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13 Jun 2006 @ 10:37, by swanny

June 13, 2006

Roofs and Ceilings

Above has mostly been somewhat perplexing to me. What goes above. Is it strong main beams to shelter from the watchers eye or a "see thru" ceiling to gaze and receive the starlit nights and the daylight light from above. Or still is it art that belongs there like in the Cistine Chapel and Michaelanglos wonderous though fading creations.
I did my first ceiling painting at the age of about 16 or so. One of my older brothers chohurts, Earl, I believe commisioned and actually paid me to paint now what was it? a cross or a church or geez I can't rightly recall on his bedroom ceiling. It turned out pretty good it seems for all concerned.
Have you ever slept outside on a beach in summer and dozed under the stars not to mention being eatin alive by the skeeters. There is a sense of awe and freedom to it. Having a natural roof and perhaps the dappaling of a canopy of the leaves of the trees. Tis a comfort to the soul and a joining with the heavens and cosmos of sorts. You should try it. In the raw with no "glass" to obscure the gentle or not so gentle breezes that come with such.
I used to spend my summers as a teen sleeping in the tent trailor we had out back on the patio. Geez it was awful cold at times but the cold sort of made the experience more real and more "learning" and in a way more restful, maybe it was the fresh air.
Once as a child I was sleeping in a tent at the old house and a group of the "enemies" as we used to call the ruffians of the neighbour came at about 5 am in the morning and collapsed our abode and scurried away unseen. Well I suspect it was them but by the time we awoke the culprit or culprits were gone.
When I had my birds it was somewhat odd. They would fly
around my apartment oblivious of the "ceiling" as if inately they could not conceive a restriction on above. They would bump it as they flew until they sort of surrendered to this new concept or limiation on the freedom of flight.
Oh and then there was the time at the old house when I was sleeping on the top bunk of the bunk bed in the basement and suddenly or so something broke or moved and it came crashing down on my older brother who was sleeping below. He was not amused nor the household that awoke in an uproar or was it during the day? Hmmmm gettin old.
Ah ceilings... perhaps I am waxing as per so and so's take but I am truly curious as whats to be done with above. I think art is good though not very enduring and I do have a perchance for skylights though they are problematic of the elements ie: rain and such and to many angles or flatness on the roof seems to have plagued the likes of none the less than F. L. Wright and D. Cardinal so maybe a sculpted roof of some sort of waterproof medium.

Well whatever and good morning and polite thoughts on the subject or dome would be appreciated.


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13 Jun 2006 @ 11:17 by jmarc : i'd prefer see through
but that is problematic, depending on materials used. Plastic would probably be safest, but there are problems with UV damage and marring the surface with the wrong cleaning chemicals. Glass has problems with blown seals, especially in zones with high temperature extremes, and is more dangerous. I'm sure there are materials that are completely trouble free, but they get pricey. Maybe a glass laminate?

Anyway, you haven't really lived until you've cleaned a glass roof a few floors off the ground. Stay away from ammonia.  

13 Jun 2006 @ 11:24 by jmarc : liquid crystal
probably expensive, and haven't seen them yet, but a liquid crystal glass roof would be neato. With a flik of a switch it could be changed from transparent to opaque. Feeding the opaque setting through your computer where you' have different scenes generated could be a neat idea. Making it automatic like poloroid sunglasses could make solar heating / cooling a more efficient possibility.  

13 Jun 2006 @ 11:55 by swanny : crystal
Hey I like.... although somewhat space age although
maybe not.... crystal.... how durable though
that be like a giant tv screen for your roof
wow psychedelic.... that could also go clear
great conversation piece and you'd have the art as well...
how about the weight aspect

interesting... and yes probably rather expensive
I think roofs have to be light though and simple
expense well a good roof is worth the expense
It afterall takes most of the environmental exposure....
a pyramid now there's a somewhat natural design
a crystal pyramid hey.... pyramid power with crystal power
wow.... that be a trip...  

13 Jun 2006 @ 12:01 by swanny : Power
Maybe it could have its own built in solar cells though
and it could power its properties as well as the rest of the
house. Now they say batteries aren't the best. I think they're
going to some kind of heat sink type of fluid or such in drums.
You or I'd still want something fairly natural and simple though
not much maintainance although it is a tripy subject it seems.  

13 Jun 2006 @ 12:04 by swanny : Hotel california
Mirrors on the ceiling
Pink champange on ice....
The Eagles Hotel California

Well if the mirrors were on the outside they could
at least heat shield hey a one way mirror'd be sort of intersting
although they don't work at night or without light do they?  

13 Jun 2006 @ 12:18 by swanny : Grass Roofs
And then you got your old soddies or such with their grass
roofs which are great but leave one feeling a bit bunkerish
I suppose a grass roof with "light wells"? hmmmm
well I suppose you'd almost want a dynamic roof though in a way
though moving parts make the simplicity aspect a problem and then
there's the bugs and rain and such aspect.
hmmmm yes roofs are a problem and cleaning too....
theres your tiled roofs heavy duty hmmmmm
much has been tried it seems.....
The nature center here uses rubber from recycled tires for some of its
roof... great life there 50 year guarentee and hail proof to boot.
Lighter than tile though it absords the light (black rubber)  

13 Jun 2006 @ 12:23 by swanny : Intelligent Roofs
Actually seeing as how there's so many variables and dynamics to roofs
what you really need is an intelligent or semi-intelligent roof with sensors
and computer intellgience and it could say read the weather and wind reports
and sunshine and internal temp and adjust itself accordingly now theres a good
use for artificial intelligence and with solar cells and fluid storage it could
power itself as well.

I suppose a grass roof though is in a sense an intelligent roof now if you could some how ???? hmmmmmm??? utilize a living plant as your roof or like a living plant .... a transparent green roof of some or of algae could make food or sugar or even electricity.... wow now theres a thought. Cool. Any Biologists in the crowd. Don't really want modify any genes here though we've got enough problems with the ones we've got thankyou very much.  

13 Jun 2006 @ 12:33 by swanny : Gel
Okay theres that gel or agar or something now if you could modify it somehow
so it be stronger and root plants you'd have your clarity as well as intellgent
or living roof. Sort of part hydroponics except using a solid gel or agar instead of water.

Well then too if you had some sort of circulating system you could circulate the hot upper air back into the concrete foundation slab etc etc like a reverse geothermal call it atmosthermal heat system. Hot air rising naturally that is.  

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