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26 Jan 2005 @ 14:41, by swanny

01-26-05, 07:39 am (PDT)
In response to message #54
I think the idea of "community" is somewhat timely
and perhaps "relates" to that fellows
"inclusionism"..theory... The problem is that some people
don't want to be in community not that thats particularily
realistic or doable but they want a sort of minimal degree
of community kind of like a self imposed leper or hermit
yet we are all connected at some level though some
refuse to admit it..... and yes again we are connected to to the pigs
and chickens and mad cows and the Universe
It is a growth of personhood that needs to happen though as
one "globalizes" from self and selfishness to "couple", to family
then neighbourhood then territiory and nation and globe
yet we tend to be "selective" and exclusive in such
which I suppose is normal...and basic human nature. but not necessarily like I say realistic..or sustainable...
Sometimes the very diversity of a community is its
essential strength.... some things are degrees true
but at the base level there is a intangible perhaps
connection.... how it plays out is often quite dramatic
and deadly true to..... but in a global sphere and global
understanding there is no difference at that base level
We often can not appreciate the constructive qualities
of the lepers and hermits..and criminally insane or lawyers
hee hee.. maybe we don't try hard enough
or maybe we try to hard...or maybe its to heavy and dangerous an undertaking to empathize with such..
but some realize the union though sparse as it may be at times.
We at times then have to find the beauty in ugly and the ugly
in beauty and realize the greater esstential transcendent
"grace" that exists in the diverse whole with all of it benefits and pitfalls. A hard pill and task to achieve..... but well old age
ain't for chickens....or ????

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26 Jan 2005 @ 18:40 by astrid : Big Subject....
... great, I like our Big Subjects, though I don't really know "how to" remedy any of them. Just trying to come up with some angles of approach towards healing them as gently as possible, for that matter.
First: "Comment # 54" Waht comment is that and where is it?
Secondly: I think it is important to find the level where the Unity is in place - which you also, make a point of. That level, I think, is to found, deep in the Psyche of all things: We are ALL made in the same Workshop. That can NOT be denied by anyone in logical manner.
We ALL cry in the same language; meaning deep, genuine sorrow /hurt, is just that: sorrow /hurt regardless WHO feels it!... and is the same regardless what caused it.
Besides, these things -and our ability to perceive them and respond to them changes as we change/transform through our healing(processes).
We can let all those who DON't want live/participate in a sustainable community live together in THEIR OWN NON SUSTAINABLE communit/Reality, what ie big cities lyke New York provides to most its people with all the anonymity, alienation etc that comes with the territory, so to speak.
I, for one, have had enough of anonymity, alienation, having been deeply into those big ones, London, Paris, Milan, Hamburg, Bern. Even little Stockholm and Helsinki does provide some of those "GoldenFreedoms". I was a die-hard fan of Big Cities, believe or not. (I still have a soft spot for some of them....Cairo being one my -still to this day- absolute favorites... ) But we do change -if only we avccept to respond to our New Feelings. They will become our New (LIFE-) Priorities.
Some of us find a way to respond in harmony with them.Some don't and they choose to remain in their old environment, BUT they together as a Unit, HAVE responded to Universal Call of "Like Unto Like...." -in their own way!!! All who like anonymity and alienation more than Sustainble Life are now the ones left in the City! Hhaahhh!
and that IS their Community.... not too sustainable, but certainly ALL they are looking for!  

26 Jan 2005 @ 19:21 by swanny : Good points
Yes well taken points
Oh comment 54 was about....
Hmmmm well it was sort of semi related
something about the personal being as important
or more important than the impersonal or dictatorial
and important though subtle point is democracy
or "inclusive" democracy.....
Some say democracy is the worst and best system
we have to date and that is probably true
but it is how we get "inclusive" representation
and accountable and responsible leadership
Problem : leaders have the impossible task of
leadership of trying to please everyone and in
effect not really pleasing anyone....
now under those circumstance the best
people or "candidates" perhaps avoid it altogether....
when you see the impluasibility of the position
who would really want it......
yet order is necessary I think of some kind
order yes but not necessarily "control"
It is a fine balance "keeping" order but refraining
from being "controlling" control issues are sometimes
at the heart of power issues and corruption.....
anywho just some more fuel for the .... barbecue  

26 Jan 2005 @ 19:43 by swanny : Inclusive Democracy
Inclusive Democracy perceives the world to be in a multidimensional crisis, caused by the concentration of power in the hands of various elites, as a result of the establishment of the system of market/growth economy, representative democracy and the related forms of hierarchical structures.

Inclusive Democracy aims to become the international forum for the new conception of inclusive democracy. That is, direct political democracy, economic democracy (beyond the confines of the market economy and state planning), as well as democracy in the social realm and ecological democracy. In short, inclusive democracy is a form of social organisation which re-integrates society with economy, polity and nature.  

27 Jan 2005 @ 01:58 by astrid : Wow, this was a handfull!
It will take me a"moment" to digest all you say here!.. : O .... But we can never have too much Edu.... Eh? : )
Swanny do you know what trnaspired inUkraine not too long ago? I never followed that and tehn suddenly I hear the News that they had overthrown Tyranny with non-violence and, everything very organized, very smooth..Do you know anything of what transpired prior, that brought Ukraine to this great Solution?  

27 Jan 2005 @ 03:44 by swanny : Not really
Can say I know much more than most but
It is somewhat reminisant though of what occurred
in Yugoslavia although an even better example of
"civil disobediance" which was one of Gandhi's inventions....  

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