not to do. If it happens and people see it comming yes we have a good chance of changing anything, but with no where to direct the energy, its a crap shoot. Now assuming, we try while it's still far away, we only need a few million to change it, but if it's on our door step we would need everyones power to do it. But regaurdless of that we would have to be able to see it and know where it is and which way to push it, or in this case pull it. And the love might stop a very messy war, thats for sure, but to get at least half the world to unconditionaly love, thats the real task at hand. :}  

28 Feb 2003 @ 23:13 by tdeane : Hey, thanks Bushman!
... you've had a similar dream. There's a truth of that in Astrology: If we can change our birth tendencies and the effects of the planets, then we are in fact controlling the planets, aren't we? Maybe an astrologer can explain that better.:o) Besides, all of a sudden the scientists are unable to explain what is going on, in sort of a reflection of us, no? Now, anybody want some lovin'? (chuckle) Love to all ~ Tricia

Just to add a bit here, was watching Cosmic Odyssey on Sci TV this morning and heard such a beautiful expression: "Humans are recycled star stuff.":o):o)  

1 Mar 2003 @ 06:46 by martha : yes newdawn
Nice thought about non intrusive. And bushman I'm turning up my love energy and directing it at planet X.
Tricia- umm recycled... no sir not me! (spoken like a true Aries).
The way I figure it if planet X does start to create havoc, I'll jump in my SUV (which is somehow partly responsible for planet X havoc), of course carrying extra gas and head to SC. There I'll convince Vax to let me on the "Ark" high up in the mountains. By the way Vax what mountain are you on? If that fails I'll jump in my spaceship and join craig, bushman, scotty, nora, LZ, both swans, shakti, oh yah Mark, newdawn, tricia, and others to go boldly where no others have gone before. And we can wave to Vaxen wishing him luck in trying to rebuild from the ashes.  

1 Mar 2003 @ 07:34 by bushman : Hmm.
Well, you know, now that I think of it. A totaly washed clean canves to garden on? I might just stay and help Vax. :}  

1 Mar 2003 @ 09:47 by shawa : What a crew!

1 Mar 2003 @ 13:48 by bushman : Cook Book
How to prepare humans, lol.  

1 Mar 2003 @ 15:17 by martha : no thanks
You can stay with vax with your cook books. If I find a recipe in space I'll email you.  

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