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9 Dec 2003 @ 19:01, by Geral W. Sosbee

As a result of my recent experiences as documented in detail on my website at I am certain that the men and women of the fbi and cia (and their affiliates ) actually watch in real time as the Targets of the inhumane assaults described in my site commit suicide. The despicable activities of these fbi and the cia agents, operatives, thugs and assassins must be revealed to the world in order to offer some protection to all of mankind from a phenomena politely referred to as non-consensual human experimentation; in actuality this barbarous United States program is born of devilish minds, and wicked hearts, and is implemented by pathologic personalities of the lowest type. We must stop these confused and pathetic creatures now. Thanks for this forum.
January 21, 2002: This once great nation, the United States of America, is ruled by thugs, terrorists and assassins who (desperate to consolidate power by going to war at will) regularly and as a matter of course...

...murders, tortures and terrorizes human beings when its corrupt legal process fails to imprison or kill the targets;

...destroys other nations by the use of nuclear, biological, chemical, or conventional weaponry, when the threat of such force fails to subjugate the peoples of the targeted nation;

...wildly labels individuals and nations as criminals and terrorists even as the United States sends professional assassins to kill specific humans and to disrupt political and economic stability in the targeted nations;

...manipulates the global media by use of blackmail, extortion and financial isolation in order to control the daily news broadcasts;

...terrorizes and silences the most viable and credible critics of the United States by the use of a combination of some of the above mentioned methods;

...supports patently corrupt governments when such governments cooperate in the extermination of the targets;

...insures the continuance of the permanent underclass in the world by stocking the prisons and hospitals with people who cannot find work, who cannot gain social standing and who refuse to bow to corrupt and unjust authority;

...abandons any concern for the basic Rights of the majority of the world's population and treats the targets (for death) as no better than discarded refuse.

The failure of the world leaders to stop this tyranny is an indictment of them for the same offenses described above. Geral Sosbee

" My Story" in German:


"My Story" in English:


Amerika Is Dead:


Sosbee writes:I pose the following rhetorical question on behalf of the Worldwide Network Of Friends Of The Accused And Terrorized:
What duty do we (you and I, now) owe to all of mankind, to humanity, as we discover that a corrupt and murderous band of thugs and their misguided supporters ( whether private or government sponsored, such as those in the fbi/cia ) systematically, routinely and often ritually threaten, torture, imprison and kill our brothers and sisters around the globe?
Stand up to the tyrants and suffer the consequences ourselves in our time, or slink from all sense of Right and leave the ever worsening task for the next generation which may be even less prepared than we for the slightest of heroic deeds.
History now records for all times our names, each of us, individually, in a real as opposed to a rhetorical sense,and the manner by which we answer the above question.

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9 Dec 2003 @ 19:58 by b : Arabs are the killers
Fbi and Cia and Homeland Security have so far prevented suicide bombers from murder on U.S. soil. You been sleeping? You should have some proof or evidence before you charge.  

9 Dec 2003 @ 20:02 by b : Is this the FBI?
Or does the Fbi stop this in USA?  

9 Dec 2003 @ 21:16 by vaxen : no bee...
it looks more like homeland security dissing one of the people. there is tons of proof for what mr sosbee documents. geral was an agent for many years so why not ask where he is coming from before you start to dish out the uninformed comments you so glibly make? i do suppose, though, that you feel the children and elderly, at waco, had it coming to them, eh? and you are obviously very unaware of hegel and do not know the methods that the criminal elements in the fbi, cia, and all the other alpha bet soup agencies, such as BATF, use within which to get their way. the american geshtapo is still using geshtapo techniques. always has and always will. just because you refuse to see the fascist elements alive and well in modern america do not make them go away. you would do well to study some of the mind control techniques employed by the present oligarchy.  

9 Dec 2003 @ 22:54 by ashanti @ : Encouragement
Thank you very very very very much for this log. I am really pleased to see it here. Please don't be put off by programmed responses - the information you post is vital. Sunshine disinfects. Ashanti.  

