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10 Jul 2005 @ 09:10, by swanny


The available data would seem to suggest that health is not a merely objective or subjective matter but a "correlated" and relative degree of both.
Given this complex nature of health how does a useable and suitable treatment methodology emerge. There are now the public and private systems and then the composites therein but given this complex nature how is care and treatment to be administered in an effective yet fair manner.
Is the dollar, to be the sole determiner of health access, and if so is this fair, or is health perhaps some what more an aspect and degree of need and ability to pay.

Given these considerations I would propose a system which incorporates the financial considerations of both the costs and the ability to pay. Such a system would have your basic health and emergency needs covered as some will probably always be so poor and in dire need or state as to render them priorities and some will always be so rich as to afford their own doctors and hospitals.

For the rest, given the somewhat subjective/objective nature of health I would propose a % based system where premium procedures would incur sufficient prices to cover there costs but allow faster access by payment of a percentage based premium of ones yearly income. Say to access faster hip replacement one would have to pay .3% of income. This would allow all to have faster access but determine need and desire on the basis of the proportion of total assets as a means of determining degree of pain perhaps and etc etc..

No it is perhaps in itself not a perfect system and its administration will probably some what problematic but like democracy ...., it may be a bad system but its the best one we've got at the moment.

July 10, 2005
A. G. Jonas

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1 comment

10 Jul 2005 @ 09:25 by swanny : Reference
Just in reference there is a Christian parable
that goes somewhat like.... a rich man give the
assembly $1,000,000.00 dollars and then a poor woman
gives the assembly $5.00 and Christ praises the woman
higher than the man. When asked why he responds that
the man gave a little of much and the woman gave
"all" of little.
Now how does that apply .... ??? well I suppose it gives
deference to the subjective and "relative" nature of the issue.  

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