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27 Feb 2003 @ 03:29, by sevenlamb

Why do we bow to, and cataclysmically serve, absurd ideas and classifications relating to templates such as race and class?

black, white, yellow, red, (your color here)...

I'm a human person. Some human persons (generally, these persons refer to themselves, as a class, as ‘adults’) think that other human persons are 'different by template' because their color, or culture, appears unique.

The problem is easy to model, but we tend to miss the most essential element, which, to our shame, most liberated children would (and do) immediately notice. It’s this: there’s no ‘such thing’ as color. In living creatures, color is ‘on the inside’ — and not, as adults too commonly suppose, external, or superficial.

The problem, is that each individual person is very unique. Yes, we share templates, or pieces of templates. But we are all very unique. If we are all ‘already unique’, making labels and groupings about this opens up a serious can of trouble, if we use it against ourselves. There are no other ‘selves’. Just us.

When we notice this ‘template thing’ about people, or are taught it, we realize how tempting and how simple it is to select some 'referent' such as color, class, etc — and then group 'imaginary' (yes, imaginary) populations into this envelope for judgment or comparison.

Now, even children realize that this old skill is somehow useful. But children remember something adults have forgotten. It’s –only- useful when heartfully applied for mutual rescue, uplift, or play. Any other use, in the eyes of children, constitutes something they might define, had they decided to be legalistic, as ‘heart-treason’. A crime against heart.

To a child, that’s the same as a bullet entering a child.

When I was a very young child, I remember that what I wanted more than anything, was a friend. I remember one of my very first human friends, and he was black. I wasn’t.

I thought being black was about the best thing in the universe, because he was my friend. Heck, it was a miracle. It was like a treasure of uniqueness, and it glowed. He was the color of space at night!

Here’s what’s important to see in that picture: I loved my friend. We giggled and played in the dirt, and hugged, and looked at insects and flowers. I loved my friend. Together, we were something bigger and more miraculous, than either of us, alone, or isolated, could ever be. We both knew that.

But my parents, who were not essentially anything more than ‘pragmatic’, and who were poor, and needing whatever sorts of support they might gain in our rural neighborhood, purportedly realized that this association of mine, while heartful, was problematic. I could not, they explained, play with my friend anymore. Later, perhaps 30 years later, I would learn that this was because associating with this family could focus negative attention, or classification, upon my parents. This would only come from one kind of person, however: an adult.

My parents weren’t especially ‘prejudiced’, per se. They were being realistic. We were dirt-poor, and really working to resolve that into something a bit more stable. My parents were around 22 years of age, and were probably actually trying to become more liberal in many domains, truth be told. They just didn’t have a good example to learn from. And there wasn’t any social or personal support for such ‘new ideas’. In fact, just about anywhere you looked, there was exactly the opposite.

That the majority of adults couldn’t find, become, or support these examples is actually a kind of adult ‘disease’. Children are deeply aware of such diseases in their adult protectors, and mentors. The ‘adults’, for some strange reason, cannot see that, left to their own devices, children untutored in hatred and fear, will joyfully and naturally form rings that include and even celebrate everyone –because- they are different..

Children have knowledge about these sorts of rings, which adults cannot see. When adults do notice, they pretend it’s ‘cute’, and by this they mean ‘primitive’. They’re mistaken in the worst way. What those children do, when free and empowered to do their thing, could save our world, and take our people to the stars. Fast.

Perhaps more significantly, failing to notice and learn this game, could render our world, and future, and children, into ashes. Just as quickly.

I was 3 or 4 at the time. 35 years later, if ‘being black’ as some sort of ‘classification template’ means anything to me, a ‘white’ person, it means magical miracles of lineage and heroism. And it means, for the peoples I adore, apocalyptic domains of persecution and torture. When someone tortures them, they’re torturing me I feel the same way about any other color or class of person or creature. When something is afflicting them, I am afflicted with them. It isn’t magic. It’s known, locally, as ‘being human’.

So as –children-, we really need to ask ourselves about the costs of failing to believe in, learn, and celebrate these games of rings, which include ourselves, and seek as well as celebrate our diverse uniqueness.

The reasons this game will save our world are simple, and they’re obvious. Each unique participant brings unique gifts to the ring, and its celebrations of rescue, mutual support, uplift, and play (joyful learning-exploration). Because we form a ring — regardless of whether we acknowledge this or not, this ‘children’s game’ options the sacred and ancient momentums of co-sentience, co-intelligence, and mutual support that enliven our entire biosphere. In diverse and inclusive rings, we accrue miraclePowers, because we become co-elaborative heroes. We accrue unityPower. And some other things that there really aren’t any adult words for at all, but may be more important than any adult word has ever been.

