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picture5 Apr 2007 @ 17:49, by Unknown

Picture: Brazil (Terry Gilliam - 1985)
Tag-line: "It's all about flights of fantasy. And the nightmare of reality. Terrorist bombings. And late night shopping. True love. And creative plumbing. It's only a state of mind."

Yellow Alert!

Very serious and alarming stuff from the Executive Director of the International Council for Economic Development here:

"I spent three days searching the Internet for articles and websites about disinformation, 99 out one hundred sites were communist propaganda about so-called conspiracy theories, and only one site was moderate in its approach. Nowhere I could find references to the most deadly weapon used by the old Soviet Union to weaken the US and discredit American Institutions for over four decades: the KGB disinformation war.

After September Eleven, for a brief moment, the patriotic spirit, spurred by that tragedy and pain, cleared the minds of media reporters, politicians and most of the public. Now the constant repetition of well-designed lies, contorted logic, and half-truths is clouding the minds and the judgment of many, including many prominent people. The Internet is becoming the platform where lies can be multiplied and spread like highly infected viruses. Its primary target hosts: younger people. Being an emotional triggered program, its easiest hosts: people with emotional imbalance such as, resentment, fear, hate, and frustration. The new Department of Home Security should try to install confidence and peace of mind, and not fear and uncertainty. Even the economy can work better only if surrounded by confidence and trust, while fear, lack of trust and insecurity can only bring depression… as in the Great Depression.

But the root is the same: brainwashing through highly emotional issues, and constant repetition of simple intellectual concepts."

---George Lombardi
Executive Director
International Council for Economic Development


More Here: The Twin Towers, Babylon and Saddam

Now you know and you have been warned. Britney Spears said it best, remain confident and trust in our President. Have you heard about the secret: Do not add to the negative energy.

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