New Civilization News: Conditions of Existence, Elliot Waves, Fibonacci, and Odu Transitions    
 Conditions of Existence, Elliot Waves, Fibonacci, and Odu Transitions44 comments
picture15 Jan 2006 @ 13:34, by Max Sandor

(The following article was first written in 2001 in Orlando, Florida. It didn't find any resonance with nobody, got lost in time, dunno about this rewrite. In any case, material for Polar Dynamics 2...)

Conditions of Existence, Elliot Waves, Fibonacci, and Odu Transitions

Much speculation was being done in the past about what would be the basic formula for the evolution of Life, Universe, and Everything, the main candidates being the number 42 and the number of the Pi relation. Both are mere numbers, an actual formula however would be much more than a single number or relationship. It should accurately describe the progression of evolution and not an observed relationship of dimensions AFTER its manifestation already occured.

Of course, there is the Fibonaccio number (another number), often confused with Pi like in a recent Hollywood movie, but, behind the abstract number, we can find the numeric progression of all growth in nature. Whether chicken farm populations or organic proportions, we can witness the validity of this formula in all of nature.

However, this formula, in its basic form, doesn't allow for the ...

phenomenon of 'retracement', a temporary drop in activity. It was Thomas C, Elliot, studying stock markets in the 30's and 40's, who discovered the basic shape of any progress beyond single organisms. This basic shape, since then called Elliot Wave, is significant way beyond the stock and future markets. In especially, it includes the fractal concept as well. With the Elliot Wave phenomena such as sun spot activities, or behavior of human populations (mass psychology) as reflected in stock or future market activities can be modelled.

A parallel observation, attributed to Hubbard, is called 'Conditions of Existence (or often Ethic Conditions), offering 'formulas' to move on from one state to the next and/or preventing to drop back into a previous condition. It states correctly that it is impossible to jump from one state to another arbitrarily but that one needs to go step by step. His system extends to 'negative conditions' such as treason, etc, but unfortunately contains some problems and at least two serious errors but still works extremely well in the upper (positive) band of conditions.

In 'Polar Dynamics 1' Sandor&Dawson introduced the concept of 'Olodu Wheels' describing the transitions of base energies (Olodu) in a circular fashion. This concept uses the ancient system of Ifa of 16 Olodu which, when forming polarities, create 256 basic energies. 'Manifestation' as such is described by the first wheel: Oyeku, Oshe, Ogbe, Ofun, from the not-yet-manifested void (Oyeku), via compilation (Oshe, cp the Indian concept of sankara), to a manifestation (Ogbe), and finally its analysis and dissulotion (ofun), the end which is at the same time the beginning, Shiva's eternal cycle of creation and distruction. Using the system of Odu Transitions opens the road to further examination of the actual components of the Elliot Wave (1 thru 4) of or the Hubbardian 'Conditions' between Non-Existence (0) and full manifestation (5) or 'Power'.

The comparison of models makes two particularities apparent: the inherent threat of the 'Power Condition' leading to a steep fall, and the inconsistency of the condition sequence of the Hubbardian condition sequence 'non-ex, danger, emergency, normal', which is assuming the same linear behavior for both the way up and the way down, and not recognizing the retracements as what they are. The Hubbardian formulas still are workable very well in the upper band but a similar error in the lower band (below non-ex) was (is?) creating a lot of havoc.

The analysis of statistical patterns in nature and society shows well-defined proportional relations between the various steps, leading to the 'Fibonacci number Phi'. If there is a 'basic'number in the physical Universe, there can be no doubt it would this Phi and not Pi. As Buckminster Fuller pointed out, there are NO straight lines in nature nor are there perfect circles. Pi describes a relation within abstracted ideals which Man then injects via arts and technology into the physical Universe. In this sense, the number Pi becomes even more special than it would actually be the basic number of this Universe.

Theoretically and under regular conditions, both time and value-level of the next conditon can be projected accurately using the Elliot Wave and the Fibonacci relationship. In reality, however, the fractal property of phenomena will disfigure the beautiful wave and subdivide any of its steps into further waves, and so forth, until we finally only see a quasi random pattern such as statistics of sun spot activities or stock charts. This, of course, destroys the dreams of speculators that hope to predict the future value of stocks and the like.

The Oshe-Subcycles, between (0) and 5 in the drawing, do not find explanations in the Elliot system but some parts are very well described in the 'Conditions' paradigm. Calling the range from 2 to 3 as the 'normal' condition and 3 to 4 as 'affluence' which leads to a power condition at point 5 communicates intuitively and is very well practical in applications. Calling the entire 0 to 1 range 'non-existence' is clearly a misnomer, a better name should be found.

Using the Ifa system of Olodu, we can now analyze the Oshe-Subcycles in a new way. As a note, the wave formula is reflexive, it finds its application also within any of the 16 pole energies (Olodu) and the 256 base energies themselves (Odu). For example, the famous 'Learning curve' actually is the Elliot wave for the Olodu Okanran.

(to be continued... but before presenting my own ideas for the Oshe-Subcycles (next month?), I prefer to initiate a brainstorming of the readers of this article...)

