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picture9 Feb 2006 @ 11:44, by swanny

see below...

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9 Feb 2006 @ 15:28 by swanny : Revised (spelling)
The Biospheric Cycle
Feb. 9, 2006

The Biospheric Cycle?
A new thing?
or a very old thing?
Me thinks a very old thing at odds with
the human community.

There are some it seems, wishing to restore
or rediscover the cycle.

How old.... hmmmmm
not sure ancient not simply old though
based perhaps on "order" not control.

the Biospheric Cycle akin to the seasons true?
True akin... but more complex...

To discover the Biospheric Cycle and the Biospheric Order.

"Eat of this tree...
And you will surely die"
'G O D' Book of Genesis
Old Testament

Humans did not die contrary to
the scriptures and records of old but we were perhaps
"separated" from the biospheric cycle and order.
A separation which has taken us far from our beginnings
only now to return and remember.
The pain of separation lingers in us all yet we bring
to the biospheric cycle some gifts perhaps of the ages that we humanity have acquired in and through our separation,
so it is not a total loss.
Yet what is this "biospheric cycle of old"?
And how can we bridge back into it?
And do we even want to?
I think we do or many.... so...???

Page 1 Biocycle

I suppose we can think of the biospheric cycle as
"the cycle of life". It is somewhat governed by time
or more so the cycle of the seasons. This cycle of life
becomes more complex with times passage, and evolves
into the male and female aspects, so as to distribute and
handle or perhaps "specialize" in different aspects of the
biospheric "load". It is sort of a "natural division of labor"
or natures way of helping its creatures deal with the ongoing
complexities of being.
The aspect of separation perhaps arises partly because of
human potential and capacity. Humanity perhaps become
separated out of not so much sin but curiosity. Humans are
after-all quite inquisitive and this inquisitively perhaps reveals
itself in thinking and thoughts that are somewhat "outside"
the mandates of the cycles, a desire perhaps to be masters
of ones own destiny outside the fundaments of "home." It is
perhaps neither right nor wrong but perhaps simply a function
of a growing complexity.
The problems though become increasing complex though as
we move from the center and cycle, disturbing the cycle and
finding no place for ourselves to "be" outside of it. One of the gifts
though that I spoke of was the conception of Love. "And Christ said, Let there be Love, and it was Good" Jesus New Testament. Love is a great achievement of humans through Christ, "And the Greatest of these is Love" Jesus New Testament, It is an achievement and capacity, sensed perhaps but less able in other creatures. It is perhaps the crowning glory and appreciation of what perhaps other elements of creation express but do not self-realize and actualize. It is also the saving
grace and salvation of humanity if only it could be embraced as the
bridge towards the reconciliation of humanity with the biospheric cycle.
It sets in motion a "new or neo biospheric cycle" though for we
cannot as said go home but must "combine" these diversities into
a new creation or new evolution. It is a daunting task but possible by the auspices of the gift of Love.

sir ed

Biospherics? link =

Well I guess it begins again.

Page 2 Biocycle  

9 Feb 2006 @ 15:32 by swanny : Neo...

Well perhaps the initial thing for humanity to undertake would be the alignment of the "agrisphere" with the biospheric cycle!
What this would involve is perhaps a global program of organic and holistic agriculture to synthesize and harmonize these two spheres into a mutual cycle.
Perhaps some sort of best practices master manual could be developed towards serving as a global best agricultural practices in keeping with the or a sustainable biospheric cycle.
Accommodation and references to expanded volumes for more local conditions should be developed as well.
The USA has a fairly good soil engineering manual that might serve as a start for this initiative.

Page 3 Biocycle  

9 Feb 2006 @ 15:48 by swanny : PDF file
Heres a link to a pdf file for the
atmospheric implications

PDF link =  

9 Feb 2006 @ 16:13 by swanny : agrispheric cycle
I suppose the best means and ways of looking at it is towards the development of a kind of "agrispheric cycle" based upon the foundation of the ancient and relatively sustainable biospheric cycle.  

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