I’d like to suggest that, as is obvious from any child’s perspective, the adult population of Earth has been sold a disease by science, religion, and militaristic philosophies. Here’s what a child knows: when you damage a participant in the ring, you’re erasing your own mind, the library of worlds, and our chances to together reach for the miracles of our birthrights. And, when all those children are holding hands, and one of children insults, beats, or shoots a bullet into another...every person in the ring is hurt, demonstrably, and instantly. There is no ‘other game’, on Earth — neither in the games of adults, nor of the living planet as a set of ecospheres, which are also children. The game is about mutual uplift, not critique. It’s about co-survival, and joyful unity — not ‘attack ourselves because we can’.

Most children are also aware that it’s been a long time since they’ve seen anything even vaguely resembling an actual adult. In fact, a wise adult is aware there is no such thing as an adult, at all. It’s another one of those ‘classifications’ we got sold, that not only fail to serve us, but instead bind us to the servitude of imaginary ideas that can never be made true no matter how we may struggle. The closest thing to an adult, is a diversely inclusive group of wise and heartful children making a ring of mutual uplift and rescue. Children don’t have to know this. They are this.

When we look around and ‘place imaginary or implied templates’ on those we see and contact, or consider, we are playing a very deadly game. It’s a game of simulations, but the sources and intentions are not serving us. At all.

Our human and cultural and personal uniqueness has meanings and purposes which have not been hinted at by the science, religions, and political systems which have co-opted them against us. When we form inclusive rings, we accrue the power to overcome the obstacles that have and continue to threaten every living thing on our planet. The threat is immediate, mutli-valent, and omnidirectional.

We have, in moments of mutual connectivity, the power to give answer to human atrocity, and to reach for our potentials as a unified world, seeking merely to recognize the ring we already are, and stop attacking each other.

A broken ring, makes tyrants. Children know this too. Because when you isolate ‘a strong one’, the ‘strong one’ will make a ‘broken ring’ and rule it. And they will try to add, literally, everything in the world to the ‘ring they now own’. They’ll attack other rings, and pause for no discussion, once empowered. This aspect of the game has purpose, too. It is supposed to cause the heartful children to make their rings right again, and inclusively. It’s a signal to reMember.

This aspect of the game is known to every living animal. Again, ‘adults’ pretend it doesn’t exist.

The important thing to see is the simple thing:

Nature makes rings of unique diversity for a very clear purpose: to overcome death.

Humans have been scripted to believe they understand diversity or uniqueness, but they ignore its powers in the ring, and attack themselves, converting their children to ‘copies’ of bad ideas.

Our species and each of us require the right kinds of rings, in order to stop attacking ourselves and our world.

When we don’t reCognize this, and actively reMember each other, tyrants arise, making war not only in every world, but in every human heart.

ReMake the Rings.
Save the children.

Reach for the stars, if we make bombs at all, they should be to protect our WORLD, not attack it.

Any child knows these things.
Forget me. Ask them.
Empower them to answer.

Please, be children with me...

ReMake the Rings. Together.
To Gather.

The miracles that await us have never been glimpsed — when adults make these rings...

The Stars are our Destination...


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27 Feb 2003 @ 07:05 by tdeane : Sevenlamb...
my precious friend, whose ideas I share, we have both been racing so fast that we have failed to see the rings that had already begun forming here. Love ~ Tricia  

7 Mar 2003 @ 02:46 by meru @ : rings...
its a beautiful day in the neighborhood a beautiful day for a beauty, would you be mine? Could you be mine? Mr.Rogers stuff......Finally.  

9 Mar 2003 @ 22:49 by Christine Hundleby @ : Profound and magic
I was amazed and profoundly touched by your article..this is the first time I have looked up this site and in the last 2 years I have personally experienced my own unique and individual awakening...I didn't realise a world like this existed...maybe I did, but have only now just started to remember...thankyou...

3 Apr 2003 @ 05:32 by gyrfalcon : Hebrews...
My friend it is because the Jews say that they are the chosen race. If the children of God say it then we must all say it. If the foundation of Humanity is based on elitism and race then we shall all follow. That is just one aspect there are many others such as teaching children to hate and thus they perpetuate that hate as adults.  

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