10 Dec 2003 @ 06:58 by spiritseek : I for one...
know that the fbi and cia is very much at the heart of many many murders. We all know our government put them there to be the watchdogs,guards and assassins. What part is not to be believed?  

10 Dec 2003 @ 09:11 by bushman : Yep.
The ATF could of grabed Koresh 3 times at the post office. They could of said to him, "we know you have a 20mm cannon, hand it over" Same with the Ruby ridge inccedent, they could of grabbed him off the street, instead of shooting his wife and kid in the back. Even what they do now, busting into your home with a 20 second notice, guns blazzing. They could just put a catch vault on sewer pipes, let the drug dealers flush it they still will have the evidence. Ya if you know that you are going after someone like the SLA, guns and grenads is the way to go. But if its a grandma selling pot, a nice letter or a knock on the door and wait till she makes it to the door. Heres an essay, I found a few days ago.

10 Dec 2003 @ 10:46 by rishi : Dear Geral,
Truth warrior;

Assumming that what you say is completely true, and that you are who and what you say you are, (which I DO assume for the moment) then I'd like to ask you some things. [Your site is not immediately clear about your's hard to see specifics regarding them, so that the reader can quickly start assimilating evidence.] I have been to your site several times, describing the various illegal, and as Vaxen put it, "Gestapo" attitudes infecting every area of government. What you say about the Cia/Fbi is of absolutely no surprise to me whatsoever. Anyone with eyes to see can clearly perceive this government is utterly corrupt, even if they have no more information than that provided by televised news and the use of simple logic. (The Iraq situation is case in point) Whether or not anyone WANTS to believe that, such as "Bbee" above, is entirely beside the point.

On your website you said;

Note; references to "T" below are speaking of Geral...

"From about October of 1998 to the present time the fbi (and the cia in the Dominican Republic, Japan and Thailand) continues an uninterrupted campaign designed to neutralize T and (to express directly) to drive T insane (or at least to force T into exile, defection, or suicide), by using the following tactics:

---Initiate or reestablish an official investigation on T.

---Notify T's friends, associates and contacts that T is under investigation.

---Demonize T in the community, especially with doctors, dentists and mechanics.

(Use medical and dental procedures such as vasectomy and root canals as opportunity to
deliver terrorist threats and physical torture on T.)

---Isolate and marginalize T everywhere he goes by extensive character assassination.

---Prevent T from renting a place to live.

---If T attempts to sleep in his car, notify local authorities.

---Obtain false, sworn statements against T by two females in support of a fraudulent civil commitment order signed by a corrupt state judge.

---If T flees, label him as an international fugitive from justice and a threat to public safety.
* For proof of this see Sosbee's writ, page a18.

---Affect a comprehensive electronic and physical surveillance on T in his home and car with simultaneous invasions into T's living quarters and car."

OK, I hear your situation in full. Now I want to initially ask you this...What response have you had from those in Congress, and other high officials, to these events, and to the evidence you present about the corruption in government?  

10 Dec 2003 @ 15:05 by vaxen : T--
is Mr Sosbee, dear rishi.  

10 Dec 2003 @ 15:07 by spells : ???
Vaxen why did you assume Rishi didn't know...from his post: "Note; references to "T" below are speaking of Geral... "?  

10 Dec 2003 @ 17:02 by jmarc : The big FBI story in Massachusettes
lately has been about their colusion with the winter hill mob from south boston. For years, whenever somebody had the goods on the bulger gang, the gangsters were tipped off by the FBI and the mobsters had them killed. This went on for decades, with the FBI giving tips and protection to the boston mafia. This isn't national enquirer material either, this is hard news available for all to read in the established newspapers in the area, and in court documents. It's a travesty what the FBI has become, and i wish you luck in your fight Mr. Sosbee.  

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