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17 Jun 2006 @ 13:47, by swanny

June 10, 2006

What I find so mysterious about Christ is His reputed ascension into a cloud on The Mount of Olives 40 days after Easter. I am puzzled how anyone could ascend in body into a cloud? Seems a bit Star Treks' to me.... Yet reports suggest it happened yet the only real proof of it is the lack of proof.
Well speculation doth run rampant on such things... yet something "must" have happened otherwise how could Christianity have endured these 2000 years hence....
So what remains? What remains is the message and messages of Christ:

"Pay It Forward
Do unto others as Christ did to others
Heal the sick
Give to the poor
Feed the hungry
Encourage the hopeless
Forgive the sinners
Intercede for others
Love thine neighbor and enemy
Make a joyful noise unto the Lord
Be a Light
Bless the little children
The Beatitudes
Be Humble
Be True
The Lords Prayer
Know Joy more abundantly!
Educate or teach the unlearned
Lead by Example"
Jesus 0 BC

To think one man one Rabbi "knew" and said all that and more.... Where the heck did he learn it. On Earth? From who? Something divine must have been.
Yet maybe there was this moral ascension that was more important than any literal physical ascension, yet then what was the causality of it? What causes a man or society to ascend morally in a kind of quantum leap? Is that important?

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17 Jun 2006 @ 14:04 by swanny : Prayer
June 17, 2006

Studies are now suggesting though that prayer and meditation
while not only causing a kind of psychological change actually causes a physiological or physical change in the brain. Thus perhaps it is a kind of evolution or quantum leap brought about by the practice of such disciplines. This brain structure or configuration changes though would they be hereditary or behavioural or perhaps enviornmental in transmission to others or all?  

17 Jun 2006 @ 16:45 by bushman : I'm thinking,
it's more about excersising specific parts of the body or organs of the body and brain. Theres so much within the human body that dosnt seem to get used, so appethy sets in, like we seem to forget from when we were a child, that at that time we have full use of these parts, but enviorment, parents, don't allow or even know that these parts need to be used. Use it or lose it. :}  

17 Jun 2006 @ 16:54 by swanny : Yes Balance
Yes body brain prayer balance is necessary
It is said to see some schools cut out the psy ed in their
curicullums. I didn't much like it but I knew it was a good thing for me
so I joined in the soccer and baseball and such.  

18 Jun 2006 @ 02:31 by swanny : Yes History
Yes history can be most fascinating
and the source does have to be considered when
assessing the info but then too some times
truth speaks for itself....
or beauty as well...
Tis the funny nature of words or language that.
I find some poetry superior in that sense although
sometimes it itself can be a little to convienently cryptic.
Discernment and resonance are most oft required.
Thanks for and appreciate your referencing.
Actually I've heard that a version of the Golden Rule may date back to
the zorarcusian ???? not sure of the spelling
I think it was Persia though. Minds a bit fuzzy on that.
Actually according to my internet sources the start of language seems
to have originated with the phonecians or so is a netclaim.  

19 Jun 2006 @ 12:03 by jazzolog : One Step At A Time
No, I don't mean Jacob's Ladder...but maybe I do.
It's no use trying out Ascension, just like that...from here, from where you are. Like Buddhist texts that you have to be ready to read or they will filter through your consciousness like nonsense, ascension is a process that follows a precise order.
First you have to die. Better yet, you have to be an Empire or at least all the movers and shakers for the status quo. You have to have risen to such a height, by critical acclaim, that the very next thing is to make the move to the Big Time. Once there, you have to offend them pretty bad...which in our day is becoming easier all the time. Your audience has to turn totally against you. Even your personal handlers have to declare they never heard of you. Despised and rejected is how the song goes I think. Then you die. You can have your mother there though.
After that you have to be buried...or at least socked away somewhere. Under a big rock is OK.
That goes on for 3 days. During that time you have to descend into Hell. Apparently you can do whatever you can get away with down there.
Then you have to rise from the dead. Once back up on the old pins, you have to walk around for 40 days and 40 nights appearing to people. They have to be inspiring appearances, not freakouts.
Then you get to go up in the cloud. And of course you're not done yet.  

21 Jun 2006 @ 17:44 by jobrown : Jazzo,
are you making mockery of Life -or are really this dumb, blind and stupid???... I refuse to believe it to be the case. So... only mockery/ridiculing, belittling remains!... but, heyyy you're pretty good at that when you are in "that mood" where you put your "Left Foot" forward at every single step, like here!... ; )-but it never stops amazing me, since I always think so much more of you!  

21 Jun 2006 @ 18:48 by swanny : Pardon please
Excuse me blueboy...don't mean to intrude
but the way you have expressed your self to Jazzo
seems somewhat provakative and not necessarilly constructive
or informative. I realize you two perhaps do not
agree on this matter but by provoking an arguement it
is not likely ( 1 to 10 ) that you will change Jazzos
understanding of the matter. Do you though in a more constructive means
have any concrete and factual evidence to present that
might proove your position. My reasoning is that I believe
perhaps the literal or physcial ascention maybe be true or
may be metaphor for a kind of spiritual or global "moral" ascension.
Why humanity does morally ascend though from time to time seems or is unclear.
Do you have any references on that aspect or subject?
And then again this may be reading to much into playful
harmless banter in which case forget this.


22 Jun 2006 @ 00:42 by jobrown : Just because....
someone doesn't understand things, doesn't give them Cart Blanche to go ahead and ridicule, belittle, invalidate etc Someones else's Life -especially when the "target" as in here, by Jazzo, happens the guy who gave Humankind more than ANY other person has ever done of Guidance in our own True/Divinity and Divine Heritage, SHOWING by his own example what WE ALL truly are-and CAN ACCOMPLISH if we WANT TO!!!