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15 Jan 2006 @ 21:06 by Ed Dawson @ : comments
First allow me to correct a minor error. The olodu wheels are NOT in Polar Dynamics 1. They are mentioned first in the Italian edition of Your Personal Archetype. They are slated for full explication in the upcoming (once and future) Polar Dynamics 2. ;-)

The #1 wheel could be said to begin with nothingness (oyeku), out of which creation (oshe) is done, resulting in manifestations (ogbe) of the creations, followed by dissolution (ofun). This is the #1 wheel operating as a cycle of action.

As a cycle of action it seems to me to have two sections, of opposite character. The first section is the oyeku-oshe cycle; the second is the ogbe-ofun cycle. Ogbe takes over at Normal on Hubbard's ethics scale. I suggest that the Fibonaccio number can only be applied to the second half of the wheel.

You showed me some of this 5 or 6 years ago, Max. I remember noting similarities, but was wondering at that time how to apply it. Taking another look at it now, I suggest that your graph in the upper right corner of this blog page shows how a skywork cycles from inception to conclusion!

If this is true, and ofun is at the end of the skywork, so then few if any people should be taken out of the circle except when the session shows a drop in the Elliot wave cycle. Despite how a skywork fluctuates, it is cycling into increased manifestation oyeku-oshe-ogbe right up to the point where it hits a major crisis (too much power, i.e. ogbe so extreme it turns ibi), after which players begin to have their disagreements fall away (ofun) and they can begin to show agreement as to the outcome.

The above was just suggestions, but I know you and think you will find ways to apply this in a skycircle. Have fun with it! :)

15 Jan 2006 @ 22:29 by mx @ : insights for Skycircle cycles
- Skywork, like everything in the Universe, follows the laws of this Universe, and the above is an expression of that. I made a graph once, I think it's on the Blog here that shows the line of energies and it should be adjusted or clarified to represent what is in my recent article and your astute observations.

- And yes, the wheels were not yet part of Polar Dynamics 1. All four wheels are in the Italian version at the very end of the book, but without any commentary.

- Your way of seeing the number one wheel as the representation of the cycle of action is very cool. The Ofun at the end (and before the beginning) was mentioned already in the Purple Notebook and is included in Polar Dynamics 1 as the pre- and the post-cycle gap.

- I rarely take out persons from a Skycircle once it began. Your remarks are right on!

- the lower band conditions (or right side Ogbe-Ofun) needs a complete revision. In the current article I wanted to only open the perspective of the analysis of the entire cycle of manifestation (or, as you see it, the cycle of action as such).  

17 Jan 2006 @ 10:15 by phinumber @ : Examples
I am interested in fractals that show the phi proportion. Can you show me some?  

17 Jan 2006 @ 11:22 by mx @ : examples
the web is full of examples, an impressive collection is in the Dan Winter files. Also, look for Phi Harmonics, applications in the area of sound, which is very cool (not mentioned in the article above)..  

19 Jan 2006 @ 23:43 by Jude Adebosoye Ogunade @ : LIFE AFTER LIFE!
I am getting very interested in your mathematics!! Very well, let us consider the application of this in the natural phenomenon. Most people think death is the end of man...but I believe otherwise, that after Efun, we should have another oyeku, because it is Ofun that will lead to nothingness which wil spark another ascent to Ogbe: I am sure that you, my fathers know that: OYEKU LOGBE!  

21 Apr 2007 @ 14:07 by kama @ : what can this spirit name mean
oyeku ofun
how does this manifest as a being?  

22 Apr 2007 @ 15:00 by mx @ : Jude / kama
Jude, I agree 100% with what you said,

kama, see Jude's comment earlier. It's not a spirit name, it's a sequence of Odu (super energies).  

13 Sep 2010 @ 00:21 by linda @ : oshe ogbe
what do yo think of this odu?  

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کیش ، تور کیش

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تورهای کیش

تور مشهد
تور مشهد ، تورهای مشهد ، رزرو تورهای مشهد
تور تایلند
تور تایلند ، نرخ تور تایلند

تور مالزی
تور مالزی، رزرو هتل های خوب در مالزی، نرخ تورهای مالزی لحظه آخری

تور مشهد
تور مشهد ، تورهای مشهد، بلیط مشهد ، رزرو هتلهای مشهد

تور کیش
تور کیش ، رزرو تور کیش

تور آنتالیا
تور آنتالیا

تور کیش
تور کیش ، رزرو تور کیش, تور لحظه آخری کیش، قیمت تورهای خوب کیش
تورهای استانبول,رزرو تور استانبول,تور لحظه آخری استانبول

تور استانبول
تور استانبول ، قیمت تورهای استانبول,رزرو تور استانبول,تور لحظه آخری استانبول
تور دبی ، رزرو تور دبی, تور لحظه آخری دبی، قیمت تورهای خوب دبی

تور دبی
تور دبی ، رزرو تور دبی, تور لحظه آخری دبی، قیمت تورهای خوب دبی

تور کیش نوروز 96
تور کیش ، رزرو تور کیش, تور لحظه آخری کیش، قیمت تورهای خوب کیش  

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