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25 Jan 2005 @ 11:04, by swanny

Ah synchronicity at work I see
I was just having an inquiry into the same topic as
Hoodgame in its only words
I was just wonderin about the phenomenum itself
How and why perhaps it occurs and around what?
Anyway heres what I writ.


An Inquiry into the dawning of ones primal or "first" consciousness or awareness.

When......... when does first awareness occur and how is it that it becomes
a memory and why and how does it become a memory.

I suppose in my own regard my first memory seems to be at the age of
3 years and 8 months. A vague realization of the birth of a younger brother.

I suppose "birth" is a "significant" enough event in the human experience to
denote it for recall or such yet how, why and when does and "can" first memory
occur. What is required to make as it were the connection to self, other and world.

Is some sort of cognitive global mechanism or data schemata or rudimentary
apparatus require a certain set of parameters to be met before first memories can
occur and if so can that shape us for the rest of life.

Are our lives somewhat dependent and shaped by our first memory experience?

That memory stands out but I have seen evidence of that time. What is the effect of that? What is the effect of "seeing" pictures of times we don't really recall yet
"knowing" somehow that they did occur because of the evidence and "hard" evidence of there existence. Does this evidence though "taint" or interrupt the memory process.

I suppose another memory is around the time of the age of six years and a mentioning of first grade and the "Beatles" somehow. Interesting the impact
of a mere "musical" group to pervade the awareness so all consumingly of not only
myself but of the planet it would seem.

Do you have any awareness or input into these matters and does it have a real or
physical connection somehow to the now?

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25 Jan 2005 @ 11:26 by swanny : TV
This seems interesting. I "know" I spent a lot of time watching television yet I don't seem to have any "particular" awareness or memory of what I watched as though it went in one ear and eye and out the other. It is remembered or recalled like a kind
of "presence" somehow in my world but as to any particular detail or such of even
"significant" events of the times, not much has seemed to have stuck or stuck out.

I recall vaguely the assassination of the President John F. Kennedy but not as something from TV and also the landing on the moon but these things don't seem
particularly references to the TV. Not sure why that would be.  

25 Jan 2005 @ 11:39 by swanny : Mirrors and Self Globalization
It would seem in order for memory and these first memories to have occurred or to begin occurring, one has to somewhat develop the skill or awareness of third personness or going outside of oneself to "view" the self. Kind of like the experience of looking in a mirror. The first "globalization" then but not of world but of self. One in a sense discovers that the "self" not only world is "round". Hmmm
kinda neat. Memory thus is a product of the capacity to globalize oneself then it would seem, in order to give context or circumstance to life's events.  

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