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16 May 2006 @ 10:35, by swanny

May 16, 2006

American Architecture

It seems we are born into a process these days,
rather than a state. In that sense architecture becomes somewhat moot. Yet how did this "process" of affairs arise.
People came to America with little but dreams and perhaps memories of unfufilled passions. And what was built, not a state but a process. The embodiment of American Architecture is the process of "mass production" and I suppose "standarization". Standards are good though somewhat boring and not terribly creative or Natural? I suppose nature has its standards and or orders to and if violated change ensues.
So then it seems the fundemental and shaper of Traditional American Architecture was the practicality of Standardization and Mass production.
How much thought went into that and what was the underlying principle of mass production? Was it simple Profit and economy or is there more to it?

Here is a link to global architectural development to date.

Arch Link = [link]

Just debating though whether it is time to have a closer look
at the foundation and see perhaps whats next.
Is the model of mass production not enough or detrimental towards the earth perhaps?

A. Jonas

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16 May 2006 @ 11:04 by swanny : Many Concepts

16 May 2006 @ 11:18 by swanny : Mass Humanization

16 May 2006 @ 13:58 by rayon : Sounds like Baudrillard
Architecture for the masses, will locate the quote, a classic.

Yes all building esp in US for prof and economy. It translates for the human Being as being very similar everywhere, regardless of land characteristics etc etc. Bland and Functional, function for more more economy.

Last night saw eco house just designed by architects for a family for £60,000 to build in one week. Very nice. Then we are told it will sell for the average price of house in London for £170,000. So all the saving in design that was done by the architects for the people translates into £110,000 gross profit per house, less site land value with utilities etc. That is a lot more profit for the builders than before. And still people cannot afford first house!!!

The Victorians mass produced their classical details in tile material, but still there were buildings with Chi. The component production brings price down and can put value up with correct choices. But as we have seen above the saving in cost is put into the pockets of the builders who still sell at the same or even higher price because new and good and looking Archtect designed. Mass immigration (many new people entering a country, others looking for safe property investments from abroad) also puts pressure on housing availability which is why it is encouraged by governments and corporations, they can wait a bit until values rise then sell, for huge profits. The capital asset value also increases the total corporate value in the books, add zeros onto all other figures and smiles too no doubt.

The Magna Carta was the first document guaranteeing freedom from serfdom to the Lords of the Manor. We need another Magna Carta, or a general strike against the Internatinal Corporations, or something that breaks their strangle grip on profiteering.

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