New Civilization News: Relationship between Spirit, Mind and Substance.    
 Relationship between Spirit, Mind and Substance.
picture15 May 2008 @ 03:03, by deepwater

All that we percieve as having physicality, or substance is in fact a construct of our interpretation of that which we percieve.

The whole 'world' of our perceptions arises as phenomena within the mind.

Within the percieved form however lies a complex, animated process of information interaction.

The energy from which this information flows and is structured is the all pervading spirit.

The point at which we can become aware of this inflowing energy is the point where the concrete mind interfaces with the abstract mind.

The energy of all that is animates and informs a point of consciousness within via the soul. That point of consciousness then has the potential to inform the mind. The mind has both empirical and transcendent aspects as does our entire percievable universe.

A clarified concrete mind which knowingly integrates the bodies with the personality and is not subject to the egoic delusion of ownership of these is prepared to be informed by the inflowing energy of spirit.

The clear mental knowing that the 'world' arises as a result of our sense perceptions helps us to detach from the dysfunctional illusion that naïve belief in a physical reality is all the reality there is to know about (relative, empirical reality), when in fact this belief is contrary to actual reality (absolute, transcendent reality).

Once the mind becomes aware of its true nature and function is is empowered to overcome the tendancy to identify itself as separate.

It is only within the mind that we are able to discern difference, and with this capacity the mind is able to process information. This is its function.

Once the realization dawns that we are more than our minds and their contents then we can trancend the limiting nature of self identification (expressed through the ego).

The realization of our inherent oneness with all that is has the power to completely transform our understanding of who we are and what we are capable of.

Through direct experience of contact with spirit we become empowered to resolve all the issues currently plaguing humankind and threatening their existence.

It is possible for us to release ourselves from limiting false beliefs and evolve beyond limited understandings. There is much work currently available to help us reach this clear and lucid state of being, from whichever approach suits your experience there is assistance.

The cutting edge of the various sciences, philosophies and theologies are converging in ever increasing numbers and working together with the goal of reaching a common and unified understanding.

Some of the organisations evolving which focus upon raising and unifying the level of awareness of humanity are linked to below.

Avaaz website

The Global Consciousness Project



The Foundation for Global Harmony

Global Harmony Foundation

The Association for Global New Thought

The Professors World Peace Academy.

International Journal on World Peace

The Amnesty International Organisation

Global Mindshift

Center for human emergence

New Civilization Network


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