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picture27 Feb 2004 @ 21:47, by Tom Bombadil

Spindrift is a palette of visual landmarks and a shared fictional setting (shared universe) for artists and writers interested in developing stories and characters that will evolve within the same co-created universe.

Spindrift is a Roundtable project, that is, a collaborative effort where hopefully specific characters and settings can be developed individually and/or collaboratively, yet, at the same time, all work together to create a greater world that can stand on its own two feet.

The visual landmarks (so far, mostly a collection of images—places, objects and people, a map will emerge latter as the place grows) aims at creating a collective mood into which participants can immerse themselves as they weave and expand the tapestry. Such markers will also come in handy for such times when there is a need to coordinate the apparition of one author’s character(s) into another author’s ongoing story and vice-versa. All characters, though there are no prerequisite rules requiring that they know each other beforehand or live the same experiences/adventures, ultimately all inhabit the same world and can visit the same places and meet and mingle with the same background characters or with each other (the latter by mutual agreement of the authors)—when/where/if their authors so desire.
Stylistically, one of the obvious interests of having hard visual representations (photos and illustrations) of Spindrift is that different authors, and different characters, traveling to the same places, and referring to the same material, will inevitably relate differently to what surrounds them since as a result of different authors’ styles (and also as a result of the morphology/psychology specific to the characters they create) no one, as we all know, ever “sees” the same thing.

Technically, as far as collaboration goes, referring to an existing visual landmark or dropping a new one, can be of great help for writers whose characters are visiting a same place or meeting each other. Each party knows what the place (a room, a street, a forest) looks like and can make use of these landmarks in their writing as they walk their character through any given scene.


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