Sorry if you feel offended by my "scolding" of Jazzo. I felt offended by Jazzo's extreamly unfair, un-intelligent attack on Jesus Life!... Is Your Offence more valuable and justified than mine??? Why did you not tell Jazzo -in slightly milder words, maybe, than I chose- that HE,Jazzo, could have been slightly more sincere and pondering, instead of choosing ridicule as his approach to one of Life BIGGEST "MYSTERIES" ?
Now, you tell me, Swanny!... Or you might ask Scotty, the OWNER of the Blueboy blog to remove the comment she sees most offensive, eh?

Besides, I am not about to lick someone's boots, especially when they are acting the way Jazzo did here. Let Jazzo see that he did an almost mortal mistake!... So what? Haven't we all at one point or another? Didn't we have to take the consequencies??? DId we turn into deadly rotten creeps for one mistake? No! But we did have to learn!...

I like and admire Jazzo much more than he might like / admire himself, maybe! Who knows!... We all make blunders -and this happened to be a severe blunder by Jazzo! He'll get over it! He'll learn to express his Life-confusions and Question-marks a little gentler and more straight forward as real Questions, that just might get answered by someone with some suggestions that might resonate with a logic he can accept!

Ridicule and such won't take him -as it doesn't anyone else either- any closer to get some light shead on the Question instead of hanging on to the "only available Mode for Men": belittling, ridicule & such.

The subject matter per se isn't at all the ISSUE here. It is how people have been used by social training and brainwashing and by convention to deal with something they don't understand and might feel "threatened" by: "BELITTLE IT, RIDICULE IT etc and the person who put THIS thing out there!" It is time for all of us to re-learn a more fruitful way to deal with such moments/ questions. This is NOT just about Jazzo; he just happened be one, doing it right now.
(Though I do admit this ascending from one Cosmic frequency to the next higher and the next higher IS very intriguing and fascinating -and not at all difficult to understand -once we get it; the idea of progression! Where our Mind goes; our body will follow! And no; physical ascension is NOT a metaphor! it IS as real as the sun and the Moon and the Earth and you and me and you name it!Though it IS a result of a way of being/living!!!.... Eventually we all we "get it" -and choose that way of being! : ) 1st Corinthians: "The last enemy to overcome is death" ( unfair taxes, and any money systems are to be overcome before death can be overcome!... and certainly any fraudulent money system!!!
Lots of interesting "stuff" here, eh? : ) ))) Cheers! Swanny, Jazzo, Everyone, Here's to Life : ) Skål! /// A-d  

22 Jun 2006 @ 00:53 by scotty : Woa STOP !
Scotty is most definately NOT the owner of the blueboy log - the log was given over to the members to use as they saw fit a long long time ago !!!

I believe that each poster of an article is responsible for their article just as they would be in their own log - this is YOUR COLLECTIVE log .  

22 Jun 2006 @ 01:14 by swanny : well thankyou
Well thankyou blueboy for clarifying...
That helps



22 Jun 2006 @ 01:49 by jobrown : Oooops.Scotty!...
...I thought it was your Blog, that you allowed People to use!... Ahhhh... oooops... my mistake! Sorry, Honey, I apologize! /A-d  

24 Jun 2006 @ 01:35 by Max @ : A Bit Muddy Folks
Seems that not much has changed (Growth) over the years. I have done a fleeting 'catchup' and find that it is the same old soup pretty much. Ascension (does rhyme with dissension) is not something to be 'understood' by the mind; rather it is something to be 'known' through the heart (when you divine your part as the grail cup to contain the creators loving presence). Then when heart and mind are in balance the divine flows through to empower every little moment (Ahhh Heaven on Earth given birth through co-creative process). Most all of the 'Christian' heritage is an absolute lie and has been so perpetuated to disempower and maintain the disconnect from individual's knowing their divinity as expression of "I AM". Establish the meditative state and ask that the heart master bless you with 'presence'; it matters not what name you use or tradition you follow the result is the same, a simple 'heart knowing'. The 'truth' regards 'Ascension' is that ones consciousness is centred in the heart and all is light and love (BUT not to the exclusion of embracing the darkness in self and others).

Which brings us to the above exchange with the musical one; there I sense no change and won't even waste time to return for checking out any further developments in this tread (unless I be so inspired). Every now and again in the guise of being miss-understood (seems to be ambi-valent and needs expressing this aspect of self) this one slips in and takes a big dump, then steps back and watches how others cope with this. Never have seen any willingness to take responsibility (BUT others will look like they are so dread filled and confused. HO HUMM). So is as ever not response able.

As for the Christed one, I see this in every heart just waiting for the allowing (Is divine love not all allowing?) to e-merge. Bless you all!
Jesus had much to do with the many wisdom schools and mystery process' for evolving spiritual understanding, for he spoke of (embodied)the Universal Law and that is what is burried within and beneath the lies, confusion and deception of the dogma that prevents us As a species from being magnificent in our own sovreignity (as individual expressions of creators will). 'He' will communicate directly through your heart if you but ask (Knock and the door will be opened). Many a 'truth' will come out very soon, Christ has evolved his mastery and shares as ever as one aspect of the divine (conscious) team. We call these ones the 'Family of Light', they are witness to our evolving plight or delight. For we are as ever at choice!

Blessed be the awakening Humanity.  

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