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14 May 2006 @ 16:29, by swanny

May 14, 2006

Perhaps once there was a civlization called humanity but
alas no more. We pay lip service to the notion of civilization
but when it comes right down to it... the lines are drawn between "citizenry" and econmics. Mankind therebye has not created now a society or civilizaton but basically has turned the world into one big global "MARKETPLACE". Everything seems parceled and "measured" and "advertized" and sold, and has a value or price or notion of price. Damages. Yet some of the most precious things that defy price have not recieved the support of the materialists. Even though they may indeed be necessities of a sort. The market place does not recognize or pay for them because in a sense it doesn't have to. The value of nature, art, music, health have all been turned it to commodities of sorts and disected and anaylized and even faith seems at times to have become a commodity.

So this talk of a new civilization is moot.
What we need is a "NEW MARKET PLACE" ..... the dominant factor as even law can be bought it seems, witness celebrity justice or microsoft monopolyness with their deep pockets. It seems it is the depth of the pocket then that determines justice now.... and maybe thats the way it has to be or if not then it might be addressed by looking honestly at the market place and perhaps giving it some semblance of "conscience". A conscienscious and responsible market place has now to be formed.
The new "Green Market Place".... we cannot have a new civilization therefore with out first changing the market place. Because people despite what they say and do.... vote with their dollars. A store may be unethical it seems to its workers and the environment but no ones seems to care if at the end of the day it has the lowest price. Quality costs though and you do tend to get what you pay for and it you want to live in a junk yard then don't buy green because caring and peace, nature, true art and harmony costs. They have value though we tend to disregard that in favor of expediency and the short term.

I don't know ...

What have I said...

nothing you perhaps didn't already know.

but that if we want a new civ though we will have to pay for it and make it pay too and still to leave room for the priceless.


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15 May 2006 @ 00:07 by jobrown : Check these out,Ed.
maybe you plus others might get inspiration to see what does go on in building a new Market-place/System, and then maybe inspired enough to join (us). Thanks, for your 'ponderings'/Astrid

Oooopppps, what happened here; all the links (I thought I gave?????) Did I not do it -or did they disappear???.... Ahhhwell here they are again:  

16 May 2006 @ 14:13 by rayon : It is easier than that
Once good starts to be done thought and given, miracles start and extra good is added from nowhere, almost twice the original, hence doing the right thing and knowing the right thing is important. If the world just started to do a little good in things, goodness itself takes over and actually doubles the efforts for completely free, because this is the nature of harmony, it replicates itself very quickly once initiated. Too many people bleeding the system, cooking the goose that lays the golden egg, eating incorrectly so that illnesses and new ones are passed onto the children in ever greater degrees, until a new generation once healthy on and on, start on the slide of incorrect eating depleting the very bodily reserves of all things and everything, putting themselves in a position of total dependency.

A bit of goodness in education, goes a long way, a long way.  

28 May 2006 @ 05:36 by rysa @ : Golden Age News - New Age Economics
Asset based economic systems are the future. The link at the URL will take you to discussions on bringing this dream to reality.  

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8 Jun 2016 @ 09:06 by Best Source @ : There are
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