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1 Jun 2006 @ 19:09, by Bee

This is the height of the mining season in Northern Nevada. Most of the scheduling of leased heavy equipment is over. The claims and properties for the Newciv gold project are centered in the area around the town of Winnemucca, Nevada. The Humboldt River runs through the town of about 8 thousand people.
The main industries in the area are cattle, agriculture and mining. Nevada, known as the Silver State because of the huge deposits found and mined in the 1800’s. Found too were large deposits of gold. Within a fifty mile radius of the town are probably 100 working gold mines which run from small claims working drk stream beds to hard rock digs with rock crushers. The last I heard, one of the biggest mines, the Baron Mine, made a 70 pound “button” of gold every week on its extensive properties.

I have spent a lot of time there in Pershing County in the nineteen eighties and I acquired the rights to a lot of properties in that time period. I promoted, developed various types of gold mines. Along the way I got a real good education in the gold mining business so I have kept my eye out for places that worked for the most production done in the easiest way. That way is to find placer gold deposits that are found in gravel or quartz rock in some dry or wet stream beds. This type of rock and earth can be separated by machine or by using water to screen and separate. After the mining process is over and the ores being milled away from the mining site, the mining site can be restored of reformed. The land is reclaimable. Even when doing chemical processes it is possible after the chemical and electric milling is complete the land can be made biodegradable again. So it is possible to take vast wealth from the land and restore it to its former pristine condition. If you know where it is, register your rights to it and know how to mine, mill, smelt the processed ores.

On one property that I favor a lot I have an old mining engineer report that states there are reserve deposits of a half a million ounces of gold in the ground. At five hundred dollars an ounce that is two hundred and fifty million dollars. It would probably take about five years to get all of that and then restore the land to an even better state then it was before. There is room enough and water there for a community of several thousand people. People who could create a model community of a new civilization way of life. Not a utopia but a productive community based on pragmatic actions based in wisdom. I have offered to fund the infrastructure and create pay for members. I must know who is interested in participating. Will you help?


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1 Jun 2006 @ 20:27 by bushman : Well,
as you know Bee, it will be some time till I can personaly participate. Have you come up with a comprehencive brocher for likely investors? I am pretty much trapped here, due to income and having to be here on call. Eventually I will be in a position finacualy to be able to accually come out and work or visit the site. Anyway, if they lay me off here, it would be nice to know I had a place to go. :}  

1 Jun 2006 @ 20:51 by jmarc : Make me an offer
I can't refuse. I'm at a crossroads right now, but things may change on a week by week basis. I've no experience mining, and I do come with baggage which I can tell you about in private. I am a self starter though, having been self employed forever, and do have a business management degree. Look forward to hearing more.  

2 Jun 2006 @ 17:49 by b : Thanks guys
Bushman, best to have interested people to just read my blog entries on this. It explains it all and the proposal.
Bushman is already slated for a spot in the newciv community. As the newciv community project progresses, you are welcome Jmarc. I have been trying to figure out how someone like Skookums, her four kids, etc, could fit into the new civilization. So don't worry asbout baggage Jmarc.  

3 Jun 2006 @ 01:15 by jobrown : Bushy,
you will never be without a Place to land if/when need be! You are always welcome to our Place in MT! There are a few simple rules we all have to adhere to and respect.Beyond that, no charge!
you know my e-mail if /whenever you want or if Q's to ask, or to announce your visit/stay -or whatever! Feel free! : )

Your Sis in Spirit/A-d  

5 Jun 2006 @ 01:09 by bushman : Check it out ,
Bee, These guys got the right stuff. :}

5 Jun 2006 @ 19:02 by b : Yep, Bushman
they do have the right stuff. That is more of what we need to build an infrstructure. Kind of like pioneering in the newciv. Cutting edge technology is wanted and needed. Starting with just the land and the water. Adding energy/power(wireless) then some grading of the site of town. Some undergroup piping for water and septic disposal or conversion to energy as all waste should be. Maybe a central hall for meeting and eating at the start while lodging is created on perimeters. Africulature at center and through out.  

6 Jun 2006 @ 22:33 by bushman : Ya,
It's the water harvesting systems they got, so integrating the tech with the buildings, will be important. I guess once the land is obtained, we could consult those people. Like do we set up smaller units per house, or do we go big and central, and just tie in homes around it. I kind of like the hub design, but then we would have to limit how many house connections to the hub. Balanced operating costs, so as we at least break even, or make a profit, so we got a grey water line, freash water line, power line, and a gas line either methane, propane, hydrogen. Then a comunications line pack, and then a black water line to the treatment dome. Where talking serious pipes and conduits, going home to home from the central hub. But I do like the idea of the city being in the center, libraries , schools, shopping, museums, etc. Maybe doing a hub for just city services, like Stargate Atlantis city is set up , with centralized comand center in the center, then services around the perimiter, and then homes outside that, maybe trailer pads, that are plug and play. One thing for sure, agiculture part will have to be part of the water harveting, I like thier black water dome that they produce lumber in. And then rainwater storage, I got a company that can help us with that. So really right now its all about aquiering the land, and getting the gold out I know. Maybe some accual pics of the land and some gold that was found there , would help? My best friend said if he digs out gold he gets to keep it all, lol, all he wants is the gold part, the community part scares him, lol. I siad well you wouldn't be digging out gold , since hes a great finish carpenter, and loves doing it, I said you would get paid gold for your work, but he'd rather dig the gold and keep it all. Anyway, we need something more diffinitve to sell this plan.  

7 Jun 2006 @ 21:57 by b : Housing, water, food,
but no free gold lol. Some pay and play too.  

8 Jun 2006 @ 22:40 by b : There have been
many emails to me at about this NCN project. The majority of them are from job seekers or those who want to live in a new civilization community. A small group say they would like to be investors and make profit from participating at the beginning BUT they don't have any money to invest at this time.
So I wonder if any members of NCN have money to invest? None for the people who have been writing to me are regulars. Except for one regular who wrote me about the NCN community and gold project and then took a trip elsewhere.  

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